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University of Toronto Music Library
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Geoffrey Payzant and Eduard Hanslick collection

  • CA OTUFM 32
  • Collection
  • 1981-2001 predominant

Collection includes correspondence, notes, typescripts, translations, photocopies of journal articles, and other working papers about Eduard Hanslick. Hanslick was the focus of Payzant's later research, which resulted in two books (published 1986 and 1991), several articles, and various lectures. The fonds consists of the research used in these writings, as well as a typescript manuscript of Payzant's translation of On the musically beautiful: a contribution towards the revision of the aesthetics of music (1986), and copies of his lectures, also titled "On the musically beautiful." The correspondence includes copies of letters between Hanslick and Robert Zimmermann (1824-1898), as well as correspondence between Payzant and other scholars about Hanslick, and correspondence between Payzant and Dietmar Strauß.

Payzant, Geoffrey

Boyd Neel fonds

  • CA OTUFM 27
  • collection
  • 1932-2002

Fonds includes catalogues of the libraries of Neel Boyd's orchestras, and of his personal scores and recordings collections. Also includes correspondence.

Neel, Boyd

Arthur Hartmann fonds

  • CA OTUFM 21
  • collection
  • 1924-1937

Fonds consists of a photograph and correspondence.

Hartmann, Arthur


Collection of autographed letters, signed (ALS) and typed letters, signed (TLS) from:

  • Marion Bauer
  • William Berwald
  • Alberto Bimboni (2)
  • Hanson Booth (2)
  • Gena Branscombe
  • Eddy Brown
  • Renee Chemet
  • Benjamin de Casseres
  • Geza and Norah de Kresz (3)
  • William H. Goschen
  • Henry Hadley (2)
  • Philip James (2)
  • Alberto Jonas
  • Christiaan Kriens
  • Luigi von Kunits
  • Jane Rogers
  • Lazare Saminsky
  • Vladimir Shavitch
  • Ed Stringham
  • Oliver Strunk
  • Deems Taylor
  • R. W. Woiceske
  • Mabel Wood-Hill.

Gena Branscombe fonds

  • CA OTUFM 17
  • collection
  • 1890-1981

Fonds contains music manuscripts, photographs, and programs.

Branscombe, Gena

Eugene Kash fonds

  • CA OTUFM 61
  • collection
  • 1920-1997

Fonds consists of programs from his performances, a letter confirming his appointment to the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in Toronto, a newspaper clipping, and his annotated copy of the Canadian Music Centre sheet music for Six Miniatures after Hokusai for violin and piano by Elliot Weisgarber (1972). The fonds also includes two catalogues for his personal music library: one current to 1976, and another current to 1997.

Kash, Eugene

Andrew MacMillan collection

  • CA OTUFM 50
  • Collection
  • ca. 1930-1967

Collection consists of five opera scores from the library of Andrew MacMillan, with stage directions for the Canadian Opera Company and other productions.

MacMillan, Andrew

George Lambert fonds

  • CA OTUFM 08
  • collection
  • 1900-1971

Fonds includes memorabilia , photographs, correspondence, lecture notes, brochures and programs.

Lambert, George James

Herman Geiger-Torel collection

  • CA OTUFM 05
  • Collection
  • 1934-1976

Collection consists of Herman Geiger-Torel's library of piano-vocal scores, including his markings and notes for Canadian Opera Company productions.

Geiger-Torel, Herman


Series consists of miscellaneous programs, predominantly for concerts that took place in Toronto.

Toronto music life collection

  • CA OTUFM 03
  • Collection
  • 1877-1995

Collection consists of materials relating to musical life in Toronto, Ontario. The collection includes photographs of various Canadian and European musicians, including various photographs of Canadian Opera Company productions from the late 1980s and early 1990s, autographs from various opera singers and musicians from the late-nineteenth century, three scrapbooks with newspaper clippings and programs, and a collection of songs published in the Toronto Evening Telegram at the end of the nineteenth century.

University of Toronto Music Library


Concert put on by Royal Conservatory of Music in co-operation with the Canadian National Exhibition.


Part of Etobicoke Concerts Association 1956-1957 season.
Parlow plays: Beethoven, Debussy, Strauss.


Sponsored by Choir of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. Programme notes included within.
Parlow plays: Beethoven, Debussy, Respighi.


Programme is for Hamilton Chamber Music Society 1956-1957 season, featuring three concerts. Parlow Quartet plays in second concert, 2 February 1957. Quartet is assisted by Ezra Schabas.
Parlow plays: Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Brahms.


Programme is for three concerts, taking place 5, 12, and 19 January 1957. Parlow Quartet is comprised of: Kathleen Parlow, violin; Andrew Bénac, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello. Assisted by pianist Mario Bernardi, violist Jack Neilsen, cellist Rowland Pack, oboist Perry Bauman, and clarinettist Ezra Schabas.
Parlow plays: (5th) Brahms; (12th) Ravel, Haydn, Fauré; (19th) Morawetz, Mozart, Tchaikovsky.


Programme is for \Three Advent Recitals\ 7, 14, and 21 December 1957. Concerts feature Charles Peaker, Douglas Elliott, and Elizabeth Elliott.

Press Records

Series contains material from newspapers and magazines which relate to Kathleen Parlow, her students, and articles written by Parlow. Articles may be cut out, contained in their complete original source, or in scrapbooks. There are also quite a few articles that have been transcribed by hand, in some cases translated from the original language. Some are also typed. Additionally, there is a whole scrap book of articles about her students, and several loose articles about her students, specifically, Gisele MacKenzie (LaFleche).


Card announcing Parlow Quartet CBC broadcast 1 September 1950, the first of four programmes.
Parlow plays: Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms.


Conservatory chamber music concert. Includes Dolores Mokree, Olive Pincock, Ray Dudley, Myroslav Biniowsky, Patricia Adams, Irene Schmidt, Georgina Gibson, Mary Foys, Billie Buschert, and Gordon MacPherson.


Preview of music to be performed at 6th annual symposium of the International Federation of Music Students, 23-29 March 1952 at the Juilliard School. Concert features compositions by Conservatory students. Includes Dolores Mokree, Mary Foys, Stephanie Chomyk, Ronald Laurie, Peter Yazbeck, Olive Pincock, Gordon MacPherson, Mary Alice Rogers, Paul McIntyre, Zonia Lazarowitch, Janet Jamieson, and Toni Grimm.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Andrew Bénac, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello. Assisted by cellist Rowland Pack.
Parlow plays: Haydn, Malipiero, Schubert.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Andrew Bénac, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello. Assisted by pianist Leo Barkin.
Parlow plays: Haydn, Ravel, Brahms.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Samuel Hersenhoren, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello.
Parlow plays: Mozart, Turina, Warner, Bridge, Debussy.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Andrew Bénac, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello. Assisted by violist Jack Neilson.
Parlow plays: Beethoven, Mozart, Bartok.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Andrew Bénac, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Isaac Mamott, cello. Assisted by pianist Leo Barkin.
Parlow plays: Beethoven, Fauré, Dohnányi.


Conservatory \Advanced Grades Closing Concert.\ Includes Marion Ross, Andrea Hansen, Pierrette Le Page, Hazelanne Guloien, Anthony Ginter, Toni Grimm, James Coles, and Michael Rini.


Information sheet for \Wednesday Five O'Clocks\ series running from December 1949 to March 1950. Parlow Quartet plays on 7 December and 15 March.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Samuel Hersenhoren, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Cornelius Ysselstyn, cello. Hosted by Morning Music Club.
Parlow plays: Brahms, Glière, Warner, Ravel.


Concert is of Parlow's students Patricia Adams, Evelyn Pirigyi, and Irene Schmidt. Accompanied by Leo Barkin.


Wood is assisted by quartet comprised of violinists Morry Kernerman and Andrew Bénac, violist John Mair, and cellist Rowland Pack.


Erica Zentner, violin; Elizabeth Hennings, violin; Lois Thomas, viola; Mary Oxley, cello. Zentner, Thomas, and Hennings are students of Parlow's. Accompanied by Yvonne Guiguet.


Kathleen Parlow, violin; Samuel Hersenhoren, violin; Stanley Solomon, viola; Cornelius Ysselstyn, cello. Hosted by Brantford Music Club.
Parlow plays: Mozart, Glière, Warner, Bridge, Schubert.

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