Professional organizations, associations and societies Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0006/028(01) Bhopal Aftermath: Canadian Situation File 1986
B2015-0006/028(04) Canadian Journal of Occupational Health and Safety: Proposal File 1994
B2015-0006/028(07) Canadian Medical Association: Subcommittee on Environmental and Occupational Health File 1986
B2015-0006/028(09) Canadian Medical Association: Subcommittee on Environmental and Occupational Health File 1987-1998
B2015-0006/029(01) Canadian Public Health Association File 1986-1998
B2015-0006/029(04) Canadian Public Health Association India Part 2 of 2 File 1984-1985
B2015-0006/030(03) Health and Welfare Canada: Health Survey of Workers File 1984
B2015-0006/030(06) Humber College File 1977-1986
B2015-0006/030(09) Industrial Accident Prevention Association File 1987-1988
B2015-0006/002M "Health Matters at Work" VHS done for I.A.P.A. File ca. 1990
B2015-0006/030(14) International Commission on Occupational Health File 1975-2002
B2015-0006/030(17) International Labour Office File 1974-1987
B2015-0006/031(02) Institute for Science in Society File n.d.
B2015-0006/031(05) NiPERA Executive Director File 1985-1986
B2015-0006/031(08) Mastromatteo Oration: Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada (photo in 001P) File 1984-2001
B2015-0006/031(09) Ontario: Advisory Council on Occupational Health and Safety File 1981-1982
B2015-0006/031(11) Ontario Medical Association File 1980-1996
B2015-0006/032(03) Ontario Medical Association Committee on Public Health File 1987
B2015-0006/033(06) Safety and Health Hall of Fame International File 1989-1991
B2015-0006/033(09) Technical University of Nova Scotia File 1988
B2015-0006/033(12) University College of Cape Breton File 1987-1991
B2015-0006/033(19) Miscellaneous Organizations File 1976-2000
B2015-0006/026(01) Committees and Professional Activities- Dr. E. Mastromatteo list File 1982
B2015-0006/026(03) American Board of Medical Specialties File 1974
B2015-0006/026(06) American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists File 1985-2003
B2015-0006/026(09) American Welding Society Part 1 File 1983-1984
B2015-0006/026(12) Atomic Energy Control Board Part 1 File 1986-1988
B2015-0006/027(02) Atomic Energy Control Board Advisory Committee on Radiological Protection File 1985-1986
B2015-0006/028(11) Canadian Occupational Health Association File 1986-1991
B2015-0006/029(09) The Council of Ontario Contractors' Associations File 1985
B2015-0006/030(02) Health League of Canada File 1960
B2015-0006/030(05) Health and Welfare Canada: Visit to Poland 1978 File 1978
B2015-0006/030(08) Industrial Accident Prevention Association General Part 2 File 1987
B2015-0006/030(11) Industrial Accident Prevention Association Health Advisory Committee File 1993-1994
B2015-0006/030(13) Industrial Medical Consultants Environmental and Occupational Health File 1981-1986
B2015-0006/030(16) International Labour Office File 1974-1980
B2015-0006/031(01) International Labour Office: India File 1983-1986
B2015-0006/032(06) Organization Resources Counselors, Inc. Part 1 File 1979-1987
B2015-0006/032(09) Organization Resources Counselors, Inc. General File 1985-1987
B2015-0006/033(02) Public Service Alliance of Canada File 1986
B2015-0006/033(05) Safety and Health Hall of Fame International File 1987-1988
B2015-0006/033(08) Standards Council of Canada File 1988
B2015-0006/033(11) University of California File 1992
B2015-0006/033(15) University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine File 1988-1990
B2015-0006/033(18) Virden File 1950-1952
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