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Series consists of other posters for various events and announcements, including Board of Governor elections, hearings, examinations, contests, exhibitions, and new book announcements. See item listing for more details.

Student clubs and events

Series consists of posters for a variety of student clubs and events held at the university, including the United Nations Club, African Students of Ontario, West Indian Students’ Association, Liberal Club, Newman Club, Hart House, University College Literary and Athletic Society, Hungarian Students’ Association, Ukrainian Students’ Club, Student Christian Movement, Students’ Administrative Council, and many others. See item listing for more details.


Series consists of posters for performances of theatre, music, and poetry, as well as film screenings across the university. Groups covered include Hart House Theatre, Hart House Glee Club, The University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, University of Toronto Chorus, Ontario College of Education, Victoria College Music Club, Trinity College Dramatic Society, and others. Some posters also serve as notices of auditions and rehearsals. See item listing for more details.

Lectures and conferences

Series consists of posters for lectures and conferences hosted by university offices, departments, faculties, and student/alumni groups. Topics in include science, astronomy, politics, archaeology, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, theatre, theology, law, current events, and higher education. See item listing for more details.


This series consists of materials for and associated with addresses given by Professor Griffin, primarily from the beginning and end of Professor Griffin’s career. Consists of notes for talks, transparencies and printed slides. Many talks were given in more than one location over the course of a year; in this case, the location or locations indicated are the one recorded on the surviving slides or notes. Originally, transparencies were stored within the pages of magazines; where the magazine is relevant (i.e. related to the address in some way), the front cover the magazine is also included.

History of the Study of Liquid Helium and Superfluidity

In the latter part of his career, Professor Griffin pursued an interest in the history of research into liquid helium and superfluidity, particularly that of scientists at or connected to the University of Toronto. This series contains research materials, correspondence, notes and publications related to this historically-oriented interest; addresses given on historical topics can be found in Series 9 - Addresses. Individuals researched and written about by Professor Griffin include Jack Allen, Donald Austin Misener, Laszlo Tisza, John Cunningham McLennan and Oliver Penrose. For some of these individuals, correspondence with Professor Griffin inquiring about their work is included.

Manuscripts and Publications

This series consists of materials related to published and unpublished physics notes, articles, chapters and books by Professor Griffin. In his career, Professor Griffin authored and co-authored hundreds of articles, a number of book chapters and three books. Professor Griffin kept many of his articles in the form of reprints, and these have been included; some feature annotations or corrections that were added at a later unknown date, often in association with later research. Where the date of the annotations can be guessed at due to associated material, it is noted; otherwise, dates of annotations are unknown. Some annotations may be associated with later papers. Other materials, including associated correspondence, notes, referee reports & responses and publication documents, are included with the ensuing publication.

Towards the end of his life (2009-2011), Professor Griffin collaborated on research that produced a number of interrelated papers, many of which remain unpublished. Materials produced during this period have been divided according to their apparently closest-related publication (some of which are posthumous).

Documents associated with Professor Griffin’s publications on the history of physics can be found in Series 8 - History of the Study of Liquid Helium and Superfluidity.

Research and Professional Activities

This series comprises Professor Griffin’s research activities as a condensed matter physicist over the course of his career (1970-2011), and some associated material, such as documents and correspondence related to the supervision of graduate students. Records include: notes, articles by others that have been heavily annotated by Professor Griffin, correspondence with co-researchers (including students), and referee reports. Most of these materials have been retained in the groupings in which they were left by Professor Griffin. Where Professor Griffin had included his own reprints with his research or notes, these have been removed and filed in Series 7 - Manuscripts & Publications. Documents associated with Professor Griffin’s historical research can be found in Series 8 - History of the Study of Liquid Helium and Superfluidity.


This series includes materials assembled by Professor Griffin over the course of his teaching career as a professor of physics at the University of Toronto, mostly at the Scarborough Campus, where Professor Griffin was based through most of his career. Materials include lecture notes, problem sets, course descriptions, exams and quizzes. As Professor Griffin reused materials for courses over his career, materials for a given class or on a single topic can span more than a decade.

Most materials retained relate to graduate-level courses and folders reflect the groupings in which his papers were left.


This series consists of documents and photographs pertaining to conferences organised by Professor Griffin. Includes correspondence, advertising posters, funding requests, attendance requests and photographs of participants. One of these conferences, the History of Low Temperature Conference (2004), should be seen in the context of Professor Griffin’s historical research (Series 8 - History of the Study of Liquid Helium and Superfluidity). The rest are associated with his work as a physicist.


This series covers Griffin’s employment at the University of Toronto on the St George campus from 2000-2011. For the most part, it comprises correspondence and documents related either to Griffin’s own travel for professional engagements, or to the visits of other researchers.


This series includes a small quantity of correspondence between Griffin and others (largely colleagues and researchers) that is not easily associated with articles, research, supervision of students, or employment. Griffin transitioned to email in the mid-1990s, but continued to print out significant correspondence and keep it alongside relevant work.

The majority of Griffin’s correspondence has been filed in Series 6 - Research & Professional Activities, Series 7 - Manuscripts & Publications, and Series 8 - History of the Study of Liquid Helium and Superfluidity.

Personal and Education

This series consists of work from Professor Griffin’s time at Cornell, where he received his PhD in 1965. It includes notebooks from physics courses given by professors Vinay Ambegaokar and Peter Carruthers and a copy of Professor Griffin’s doctoral thesis, “The Electronic Thermal Conductivity and Other Properties of ‘Gapless’: Superconductors”.

Also includes a file about Griffin’s election to the Royal Society of Canada in 2003.

Grant Applications

Series consists of correspondence and grant applications detailing Zimmerman's research experiments as proposed. Zimmerman received grants from various organizations including the Marine Biological Laboratory (Massachusetts), National Cancer Institute of Canada, the Ontario Research Foundation, the National Research Council and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

Seminars and Talks

This series documents attendance and participation at professional conferences, meetings and symposia. Files contain correspondence relating to attendance and the delivery of papers, as well as manuscripts of seminars and talks. They also contain general information regarding meetings including conference programs, list of participants, minutes and proceedings. Includes associations and symposia such as: the International Cell Cycle Congress, Canadian Federation of Biological Sciences, the American Society of Cell Biology and the International Congress of Physiological Sciences.

This series also includes notes and draft manuscripts for workshops and invited lectures especially relating to Zimmerman's research on narcotics and particularly marijuana in the 1970s. All files are titled most often by the institution or group hosting the seminar and are arranged chronologically.

Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

While Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Zimmerman collected records that document the editorial board including correspondence, minutes and agenda from the annual meetings. Also included in the series are publication case files that contain submitted manuscripts, correspondence and referee reports.

Cell Biology Series

General files document Zimmerman's time as editor of the Cell Biology Series and contain correspondence, status reports, proposed papers and notes of editorial board meetings. These files are followed by files specific to scientific papers published by the Series which are arranged by the name of the author(s). They contain correspondence, notes, critical comments, proposals, outlines and manuscripts.


This small series contains correspondence and reports documenting Zimmerman's role as reviewer for various publications particularly Experimental Cell Research, Journal of Parasitology, Cytobios and Life Science Advances. Also includes files on reviews of grant proposal applications to the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the Medical Research Council of Canada.


Records in this series document Zimmerman' s publishing activities relating to refereed articles, chapters in books, books edited and papers presented at symposia, and subsequently published in proceedings and journals. Files contain draft manuscripts, submitted final drafts, some research notes, as well as correspondence among the authors, with publishers and comments from reviewers. They are arranged chronologically. Files are titled most often with the name of the authors and sometimes the "running title". A cross-reference number [ in brackets ] refers to its corresponding bibliographic reference in Zimmerman's c.v. found in the file list

Letters of Recommendation

Series contains letters of recommendation written for former students and colleagues in support for their requests for grant funding and academic appointments.

Professional Correspondence

Correspondence and related attachments document Zimmerman's professional relationships especially with co-authors of published articles, research partners and former Ph.D. students.

Graphic material

This series includes photographs and technical drawings of pressure equipment used by Zimmerman in early high pressure research.

Teaching Lecture Notes

Included in this series are lecture notes filed by subject used while teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses. Some of the subjects covered include lectures on RNA, cell surface, osmosis - diffusion, cannabis, cell synchrony, microtubules and mitochondria. There are also files relating to lab experiments and reading lists especially for the 4th year course, Cell Biology.

Professional Association and Research Institutes

This series documents Zimmerman's activities in terms of research and professional leadership in various organizations. Files contain mainly correspondence, agenda and minutes of meetings, research proposals, papers and progress reports. Of note are the records related to Zimmerman's role in the research surrounding the effects of cannabis. They include research and reports for the Department of National Health and Welfare, Food and Drug Directorate for the Government of Canada, the U.S. Senate, Committee of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Internal Security as well as the National (U.S.) Institute of Drug Abuse. There are also several files on the Canadian Centre for Toxicology, the High Pressure Biology Group, the Canadian Society of Cell Biology, and the International Cell Cycle Society.

Personal correspondence

This series contains personal correspondence regarding appointments, remuneration, sabbatical requests and research proposals. There is also one file relating to his appointment as Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Canadian Journal of Chemistry - Editor

These files were created by Yates in his capacity as editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. Arrangement is by original file number which reflects the order in which a manuscript was received for review in a given year. Additional file title information includes the primary author's name. Files usually include original and revised manuscripts, correspondence among the author(s), the editor (Yates) and the referees, referees' comments and recommendations.

Course Files

Includes selective exams, problems, research reports, lecture notes and reference to readings for chemistry courses taught by Yates at the University of Toronto and to a lesser extent Harvard University where he began his career as an academic.

Research and publications

These files represent the most extensive series in this accession. They document quite extensively three decades of Yates' work and contributions in the field of organic chemistry. Files can contain a number of different types of records ranging from correspondence to manuscripts, to research reports, to original data and research notes. Those that relate specifically to publications often contain revised manuscripts and referees' reports.

Dr. Yates arranged his research and publication files alphabetically by the name of the person with whom he was engaged in research and/or publishing. To facilitate access to this series, a file list as well as a list of Yates' publications have been provided. Should researchers wish to consult this series regarding a specific area of research or a specific publication, they are advised to consult the bibliography first, noting the names of the colleagues with whom he published and then request the files on these individuals by consulting the file list.

Subject files

Includes files on tours and lectures, the Advisory Committee on the University of Toronto Library system, National Research Council Grants, Journal of American Chemical Society and the Awards Committee for the Royal Society of Canada. Files mainly contain correspondence, agendas, memos, and in the case of grants, research proposals and reports.

Chronological Correspondence Files

Outgoing correspondence documenting many of Yates' professional activities including research, teaching and administration. Does not contain any incoming correspondence and some pieces may be duplicate of copies in other series.


This series contains material relating to Prof. York’s research activities. It includes experiment notes, schemas, lab data, and notes relating to various York publications and topics. This series contains reports, contracts, correspondence, and lab data relating to the U of T Geochronology Lab’s commercial work. Also included are 34 5.25 floppy disks but the digital files are unprocessed and not available for researcher use at this time. Please contact the Archives for more information.


This series contains material relating to Prof. York’s addresses. Included are research materials, slides, and drafts.

U of T activities

This series contains material relating to two PhD theses Prof. York supervised during his time at the University of Toronto.

Manuscripts & publications

This series documents the writing activities of Professor York in terms of publication of papers in scholarly journals. Files contain correspondence, and notes, as well as drafts of articles and unpublished manuscripts. The arrangement is chronological.

Graphic records

Constitutes Series II of B77-0040.
Students and faculty in the natural and biological sciences, including Professors Robert Ramsay Wright, Archibald Macallum and Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman.
Two photoprints taken by John Steele; 1 photoprint taken by A. Bischoff. Other photographers unknown.


This series contains material relating to Prof. York’s life. It includes a curriculum vitae from 1998 and a copy of the U of T National Report on Derek York and his work with laser probe argon-argon dating.

Textual records

Various U of T publications and brochures, etc (see file list for more information). Correspondence among Vilhjalmur Stefansson, James Mavor and Ramsay Wright concerning the ethnological expedition to Eskimos of the Mackenzie Delta undertaken by Stefansson in 1906-1907 under the auspices of Harvard University and the University of Toronto.

Commission of Enquiry into the affairs of King's College University and Upper Canada College

Series consists of volumes encompassing the work of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Affairs of King's College University and Upper Canada College, who carried out their
duties between 1848 and 1851.

Three commissioners were originally appointed, John Wetenhall, Joseph Workman, and Robert Easton Burns. Burns succeeded Wetenhall as chairman in March of 1850 and he and Workman completed the work of the Commission. Workman was the most active, attending 191 meetings in all and conducting 313 visits. The other commissioners together attended 213 meetings and conducted 21 visits.

Of the two copies of the report that were compiled, one was eventually retained by Workman, along with the supporting documentation. These volumes were inherited by his daughter and, upon her death, were discovered in the family papers by Professor Cecil Fairfield Lavell who had married one of Dr. Workman's granddaughters. Professor Lavell, of Grinell College, Iowa, had earlier done graduate work at the University of Toronto. Professor and Mrs. Lavell presented the volumes to the University in 1922 and 1923.

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