Brecker Bros/David Clayton-Thomas/Anne Murray and Other Collaboration Projects Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
5 The Numbers Racket File
8 Music for Moe Koffman File
11 You're Gonna Need Me-Small Band File
14 Trundel Productions Music File
17 [Don't Explain/Womanizer]-David Clayton Thomas File
20 Dr. Music Material File
23 Ode To Jazz File
26 In The Middle of the River, Nica's Dream, and Other Pieces File
1 Just A Light Case... File 1978
4 Just A Light Case/Hold Tight/Heart's Desire File
7 City T.V. - 60" Opening File 1977
10 Everyday File
13 Peace on Earth and Other Lead Sheets File
16 Finger Lickin Good File
19 Bill Amesbury [Can You Feel It] File
22 Ian Merlin's Lyrics File
3 Heart's Desire... File 1978
6 Meeting In The Air.... T. Ambrose File 1980
9 C.B.C. Promos File 1979
12 Fresh Soap File 1977
25 Mars, Siesta Fiesta, and Other Pieces File
2 Hold Tight... File 1978
15 Brecker Bros. File 1976
18 Anne Murray Charts File
21 This Old Song File
24 Mandragola Lead Sheets File 1977
27 She's Really Beautiful, I Like What I Do, and Other Pieces File