Research Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
B2018-0018/028(13) - B2018-0018/029(06) NIH Grants ["Dental and orofacial pain: Brain stem mechanisms", 11 files] File 1977 - 1994
B2018-0018/030(05) Medical Research Council grant Multi-user Equipment grant (Davis and McCulloch, Principal Investigators) File 1987 - 1992
B2018-0018/031(03) -(04) NIH grant: "Opiate-related mechanisms and deep craniofacial pain" James Hu (PI) [2 files] File May-94
B2018-0018/031(07) Medical Research Council - Electron microscopy for dental research at the University of Toronto - maintenance grant File [1996?]
B2018-0018/031(10) CIHR: "Pain research from molecules to community-collaborative national training program" [Michael W. Salter, PI] File 2001 - 2005
B2018-0018/032(03) University of Siena experiments ["Protocol for each thalamic neurone in awake rabbits"] File 2002- 2003
B2018-0018/032(06) Canadian Institute of Health Research - notes on strategic plan 2003 - 2008) and collaborative research project grant File 2003, 2005
B2018-0018/032(09) Research projects, outlier, updates etc. File 2005
B2018-0018/032(12) Canadian Pain Network - Networks of Centres of Excellence application [notes and correspondence] File 2010
B2018-0018/031(08) NIH grant: "Peripheral mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain" James HU (PI) submitted July 1998 File 1998
B2018-0018/031(11) - B2018-0018/032(01) CIHR: " Strategic training program cell signaling in mucosal inflammation and pain [2 files] File 2001 - 2010
B2018-0018/032(04) Aalborg experiments File 2002 -2003
B2018-0018/032(07) Minutes, Aalborg experiments File 29-Jun-04
B2018-0018/032(10) NIH grant, "Sensorimotor and biomechanical changes associated with surgically-induced partial lumbar spinal hypomobility in the rat" [Howard Vernon, PI] File 2007-2008
B2018-0018/032(13) Canadian Pain Network ["Networks of Centres of Excellence application and correspondence] File 2010 - 2011
B2018-0018/029(07) NIH grant ["Neural mechanisms implicated in sudden infant death"] File 1974 - 1977
B2018-0018/031(01) Medical Research Council - Electron microscopy for dental research File 1992
B2018-0018/031(05) Medical Research Council: "Flow cytometer and confocal microscope" (McCulloch, PI) File 1995 - 2005
B2018-0018/032(08) Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Research Fund, "Investigations of Craniofacial Pain and Sensorimotor Function in Humans and Animal Models" File 2004 -2011
B2018-0018/032(11) CIHR grant - McGillion ["A knowledge synthesis to improve access to care for people living with refractory angina"] File 2008
B2018-0018/032(14) Canadian Pain Network File 2010 - 2011
B2018-0018/032(15) - B2018-0018/033(05) Animal Use Protocol applications File [ca. 1995 and [2015]
B2018-0018/030(01) - (04) Medical Research Council grant ["Neural mechanisms of orofacial function", 4 files] File 1984 - 1994
B2018-0018/031(02) NIH Continuation grant: "Brain stem mechanisms of deep craniofacial pain" James Hu (PI) File 1993 - 1994
B2018-0018/031(06) NIH Grant: "Brain stem mechanism of TMD pain" James Hu (PI) [also includes "Dental and Orofacial Pain: Brainstem and Thalamic Mechanisms" Sessle (PI)] File 1995 - 1996
B2018-0018/031(09) Canadian Pain Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Management Consortium, application with James L. Henry File 1999 - 2006
B2018-0018/032(02) Canadian Foundation of Innovation - Pain consortium application ["National strategy for research on pain management"] File 2001
B2018-0018/032(05) NET application ["Molecular mechanisms of pain and fatigue in osteoarthritis: Interplay between nerve and joint"] File 2003