Records of the lawsuit concerning Victoria University’s move from Cobourg Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1991.088V-2-1 Notice of Trial File 1889
1991.088V-2-1a Criminal Subpoena to Rev. N. Burwash File 1890
1991.088V-2-4 Affidavits File 1889
1991.088V-2-5 Order of Injunction File 1889
1991.088V-2-6 Notices to produce documents, withdrawals and subpoenas File 1889
1991.088V-3-4 Bill of Costs File 1890
1987.128V-1-2 Minutes of the Committee of Instruction of Counsel for Defense re: the Injunction File 1889
1991.088V-2-3 Affidavits File 1889
1991.088V-2-8 Miscellaneous legal records File 1889
1991.088V-3-3 Disposal of Claims following Judgment File 1891
1991.088V-3-6 Transcripts of Proceedings & Other Records File 1890
1991.088V-1-1 Correspondence, Notes, Reports & Records, 1868, 1876, 1891 File 1868
1991.088V-1-2 Correspondence, Notes, Reports & Records, 1890-1891 File 1890-1891
1991.088V-2-7 Exhibits File 1890
1991.088V-3-1 Judgment File 1890
1991.088V-2-2 Records Re: the Senate File 1890
1991.088V-3-2 Appeals of Judgment File 1890
1991.088V-3-5 List of Claims File 1891
1987.128V-1-4 Minutes of the Committee on Legislation and Minutes of the Committee appointed to negotiate with the Plaintiffs in the Cobourg Suit File 1887-1889