Records related in finance and investments Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1989.117V-1-1 Account Book File 1839-1840
1989.117V-1-4 Ledger File 1850-1857
1989.117V-1-5 Ledger File 1857-1862
1989.117V-2-1 Ledger File 1866-1886
1989.117V-OS3-1 Ledger File 1885-1904
1989.117V-OS7-2 Subsidiary ledger File 1917-1929
1989.117V-OS8-1 General ledger File [ca. 1929-ca. 1944]
1989.117V-3-3 Journal blotter File 1894-1896
1989.117V-4-1 Journal blotter File 1898-1900
1989.117V-4-2 Journal blotter File 1902-1906
1989.117V-4-4 Daybook File 1844-1845
1989.117V-OS12-3 Daybook File 1849-1851
1989.117V-OS13-1 [Cash Book?] File 1839-1845
1989.117V-6-3 Cash disbursements book File 1917-1925
1989.117V-7-1 Subscription book File 1831-1839
1989.117V-7-3 Subscription book File 1882-1885
1989.117V-7-5 Financial record book File 1850-1852
1989.117V-7-6 Financial record book File 1857-1858
1989.117V-7-7 Financial record book File 1858-1859
1989.117V-8-2 Financial record book File 1885-1893
1989.117V-8-3 Financial record book File 1868-1884
2002.112V-18-1 Annual financial statements File 1960-1969
2002.111V-1-1 Annual financial statements File 1996-1999
2007.043V-1-10 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Various records File 1836-1870
1992.147V-2-7 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Financial statements/reports File 1867-1915
1992.147V-2-8 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Income and expenditures File 1904-1907
2002.112V-18-7 Miscellaneous Financial Records - General Pension Plan statements File 1996
2002.112V-18-4 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Summaries of Auxiliary Pension Plan Transactions File 1989-1994
1989.117V-1-2 Account Book File 1840-1841
1989.117V-1-3 Account Book File 1841-1842
1989.117V-OS5-1 Ledger File 1893-1908 [predominant 1904-1908]
1989.117V-OS9-1 General ledger File [ca. 1930-ca. 1949]
1989.117V-2-4 Journal File 1919-1930
1989.117V-3-1 Journal File 1940-1950
1989.117V-OS12-1 Journal blotter File 1900-1902
1989.117V-4-3 Daybook File 1841-1843
1989.117V-OS13-3 [Cash Book?] File 1841-1846
1989.117V-5-3 Cash Book File 1885-1886
1989.117V-5-5 Cash Receipts Book File 1908-1920
1989.117V-6-1 Cash Receipts Book File 1920-1927
1989.117V-7-2 Subscription book File 1852-1871
1989.117V-7-8 Financial record book File 1867-1871
2002.112V-17-25 Annual financial statements File 1951-1959
2000.015V-1-5 Annual financial statements File 1993-1995
2018.18V TR [Annual financial statements - 2011 and 2017] File April 30, 2011
1992.146V-TR-3 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Balance sheets File 1854-1870
1990.045V-1-2 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Accounts and statements File 1872-1892
2002.112V-18-6 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Summary of General and Auxiliary Pension Plan Transactions File 1988
2012.03V-9-6 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Annesley Hall financing loan agreements File 1989-1994
2002.111V-1-4 Miscellaneous Financial Records - Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund reports File 1997-2000
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