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B2014-0037/001(07) Obverse: "Mammoth Trees, California." ; "18. Item [ca. 1870]
B2014-0037/001(28) Obverse: "Chamberlain Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/001(36) Obverse: "Chamberlain Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/001(40) Obverse: "1660 Cocoanut Trees in the white sands of Florida. USA/Palmas de Coco en las arenas de Florida." Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(43) Obverse: caption (faded): "Mal_ Cres. Great Parks, Chicago, Ill."; "Sold Only by Canvassers"; Reverse: "Sold Only by Canvassers"; Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(47) Obverse: "Summit House Mt. Wachusett. Sep. 11th 1877." [handwritten] Item 1877
B2014-0037/001(48) Flood damage: uprooted house on pile of debris. Reverse: "Mill River" [handwritten] Item 1874
B2014-0037/001(50) Flood damage: damaged houses and flood path. Reverse: "Mill River" [handwritten] Item 1874
B2014-0037/001(52) Flood damage: destroyed houses and flood path. Reverse: "Mill River" [handwritten] Item 1874
B2014-0037/001(57) Obserse: Unidentified location, "The (Ab) Original Babe in the Wood" (image of a child in a hammock) Item [1871?]
B2014-0037/001(62) Obverse: "No. 216. Profile, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(66) Reverse: "310. Mt. Willard and Train, P.&O. R.R., Crawford Notch, White Mts." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(67) Obverse: "318. The Basin, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(68) Obverse: "318. The Basin, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(74) Obverse: "805. The Hanging Rock, Crawford Notch, White Mts." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(75) Obverse: "857. Flume, (from below,) Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(81) Obverse: "47. Flume below the Boulder, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(82), Obverse: "48. Flume, (below the Boulder,) Franconia Notch, N.H."; Reverse: [handwritten] "25 c" Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(85) Obverse: "No. 131. Profile Franconia Notch." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(86) Obverse: "No. 131. Profile Franconia Notch." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(88) Obverse: "504. Echo Lake, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(89) Obverse: "515. Beecher Item [1872]
B2014-0037/001(110) Reverse: Original printed label, "Public Buildings in New York City and Brooklyn. No. 5311 [note: has been crossed out and 5502 handwritten instead]. Reservoir Square, 6th Avenue and 41st Street." Item [1865]
B2014-0037/001(113) Reverse: Original printed label, "Greenwood Cemetery. No. 7650. Tombs of G.W. & C. Muller, M.L. Adriance and Thos. Terry." Item [186-]
B2014-0037/001(118) Obverse: "72. White Sulphur Spring" Reverse: "94" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(121) Obverse: "Congress Hall" Reverse: "97" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(122) Obverse: "American Scenery" series; "Gorge, Havana Glen, N.Y." Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(127) Obverse: Man in corner of a gazebo. Reverse: "Sharon Springs", "25 c" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(128) Obverse: "B Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(132) Obverse: "Artistic Views of the New Capitol. Present Senate Chamber."; Reverse: printed information about photographer and publisher Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(133) Obverse: "Put-in-Bay Scenery"; Reverse: "Scenery of the Islands of Lake Erie"; "Interior of Stacey Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(143) Obverse: "Centennial International Exhibition, 1876", "US Gov Item 1876
B2014-0037/001(145) Obverse: "Centennial Exhibition 1876", Statues [caption is too faded to read, except "America"] Item 1876
B2014-0037/001(149) Reverse: Original printed label, "Scenery of North Carolina. No. 6949 Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(153) Obverse: "White House Front" [handwritten]; Reverse: [No.] 11. [handwritten], "President Item [1881?]
B2014-0037/001(156) Obverse: "President Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(165) Single image, no board. Depicts tent and man sitting next to an inlet to a lake. Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(166) Obverse: "Civil War - [General] Custer? Sir D.W. lectured on Civil War after trip to Washington"; the man in the chair is thought to be General Custer. (donor Item 1861-1865
B2014-0037/001(172) No caption; two men in Black face partying in a boat, one reaching for a bottle of liquor in the water. Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(174) Obverse: "European and American Views" : "An Oyster Shell Mountain" [original], with African American man standing in front. Item n.d.
5 Still life File 1857-1890, n.d.
B2014-0037/001(176) Obverse: "A Sportsman Item 1890
B2014-0037/001(178) No caption; partridge in nest on ground under a log.; Obverse: "70" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(179) Obverse: "No. 737." Image of two birds.; Reverse: Photographed and Published by Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, N.H." Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(180) Obverse: "Beautiful in Death" [original]; image of several plants in funerary floral arrangement Item [1857-1862]
B2014-0037/001(05) Reverse: "Glories of the Yosemite Valley." ; 20/225 [handwritten in corner]; Obverse: "7435. Item [ca. 1870-1871]
B2014-0037/001(14) Obverse: "Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinity" Item [187-?-188-?]
B2014-0037/001(15) Obverse: "Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinity"; "2 Santa Barbara , from Stearn Item [187-?-188-?]
B2014-0037/001(16) Obverse: "1029 Item [1870-1890]
B2014-0037/001(17) Obverse: "Yosemite Valley," ; "El Capitane." ; "California."; Reverse: "106" [handwritten] Item
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