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File contains 8 hand-written sermons that were delivered at Wycliffe Chapel. In March 1955 the sermon began with a passage from John 7:37-38, and discussed the idea of ‘thirst’ and how as ministers there is a duty to administer that thirst. The May 1955 sermon discusses the themes of the writings of St. John. The undated sermons discuss themes including the Society of the Gospel, the idea of truth and faith, redemption. Another sermon, entitled “The Battle of Life” was delivered in December 1964, and is based on the Charles Dickens story of the same name and makes comparisons between the story and the Bible. On September 26, 1971 Dr. Wycliffe delivered his first sermon at Wycliffe College in 8 years in which he discussed the ideas of theology and divinity.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Letters and Correspondence

File contains letters and correspondence. The file is arranged chronologically; in addition to the letters he received Dr. Millman also kept copies of his responses and in many cases attached his sent letter(s) to the corresponding letter(s) received, when this has occurred the original order has been kept. This file contains some documents in French. Also included are several letters from former students and colleges requesting information and/or assistance, as well as notes of thanks and congratulations.

File contains documents related to Dr. Millman’s employment at Wycliffe; a letter dated February 22, 1971 from Wycliffe Principal Leslie Hunt to Millman regarding the Wycliffe policy on mandatory retirement age of staff, with a handwritten note stating ‘Resignation tendered March 22, 1971’. There is then a letter dated April 1973 confirming an arrangement with Dr. Millman to teach at Wycliffe for the 1973-74 academic year. Related to this is a letter from Dr. Millman to Leslie Hunt dated October 1974 outlining the teaching commitments as understood for the school term. Also included is a June 1974 letter from Hunt granting permission for Dr. Millman to buy a painting valued at $350 as a retirement gift from College.

Also included is a series of letters from 1977 – an invitation to a class reunion hosted by Dr. Millman at his residence and a number of replies from former students. The original order of this grouping has been maintained.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Wycliffe Administrative History

File contains items related to the Wycliffe College that were not created by Dr. Millman but were included in his personal papers. They are arranged according to the original order, where possible.
There is a letter dated December 28, 1939 from a Public Trustee outlining the bequest to Wycliffe College of $3000 to establish the ‘Parker Scholarship’, as well as a copy of a ledger page showing the scholarship being awarded in 1974. The file contains a one-page document dated February 2, 1973 that outlines the details of the awarding of the Thompson Scholarship.
File contains documents on the history of Wycliffe, author(s) unknown, entitled “Historical Sketch of Wycliffe College” and “A Brief Concerning Wycliffe College”. Included as well is a photocopy of an article entitled “The War and Wycliffe College” from The Varsity Magazine Supplement in 1917. There is also a booklet entitled “The Wycliffe College Fellowship” – with sections ‘What It Is’, ‘Membership’, ‘Wycliffe College’, and ‘The Fellowship Prayer’.
In addition there are documents related to governance at Wycliffe College. The first is an undated report entitled “Wycliffe College: A Commission on Student Government”, outlining suggestions to make Wycliffe more of a community, and of integrating faculty and students. The next is also undated and consists of criticisms made by the Bishop Stephen Neill when he was resident in Wycliffe. Also included is a report with a cover page “The Honourable Mr. Justice Wells, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Wycliffe College, has requested that the following extract from the Annual Report of Dr. Ramsay Armitage be sent to members of the Board and to the Graduates of the College. From the Report of the Principal to the Board of Trustees, Wycliffe College, June 1959.” Another undated report in the file is entitled “Section iv (Churchmanship) of the Report of the Commission on Wycliffe College for submission to the Council and Trustees of the College”. Also included is a copy of the Minutes of the Council and Trustees Meetings held on May 22, 1963, at Wycliffe College.
In addition to these materials there are programs and invitations to Wycliffe College events. Present are the program for the University of Toronto Admission to Degrees, Friday, November 10, 1933, where Dr. Millman received his Master of Arts; a Missionary Convocation invitation from September 1957; the January 1961 invitation and booklet for an event called ‘Wycliffe College at Home”; and the June 27, 1995 invitation to Dr. Millman’s 90th birthday celebration at Cody Library Wycliffe College.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Convocation Introductions

File contains introductions for students receiving degrees during convocation ceremonies for 14 years. Each group has a general introduction and welcome and then a brief biography of each of the students receiving degrees in the session.

Millman, Thomas Reagh


File contains text of addresses given by Dr. Millman. There are three addresses that were delivered during student orientation at Wycliffe College – two are undated, and the third was delivered on September 6, 1974. The addresses welcome students to the College and outline class information and use of the library.

During his time at Wycliffe College Dr. Millman served as Honorary President of the Wycliffe Athletic Society, and this file contains one of the speeches he delivered in that capacity during a Wycliffe College Athletic Society banquet. Also contained is an address he made to the Athletic Society in 1964, at the end of his term as Honorary President. There is an address that was delivered to the Alumni Association of Wycliffe College on the occasion of the unveiling of the Leonard Memorial Window in the College Chapel on September 16, 1952.

Also included is a paper on the Lindisfarne Gospels read before the Trustees of Wycliffe College on September 20, 1957; being the occasion on which a facsimile of the Gospels was presented to the College by Mr. C.L. Barton.

There is one item in the file that does not relate to Dr. Millman’s affiliation with Wycliffe College; there is a one-page type-written document announcing the appointment of Dr. Millman to Huron College as dean of residence and professor of Church History. Also included is a note stating that the text appeared in The London Free Press on Saturday, December 30, 1950.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Student Records

File contains examination marks, class attendance records and registration lists.

Examination marks are recorded for the January 1957 session of Early Church History from the Anglican Women’s Training College; the January 1958 session of English Church History to the Reformation and an undated recording of standing obtained by Knox College students in a course of study on the History of the Church in the Middle Ages.

Attendance records are the Attendance at the Lay School of Theology Fall Term 1967, an undated record of students who attended Bishop Neill’s elective course in Theological Issues of the Sixteenth Century and an undated and untitled attendance list.

Registration list records are available for the January 1969 Lay School of Theology; 1970-71: Theological Students by Courses; the 1971 Lay School of Theology; 1973-74: Students by Years for M. Div, M.Rel, L.Th.; 1972 Spring Term Registration Lay School of Theology; and an undated Lay School of Theology Supplementary Registration.

Also included is the September 1973 Student Librarian schedule for Leonard Library and handwritten notes on a student.

Millman, Thomas Reagh


File contains lists of exam questions from various Church History courses taught by Dr. Millman, including Early and Medieval Church History; English Church History to the Reformation; and Early Church History to A.D. 313. Also contained are lists of possible questions for exams. Although Dr. Millman taught at both Wycliffe and Huron Colleges the materials in this file are from his tenure at Wycliffe College.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Class Materials

File contains materials used in the creation and deliverance of church history courses at Wycliffe College. Materials are arranged according to original order where possible.

Included are notes related to Medieval Church History, Characteristics of the Church in the Early Eighteenth Century, History of the Reformation, and the Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century. There is a collection of materials related to the history of the Anglican Church in Canada, as well as Anglican Missionary History.
Materials relating to the English Reformation include handwritten notes from various publications, most do not identify the source of the notes; and a McGill University Exam booklet, handwritten in the cover is “Henry VIII & CofE” and inside is a draft response to the question “Was the Church Of England founded by Church King Henry VIII?” – the answer argues that the short answer is ‘No’ and provides supporting reasoning.

Class syllabi, bibliographies and lists of essay topics are included for courses in Church History I, Church History II, Church History III, The Medieval Church; and The Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Also included is a photocopy of an extremely rare Zwingli book from 1868, coupled with an English translation. The text citation is:
Zwingli, Ulrich. 1526. Responsio brevis Huldrychi Zwinglii ad Epistolam satis longam amici cuiusdam haud vulgaris, in qua de Eucharistia quaestio tractatur. Tiguri: Christoph Froschauer d.A.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Lorna Marsden fonds

  • UTA 1521
  • collection
  • 1970-1992

Records of Prof. Lorna Marsden documenting her career as sociologist, feminist, administrator and teacher in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Marsden, Lorna

Gary Yee fonds

  • UTA 1980
  • collection
  • 1978 - 1981

Material includes issues of the PECU (Political Economy Course Union) Review, pamphlets for multiple SAC leadership slates, correspondence between SAC’s Anti-Racism Committee and the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and a statement from the University of Toronto Status of Women Committee on offensive content of the Toike Oike.

Yee, Gary

David Wolfe and Meric Gertler fonds

  • UTA 2007
  • collection
  • 1993-2021, predominantly 1998-2012

Fonds consists of records documenting Wolfe and Gertler’s research collaborations through several initiatives including POIS (Project on Ontario’s Innovation System), PROGRIS (Program on Globalization and Regional Innovation Systems), the ISRN (Innovation Systems Research Network), and ONRIS (Ontario Network on the Regional Innovation System). There is also documentation of the ISRN’s receipt of two SSHRC MCRI (Major Collaborative Research Initiatives) grants. The ISRN was a network of researchers examining innovation in various cities and regions across Canada. The ISRN was launched in 1998 and received MCRI grants in 2001 and 2006. ONRIS was one of the five subnetworks of the ISRN, was hosted by PROGRIS at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and served as the ISRN’s National Secretariat.

Records include conference and meeting files, research papers, grant applications, reports, and budgets. Digital files further document these research initiatives and the administration of the grants. Included are website backups from 2002, 2005 and 2007, and web archive from 2021.

Wolfe, David A.

Dependent America? (2011)

Consists of correspondence, notes, drafts, and research material for the third book in a three-volume series dealing with the impact of globalization and systems of continental governance on Canada, Dependent America? How Canada and Mexico Construct U.S. Power (Woodrow Wilson Center Press with University of Toronto Press, 2011). Included are conference and seminar papers, news articles written by Clarkson, as well as several student papers and research done for various topics in the book as part of the coursework for several courses taught by Clarkson including POL401/POL2228: The Dynamics of the Global Trading System, a Practical Workshop on the Hegemon-Periphery Relationship in North America, POL397: How Canada and Mexico Construct and/or Constrain US Power, Research Opportunity Course in North American Governance, and POL396: Research Opportunity Course.

Digital files from B2019-0003 consist of further correspondence, drafts and research materials; related SSHRC applications; and publisher and promotional materials.

Books: Trilogy on North American regionalism

This series documents a trilogy of books published by the Woodrow Wilson Centre and University of Toronto Press that analyses Canadian-American relationship within the parameters of North of American integration. Each volume, published in 2002, 2008 and 2011, dissects the changing themes and pressures that define this relationship of Canada, the United States and Mexico. The second book, Does North America Exist won the American Political Science Association Canadian Politics Section’s 2012 Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award.


Series consists of both professional and personal correspondence, including correspondence with family, friends and colleagues. They have been arranged in the primarily chronological order they were in when transferred to the archives. Those which were labelled ‘colleagues’ have been kept in alphabetical order at the end. Included are professional correspondence relating to teaching positions, schedules and courses as a professor at the University of Toronto, article and book publications, professional conferences and associations, and the Toronto mayoralty race. Personal correspondence and cards from family and friends are also included.

B2019-0003 includes early correspondence with Adrienne Clarkson and Christina McCall; further (digital) correspondence with colleagues and friends. Clarkson would copy his email correspondence into Microsoft Word documents, and these sometimes include commentary from Nora in German. Also included is a folder of correspondence about Clarkson’s media appearances and interviews.


This series gives an overview of Clarkson’s career at the University of Toronto. Included are biographical notes, CVs, activity reports, salary and promotion files. There are some files relating to appointments or opportunities outside of the university but most of these can be found in the relevant series.

Files from B2019-0003 include further activity reports and CVs, Anti-Calendar course evaluations, photos and itineraries of his travels (2008-2016), and tributes to Clarkson assembled by Nora following his death in 2016. Also included is a digital folder documenting some of the honours and awards received by Clarkson such as the Order of Canada (2011) and the Konrad Adenauer Research Award (2013).

Oversize materials include his U of T diploma, 1959, a certificate of his appointment as Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, March 1965, and a Royal Society of Canada Fellow certificate, 2004.

Teaching : Student Evaluations and Ph.D. Files

This series documents the evaluation of student work done by Clarkson throughout much of his career. It mainly consists of detailed feedback on term essay for courses POL 202, 211, 311, 323, 324, 325, 418 as well as graduate courses POL 2403 and 401/2111 and give evidence to Clarkson’s approach to teaching undergraduates. Files are arranged chronologically.

For most courses, Clarkson attached a questionnaire to feedback forms for each student that were completed at the beginning of the course. On this form, student filled in, not only their contact information, but also information on their grade point average, the high school they attended, their expectations for the course and their reason for having taken it. In the aggregate, these forms alone offer a glimpse of the student body in this time period, at least that portion that opted to take political science courses.

Of particular note are the questionnaires Clarkson had students fill in at the end of POL 324, Politics of Western Europe in which he ran an experimental teaching method - A Simulation in French Politics. Questionnaires were designed to get feedback on this Simulation Game method of delivering curriculum.

Also included are files that he kept on evaluations of, references for and advice to his Ph.D students and a few other post graduate students. These are arranged alphabetically by last name.

Digital files from B2019-0003 include further student evaluations and feedback, and files related to Ph.D students supervised by Clarkson (2002-2015).

Teaching: Courses

Clarkson was recognized for excellence in teaching, known best for engaging students through field research and designing and changing course content as national and world circumstances warranted. Given the breadth of material in this series and how many of the records relating to teaching are also found in other series, it is evident that Clarkson placed a high value on teaching and saw it integral to his academic research. Early in his career, he experimented in simulation based activities, well documented here and in his writing series.

Digital files from B2019-0003 document Clarkson’s teaching activities from 1997-2016.

For further detail see Sub-Series descriptions.


This series is made up of records that reflect most of the areas of research interest to Clarkson over forty decades. These records are often supplemental to related records in series for specific publications. Content in this series includes notes, data, as well as related correspondence, conferences, workshops, papers, articles, talks and clippings.

They are grouped and arranged according to topic headings and every attempt has been made to keep original groupings and evidence of their relation to books and writings.

1. Canadian American Relations and Canadian nationalism - Research materials on topics focused on Canadian American relations as it relates to 1970s nationalism as well as Canadian culture and the trend of Americanization, an area of interest to Clarkson throughout the late 1960s and 1970s. This research would have a direct relation to his work on groups such as the University League for Social Reform and the Committee for an Independent Canada. (See Series 22) It also includes documentation on Clarkson’s contributions to Mel Watkin’s Task Force on foreign ownership. [B2016-0003/082, /090, /091]

2. Party Politics – research reflects Clarkson’s interest in topics such party policy adoption, grass roots participation, the culture of parties and are a result of his direct involvement in the Liberal Party at both the provincial and federal levels. [B2016-0003/082]

3. FTA/ NAFTA - research material related to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the Macdonald Commission (1982-1984), and North American integration and governance. Much of this material was used as background information for his trilogy on governance under globalization. [B2016-0003/088, /089 /090]

4. FTAA, 9/11, North American Integration, External constitution - materials relating to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), North American integration and the political and continental implications of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City. These include newspaper clippings, related articles and book chapters written, and television interviews, lectures, and seminars given, by Stephen Clarkson. Itineraries and programs for the Summit of the Americas conference, as well as general notes and correspondence are also included. Interviews conducted in Mexico, as well as several articles and papers for conferences are included. This material was used in the writing of the trilogy on continental governance, especially the second volume, Does North America Exist? [B2016-0003/067, /092]

5. Continentalism and constitution - consists of notes, correspondence and papers from conferences, panels and talks given relating to the themes of continentalism and ‘external’ constitutions found in Clarkson’s three-volume series on globalization. [B2016-0003/099]

6. North American Monetary Union/European Monetary Union – consists of research relating to his time as a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence 1996-1997 and the outcome of further research and resulting publications including the monograph Apples and Oranges: Comparing the EU and NAFTA as Continental Systems (European University Institute, 2000). [B2016-0003/111]

Files from B2019-0003 consist of research on Investor-State Dispute Settlements and includes notebooks, interviews, correspondence, and interviews and workshop notes.

Digital files cover the topics of Comparative Regionalism, Foreign Investment Protection, Globalization & Autonomy, and North American Governance. Also included are files related to Clarkson's affiliations with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, and the Centre de recherche en droit public (CRDP) at the Université de Montréal.

Writings: General

  • UTA 1148-11-11.1
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1964-2016; predominantly 1970-2015
  • Fait partie de Stephen Clarkson fonds

Subseries consists of the writings of Stephen Clarkson including academic papers and reviews, newspaper and magazine articles, and addresses written for lectures, seminars and conferences spanning his career as an academic. Files can contain a variety of types of records including notes, research material, correspondence, conference programs, drafts and off-prints.

Academic papers and addresses cover topics from Soviet influence on developing nations to Canadian politics, including the Liberal Party, the Trudeau government, Canadian-American relations, globalization, and free trade. Conferences and lectures attended include the Canadian Club, the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA), the International Studies Association (ISA), and the Learned Society. There is also research material, conferences and papers relating to the topic of Human Cultural Security. Also included are papers and addresses written about the course POL202 Simulation in Comparative Politics. Material from POL397 Research Opportunity Course (ROC), including interviews of politicians from trips with his students to Washington DC and Mexico City, and notes, drafts and off-prints of papers co-written with his student, are also included.

Files from B2019-0003 consist of further writing output by Clarkson, particularly on the topics of NAFTA and international trade, his main areas of research in his final years. Also included are files on talks and conferences given and attended by Clarkson, which include speaking notes and notes about the events themselves.

Digital files were arranged by Nora based on output type: articles & chapters; OpEds; published books & pamphlets; talks & conferences. Includes correspondence and drafts of the books A Perilous Imbalance: The Globalization of Canadian Law and Governance (2010) with Stepan Wood and My Life As a Dame (2009), an edited volume of Christina McCall’s writings.


The term “writings” was adopted from Stephen Clarkson’s own description of his academic output and includes papers, addresses, monographs, chapters in books, reviews, presented papers, attendances at conferences, writings with students, seminars, workshops talks etc. This series is divided in to five sub-series that reflect all of these types of intellectual endeavours over the span of his career.

Book files

Series consists of records relating to Prof. Simeon’s various book projects, including the following:

Rethinking Federalism: Citizens, Politics and Markets. Editor, with K. Knop, S. Ostry, K. Swinton. (Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 1995)

Degrees of Freedom: Canada and the United States in a Changing World, edited with Keith Banting & George Hoberg (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1997)

Imperfect Democracies: The Democratic Deficit in Canada and the United States with Patti Tamara Lenard (Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2011)

Some book chapters are included here, including Simeon’s work for Bickerton and Gagnon’s text, Canadian Politics (2003), and Policy Studies in Canada: The State of the Art (2003).

Files for the above publications contain very few drafts or manuscripts. Instead, they include correspondence, peer reviews and feedback, published reviews and contracts. Series also contains a file of the collected writings of Stéphane Dion (1998), sent to Prof. Simeon by someone looking for a publisher.

Records also contain significant work on an unfinished manuscript on public policy, a book project that came out of his article “Studying Public Policy” in the Canadian Journal of Political Science (1976). Work on this project seems to have happened in the latter half of the 1970s and early 1980s. These records include research, data, outlines and various chapter drafts. Research and data files are arranged alphabetically, followed by chapter drafts arranged by chapter.

Digital files consist of drafts, email correspondence, papers, and comments relating to several book projects, including Imperfect Democracies, Small worlds : Provinces and parties in Canadian political life (with David Elkins) and a collaborative project on territorial pluralism that was not completed before his death. A folder titled ‘Federalism’ contains records relating to various book, article and publishing projects regarding federalism.

Research and project files

Series consists of records documenting Prof. Simeon’s work on particular projects, including those listed below, as well as some miscellaneous research files on various topics, including some work as an academic advisor to the Club of Madrid on questions of regional integration in Spain and Scotland.

Canada-U.S. Project (1988-1993): Prof. Simeon was chair of the Canada-U.S. Project (originally “Canada and the United States in a Changing Global Context”), the first major research project launched by the newly formed School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. The group organized conferences and carried out several research projects that examined cooperation between Canada and the U.S., and researched convergences and divergences between Canadian and U.S. policy. Topics included free trade, criminal justice, health, defense, environmental protection, gender, industrial relations, social policy, and other issues. Records tend to relate to the administration of research projects, more so than research records and academic output. Records include correspondence, grant records, project proposals, fundraising records, media coverage, meeting minutes, conference programs and reports.

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance [EDG] (2005-2011): This project was organized as a 30 scholar team under the umbrella of the SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiatives Program. The project was based at Queen’s University with close collaboration with the University of Toronto and Université du Québec a Montréal, and intended “to advance our understanding of the empirical sources of ethnic politics, the normative ideals of justice, equality and democracy that should guide state responses to diversity, and the policies and institutions that can be used in the governance of diversity” (from SSHRC proposal). Records relate primarily to the administration of the project, including SSHRC proposals, project meeting agendas and reports, newsletters, correspondence, notes and text for speeches/talks.

Forum of Federations (2000s): The Forum of Federations is a non-profit, international organization based in Ottawa. Prof. Simeon was involved with their Global Dialogue on Federalism initiative which included a series of country and international roundtables to build a comparative dialogue on federalism. Records include a project description, talks, notes, papers, and reports on various countries, including Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, and the U.S. Through the Forum of Federations, Prof. Simeon worked with Dr. David Cameron to develop a 3-day agenda for the first curriculum development session with Iraqi academics on a federalism course for Iraqi universities (2006). This series includes the service contract for that work and another contract for his work as academic advisor to the Iraq Federalism project (2008). This section also includes records documenting Prof. Simeon’s work organizing a course on democratic federalism for university faculty in Sudan (2009), These records include correspondence, notes, contracts, schedules, the course syllabus, and the course evaluation. This section also includes a project proposal for a rethinking federalism project (2010). Lastly, this section includes records relating to a federalism and decentralization course taught by Prof. Simeon and Jan Erk (from University of Leiden) at Addis Ababa University, including lecture notes, slides, papers, and the course syllabus.

Government projects: Prof. Simeon worked on numerous projects for both the federal and Ontario governments, and records in this series provide some documentation of his work as research coordinator for the Macdonald Report on Canada’s future (1983-1985); as scholar, commentator, and occasional adviser to Premiers Davis, Peterson and Rae through the on-going constitutional wars; and as author of Federalism in Canada: A Visitor’s Guide, for the Privy Council Office (2001-2002). Records in this section include correspondence, memos, contracts, reports, minutes, notes and a copy of Federalism in Canada: A Visitor’s Guide.

Patterns of Association (1995-2000s): Prof. Simeon worked with his colleague, David R. Cameron, on a research project on bilingualism in voluntary associations. This led to the production of Negotiating Language: Patterns of Association in Canadian Voluntary Organizations, which was published as Language Matters: How Canadian Voluntary Associations Manage French and English, edited with Cameron (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2009). Records include manuscript, drafts, research interviews, correspondence and project guidelines. Key research subjects documented here are The Heart and Stroke Foundation and The Huntington Society of Canada.

Renewal of Canada (1992): This section contains records relating to the Renewal of Canada conferences, 5 gatherings held across Canada and “mandated to discuss changes in the way Canada is governed, in particular the implications of a set of proposals for constitutional and non-constitutional change that would ‘revise the rules that shape the country’s political life’. The 28 proposals were developed by the Government of Canada and published as Shaping Canada’s Future Together” (from the conference report). Records include correspondence, notes, agendas, conference reports and summaries,

Digital files include email correspondence, research material, drafts, reports and other records relating to the 2012 Ontario budget, African politics, Canadian politics, comparative politics, referenda, international projects (including in Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, Sudan, and Zimbabwe). Some records also relate to Prof. Simeon’s work with CIFAR, Club de Madrid, the International Crisis Group, and Forum of Federations.


Subseries consists of albums and album pages, compiled by Kathleen Parlow.


Series contains three-dimensional memorabilia objects, including three glass plate negatives from Kathleen Parlow's time in Petersburg; three framed photographs of Parlow's parents[?]; two metal stamps of Parlow with her violin; two framed photographs of Parlow (one as a young child); the National Award in Music medal from the University of Alberta; a family photo album, including a family tree; an Edison cylinder record of Parlow playing Nocturne, Op. 9, no. 2 in E-flat Major by Chopin (recorded 1913); an Edison 78 RPM record of Parlow playing Melodie by Tchaikovsky; and, 2 audio cassettes with recordings of the Parlow String Quartet. Series also includes drawings and watercolours of Kathleen Parlow.

The photographs included in the family album are listed at the front of the album and transcribed here:
1 - Uncle James Hamilton
2 and 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Allan (St. John)
4 - Mrs. Taylor (Allan's daughter)
5 - Nell (Allan's granddaughter)
6 - James Allen
7 - Sisters Allen
8 - Mr. and Mrs. Ross
9 - Mary Jane Sterling (mother's cousin)
10 and 11 - Mr. or Dr. and Mrs. Cooper
12 and 13 - Estabrooks and sister
14 and 15 - "The two Miss Guns"
16 - Uncle Sam
17 - Uncle Johnie
18 - Miss. Everitt
19 - Cousin George
20 and 21 - Rev. and Mrs. Harvey
21 - Annie Howe (niece of Uncle Sam's)
22 - Edgar Thompson
23 and 24 - Deacon and Mrs. Conolly (cousin)
25 and 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Merritt
27 - Major Hartley
28 - Mrs. Twee[...?] (minister's wife)
29 - Mr. Good
30 - Rev. Blakeney
31 - Mrs. Jones
32 - Baby Estabrooks
33 - Mr. Taylor
34 - Nell Taylor
35 - Boardman Wheeler
36 - James Hamilton (uncle)
37 - Cousin George
38 - Minnie Wheeler
39 and 40 - Father and Mother
41 - Miss. Conolly
42 - Mr. Broderick (Auntie Hamilton's brother-in-law)
43 and 44 - Mr. and Mrs. James Wheeler
45 and 46 - Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
47 - another Miss. Conolly
48 - Nellie Allan
49 - Dr. Broderick.

Non-English Children's Books

This sub-series contains children's stories written in Blissymbols, some with translations in various non-English languages. Materials include professionally bound hardcover and softcover books, in addition to spiralbound and stapled booklets.

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