Photographs and Microforms Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
MD7-33 [Science lab - desks, front view] File c. 1970
MD7-34 [Science lab - desks, rear view] File c. 1970
MD7-32 [Science lab - scales] File c. 1970
MD7-39 [Skeleton in the valley] File c. 1970
3-11 [Soil Erosion Research Lab Groundbreaking] File 1988
5-4 [Staff and students - various events] File n.d.
OS1-6 [Student Accepting an Award] File c. 1960s
3-13 [Student Common Room Opening] File 1991
MD7-52 [Student art project] File c. 1970
MD8-31 [Student at Microphone] File 1968
MD7-47 [Student in fencing mask] File c. 1970
MD8-22 [Student orientation - Meeting Place] File circa 1970s
MD7-49 [Student orientation - course registration] File c. 1970
MD7-41 [Student orientation in the H-Wing] File c. 1970
4-1 [Students - athletics] File c. 1965, 1975-1976, 1981-1982
MD7-43 [Students eating outside] File c. 1970
MD8-23 [Students in lecture] File circa 1970s
MD7-40 [Students in the Meeting Place] File c. 1970
OS1-10 [Students on couch] File c. 1960s
MD8-12 [Students outside of residences with shopping buggies] File circa 1960s
MD7-48 [Students studying on the H-Wing patio] File c. 1970
4-7 [Students] File 1966, 1972, n.d.
MD7-53 [Telescope on top of H-Wing] File c. 1970
MD8-32 [Television studio] File circa 1965
OS1-2 [The Birdcatcher in Hell] File 1971
MD7-51 [Trombone players] File c. 1970
3-10 [UT Day] File 1986, 1988
1-2 [UTSC Campus - Slides] File 1965
OS1-5 [UTSC Formal Event] File c. 1960s
OS1-9 [UTSC Tents] File n.d.
3-17 [UTSC at Angus Glen Golf Club] File 2005
3-2 [Undergraduate Banquet 1965] File 1965
5-9 [Unidentified] File n.d.
2-7 [Various Campus Buildings] File n.d.
3-8 [Watts Lecturers] File 1983, 1984, 1989
6-37 de Lint, J.M. "The Market Valuation of Land and same implications for Land Use: An analysis of real estate???" File n.d.
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