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Ruth Scott Archives, Wycliffe College

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Wycliffe College was founded in 1877 by an evangelical Anglican organization called the Church Association of the Diocese of Toronto. The school grew rapidly and, in 1881, moved into its own building in the area of the University of Toronto. That year was the 500th anniversary of the traditional date of the first English Bible, which had been inspired by the teaching of John Wycliffe. It seemed fitting to name the building Wycliffe College, and the name was soon extended to denote the school itself. In 1885 the College affiliated with the University, and in 1889 it became one of the federated colleges. In 1891 the College moved to its present site on Hoskin Avenue, and was formally approved as an Anglican theological college. The College is managed according to the Wycliffe College Act of the Ontario provincial legislature, 1916, amended in 1932, 1949, 1952, and 2002.

The Wycliffe Archives holds the records of Wycliffe College. On May 8, 2006, the Archives was dedicated in honour of Ruth Scott (1904-1989) for her tireless advocacy for the equality of women in ministry, for her contributions to Christian education, and for being the first woman to receive a licentiate in theology from Wycliffe College in 1946. The Archives was renamed the Ruth Scott Archives, Wycliffe College in 2006.

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The Ruth Scott Archives, Wycliffe College is the repository for the acquisition, preservation, and use of Wycliffe College records of enduring value.

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The Ruth Scott Archives, Wycliffe College holds photographs, architectural drawings, student records, administrative material, faculty papers, and the papers of past principals of the college. Some additional highlights include the papers of Jakob Jocz (papers concerning Jewish-Christian relations), Bessie Quirt (papers relating to Anglican Deaconess and Missionary Training House), Maurice Flint (papers relating to prison ministry and ministry in the Arctic), and the Canadian Church Missionary Society.

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The Archives is open by appointment. Please send an email to or fill out an appointment request form at:

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Researchers can take photos on a phone or camera, provided there are no restrictions on the records and the device does not come into contact with the records. The Archives will also provide copies at a fee:

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