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South Chinatown Restaurant

Menu contains 5 pages of laminated and non-laminated menus. Menu sheets were housed in a burgundy menu folder but have been removed for preservation.

[Dong Qia]

Menu is bronze coloured and laminated with silver Chinese characters on front for Dong Qia. Inside menu is one page, photocopied and handwritten in English and Chinese. Inside is a separate printed food menu and wine list.

Photograph albums

Sub-series consists of 5 photograph albums containing approximately 781 photographs and ephemera taken by or collected by Nouwen. Included are early personal photographs of Nouwen's trips abroad, his time at seminary school and his tenure at Yale Divinity School.

Sub-sub-series: Photograph Album 3 Photograph Album 5 Photograph Album 10 Photograph Album 11 Photograph Album 14


Series consists of photographs received after Nouwen's death. These include black and white and colour photographic negatives, prints, albums, and slides.

[Letter from Otto Schulmeister to Viktor Zuckerkandl, March 30, 1955]

Schulmeister introduces himself to Zuckerkandl, suggesting that he may know him either through Zuckerkandl's sister or as editor of Wort und Wahrheit. Schulmeister explains that he is compiling a book to be entitled Spectrum Austriae, and intends to publish it in German and eventually in English. Schulmeister lists the themes to be discussed in the publication and asks if Zuckerkandl would be interested in covering “Music as the Soul of Austria” ("Die Musik als Seele Österreichs").

Victor Zuckerkandl index

  • CA OTUFM 62
  • Collection
  • 1927-1994

This collection contains an indexing of selected unpublished materials related to the music theorist and philosopher Viktor Zuckerkandl (1896–1965). Included are descriptions of digitized correspondence, manuscripts, and miscellanea. The three archives that hold the physical media are cross referenced (ONB, Eranos, St. John’s).

Zuckerkandl, Victor

Gavigan, Bart

File consists of correspondence from Henri Nouwen to Bart and Patricia Gavigan regarding a trip to England and the Flying Rodleighs. Also in the file is personal correspondence between the Gavigans, Sue Mosteller and Kathy Christie regarding updates about the family and the July 1997 Advisory Group meeting of Nouwen’s friend to discuss the vision and management of his legacy; and a photocopy of a newspaper article titled “Brazilian priest quits after church censorship” that appears to have been misfiled.

Frankowski, Fr. Zbigniew

File consists of correspondence between Fr. Zbigniew Frankowski and Sue Mosteller regarding progress on his research about Nouwen and a request for articles.

Ford, Michael

File consists of correspondence and reference material regarding the research, writing and publication of Michael Ford’s The Wounded Prophet. Included is correspondence between Michael Ford, Sue Mosteller and Kathy Christie; correspondence with Morag Reeve, Editorial Director at Darton Longman and Todd, Mosteller and Laurent Nouwen over concerns about the marketing of the book; a sample of The Mystery of Henri Nouwen with annotations and accompanying reactions to the text; correspondence regarding photograph selection and use in the book; a letter from Nathan Ball to Mosteller regarding the characterisation of his views in the book; a letter from Simone Landrien to Michael Ford regarding the book; a letter from Mosteller to Bishop Meagher accompanied by her thoughts about the book; and a book review by Wayne A. Holst.


File consists of correspondence from FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities) to Henri Nouwen. Included are the annual reports for 1994 and 1995, as well as a letter announcing the death of Tom McCarthy of the Leavey Foundation.

F year 2000

File consists of a handwritten letter to Sue Mosteller from Fran [last name unknown]. Accompanying the letter are three photographs including shots of Eugene Drusen, Paul Halley, Fran, Annette [last name unknown] and Sister Cathy Pimley.

Eggers, Ulrich

File consists of correspondence between Ulrich Eggers, editor-in-chief at Aufatman (Germany), and Sue Mosteller regarding a request for material by Nouwen for translation into German.

E - year 2000

File consists of email correspondence between Craig C. Cockrell and Roy Elmore of the United Methodist clergy with Noel McFerran of the John M. Kelly Library and Kathy Christie regarding a request for a sample of Nouwen’s writing and signature for use as a gift.

Durback, Robert

File consists of correspondence between Robert Durback, Kathy Christie and Sue Mosteller regarding Nouwen related book projects, reproduction rights and the deposit of material at the Nouwen Archives. Included in the file are articles and an annotated bibliography of Nouwen’s work written by Durback; correspondence regarding a donation Durback made to L’Arche Daybreak; a list of Nouwen’s publications; copies of letters between Duback and various publishers; and two diskettes – one labeled “Durback Bibliograph” and the other “Henri Nouwen Completed Annotated Bibliography, Word Perfect 7 Windows”. File also includes Robert Durback's manuscript "Henri Nouwen: In My Own Words", published in 2001.

Doyle, Joyce

File consists of the job description for the administrative assistant position held by Joyce Doyle.

Declined invitations

File consists of correspondence regarding invitations to talks and events, declined by Sue Mosteller, at L’Arche Sydney and Regis College.

Dear, John

File consists of correspondence from John Dear to Henri Nouwen about a variety of topics including his activism, time in jail, travelling, work in Richmond Virginia and an invitation to contribute to a book in honor of Daniel Berrigan. Also in the file is correspondence from John Dear to Kathy Christie and Sue Mosteller regarding the writing and promotion of Road to Peace; his involvement with Fellowship to Reconciliation; and his vows as a Jesuit. Included throughout are articles regarding activism and Jesuit events, some of which mention Dear; greeting and postcards; and copies of letters from or involving Art Laffin, Laurent Nouwen and Wendy and Jay Greer.

Dean, Jim

File consists of correspondence between Jim Dean and Sue Mosteller regarding the use of Henri Nouwen’s writing in Dean’s Hephzibah: Being the Beloved of God: the Writings of Henri Nouwen for Today’s Teen’s and advice about possible publishers for the devotional book (included).

Daybreak Publications

File consists of business related documents regarding Daybreak Publications including a business plan; an Opportunity Worksession outline; a February 20, 1996 meeting plan; and a summary of outreach priorities

Day, Tom

File consists of a [faxed?] letter from Dr. Thomas Day to Sue Mosteller regarding the publication of Nouwen’s diaries and suggested changes to the text.

D - year 2000

File consists of an email from Joan Duffy at the Yale Divinity School Library regarding a “Celebration to Honor Legacy: Henri Nouwen” event that took place on January 22, 2000.

Cullen, Kevin

File consists of a letter from Kevin Cullen of L’Arche Ottawa regarding advice on the creation of guidelines for the Spirituality Commission of L’Arche Canada. Included is a copy of the previous guidelines with Mosteller’s annotated thoughts and questions about the content.

Craig, Katherine

File consists of a photocopy of a personal letter from Sue Mosteller, writing from the Henri Nouwen Stichting in Holland, to Katherine Craig regarding a visit to Canada.


File consists of miscellaneous correspondence and reference material generated by Sue Mosteller, Mary Lou Daquano and Maureen Wright as part of their administrative duties at the Henri Nouwen Literacy Centre. Included is correspondence regarding reading Nouwen’s works; the translation and publication of Nouwen’s writing; enquiries about L’Arche communities; a request to receive the Seeds of Hope newsletter; and invitations to have Mosteller speak at events. Also in the file are letters to Nouwen from people unaware of his death in 1996; and copies of Nouwen related book reviews and catalogue entries.

Conner, David

File consists of personal correspondence from David Conner to Sue Mosteller, regarding various spiritual concerns.

Coates, Paul

File consists of an undated letter from Paul Coates to Sue Mosteller regarding the use of his text in an unnamed project, possibly a book.

Clune, Bishop Robert B.

File consists of personal correspondence between Nouwen and Bishop Robert B. Clune of the Archdiocese of Toronto regarding the message of Nouwen’s books; donations from various individuals to L’Arche Daybreak as Clune’s charity of choice; and Clune’s reaction to Nouwen welcoming “all” to receive Eucharist. Also in the file is correspondence between Clune and Sue Mosteller regarding the care of a friend’s daughter at L’Arche Daybreak; the purchase of cemetery plots at Holy Cross Cemetery; and a draft letter from Mosteller requesting financial support for Dayspring from the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Re: Hilary Clinton

File consists of correspondence between Hilary Clinton and Sue Mosteller regarding books by Nouwen sent to Clinton; the impact of Nouwen’s book The Return of the Prodigal Son on Clinton’s spiritual life; Clinton’s visit to the Ukraine; and the possibility of Clinton writing an endorsement for Sabbatical Journey. Also in the file is a letter from Nouwen to Anne Bartley regarding the arrangement of a luncheon with Clinton; an invitation from Clinton, at the White House, to attend the 43rd Annual National Prayer Breakfast; a thank you card from Clinton, at the White House; copies of articles regarding Clinton where she references Nouwen; and correspondence regarding the articles about Clinton.

Clauss, Joe

File consists of email and fax correspondence between Joseph Clauss and Sue Mosteller regarding a weekend visit to L’Arche Daybreak.


File consists of one personal postcard from Joan Claring-Bould, writing from Australia, to Sue Mosteller.

Church of the Open Door

File consists of correspondence between Kevin Lundgren, graphic designer at Church of the Open Door, and Maureen Wright regarding a request for a photograph of Nouwen and his signature.

Chun, Michi

File consists of a personal, handwritten letter from Michi Chun to Sue Mosteller.

Christie, Stacie

File consists of a photocopy of letter of recommendation for Stacie Christie by Sue Mosteller.

Christie, Kathy

File consists of records presumably kept by Kathy Christie for reference purposes. Included is correspondence with Michael Rhodes regarding filming at L’Arche Daybreak and documents pertaining to the L’Arche Daybreak Redesign Committee. File also includes a typed personal letter to Mike, Ken and Andris (last names unknown) from Kathy Christie detailing the experience of working for Henri Nouwen and his impact on her life.

Christensen, Michael

File consist of correspondence from Michael J. Christensen regarding Nouwen related events and publication proposals. Included in the file is a newsletter about the Christensen family; correspondence regarding Christensen’s interest in Nouwen related publishing projects; a letter to Sue Mosteller from Heather Murray Elkins, Academic Dean of Drew University, regarding a series of Nouwen lectures; a flyer for “Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center upcoming Events 2000” in which Christensen appears as a speaker; a copy of an article detailing a lecture on Nouwen given by Christensen; and a letter from Christensen to Robert Ellsberg of Orbis Books detailing his book proposal.

Charlene Sexton

File consists of a card from Charlene Sexton to Maureen Wright regarding the addition of her book The Geography of the Heart: Poetic Paths for the Journey Inward to the Nouwen Archives. Also included in the file is a photograph of Sexton and Regula Russelle at a book launch celebrating Sexton’s book and a [misfiled?] letter to Sue Mosteller from Carol [Berry] with an outline for a book about Nouwen, Van Gogh and Compassion.


File consists of catalogues and photocopies of catalogue pages with references to Nouwen’s published works.

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