Pièce 17 - Stephen Verney, "St. John's Gospel : Signs of Jesus"

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Stephen Verney, "St. John's Gospel : Signs of Jesus"


  • 1986 (Production)

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1 audio cassette

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Item consists of 1 audio cassette featuring a talk given at a l'Arche Renewal retreat in Scotland in 1986.

Content notes (or transcription) from beginning of the recording: Talk Three: Jesus comes back to Cana and does another sign. This is a second sign leading us into another theme, the transformation of death. Now it's Royal man, a father, and a sick son and through them Jesus is going to reveal a mystery within himself. Talk Four: We want to explore this morning the mystery of the I Am. And the transformation he wants to work in us is , I think, from I to I Am. I think of I as a center which is afraid because it is set against the rest of the world. It�s trying to grasp and have things and possess God. Then what is the I Am? It is an expression of being now in the moment. I Am is potentially what I am, who is free and whole.

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Title based on contents of the item.
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There are two more talks below by Stephen Verney: see v32 & v33.

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2004 05 ; 2006 02

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SR2004 05 80 v17


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