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3 Student clubs and events Series 1961-1970
A2015-0028/003(05).0002 Friends of India Association. Diwali, Festival of Lights, Gala Indian Dinner Item 11 Nov 1961
A2015-0028/003(05).0005 African Students of Ontario. Tanganyika Independence Celebration and Dance Item 9 Sat 1961
A2015-0028/003(06).0001 Liberal Club. Resolutions meeting to discuss resolutions for the Ontario University Liberal Federation Convention Item 1 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0004 Newman Club. Winter Frolic. Item 3 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0007 United Nations Club. "USA: Acute case of conservation?" with Ken Wyman Item 10 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0013 Ukrainian Students' Club. "Why Another meeting?' Item 30 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0016 "Hear Leslie Morris, National Executive Member, Communist Part of Canada" UC building [2 copies] Item 6 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0019 Grad's Union Xmas party Item 8 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0003 United Nations Club. Discussion on Katanga Item 6 Oc [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0001 CUCND co-sponsors The Annual Easter Walk. Convocation Hall to City Hall Item 21 Apr [1962]
A2015-0028/003(07).0004 UN Club. Talk on Hungary. Folk Singing and Dancing. Sidney Smith Building Item 20 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0007 Varsity Christian Fellowship. Skating Party. Item 12 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0010 "Prevent Anarchy in CUCND Elections!" Item 19 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0013 Hart House. Nominations Week and Election Day Item Feb 1962
A2015-0028/003(10).0001 Mass meeting. SAC ultimatum on discipline. Convocation hall [includes memo] Item 1969
A2015-0028/005(06).0001 Students' Administrative Council. "Dates to Remember" [desk mat/calendar] Item 1967/1968
A2015-0028/004(01).0001 University of Toronto Press. International Conferences recently held in Canada. Proceedings. Item 1960
A2015-0028/004(01).0004 Faculty of Arts and Science. Candidates for the Annual Examinations. Item 30 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(01).0007 Official opening of Sidney Smith Hall. Address by Dr. W.A. Mackintosh. Convocation Hall Item 13 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(01).0010 University of Toronto Press. Sidney Earle Smith by E.A. Corbett [book announcement] Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(07).0001 "Blud Hounds Needed!" [blood drive poster] Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(02).0003 University of Toronto Press. New Arrivals for Spring Reading Item Mar [1962?]
A2015-0028/004(03).0001 Institute for Aerospace Studies. [Advertisement for postgraduate programs] Item 1965-1966
A2015-0028/004(03).0004 University of Toronto Press. Publications of the Harry M. Cassidy Memorial Research Fund, School of Social Work, University of Toronto Item Ca. 1965
A2015-0028/004(04).0003 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Carr Hall, St. Michael's College. Item [11 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Moot Court. Faculty of Law. Item [13 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/005(08).0003 Efficient Reading Program [classes]. "Register today at the SAC Office" Item [1970?]
A2015-0028/001(01).0002 School of Graduate Studies. Physics Seminar "Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and the Onsager Reciprocal Relations", Prof. Sybren R. de Groot, University of Leiden, Netherlands Item 19 Oct 1961
A2015-0028/001(01).0005 School of Graduate Studies. Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Lecture. "La norme et la r Item 30 Nov 1961
A2015-0028/001(01).0008 Faculty of Medicine. The Walter W. Wright Lectureship in Ophthalmology. "Present Knowledge of the Etiology of Uveitis" by Michael J. Hogan, University of California Item 17 Nov 1961
A2015-0028/001(01).0011 The Harold Innis Lecture in Political Economy. "The Economics of Confederation" by Prof. E.E. Rich, St. Catharine's College Item 3 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0004 Royal Canadian Institute. Popular Science Lecture. "Rubber - A Caricature of Matter" by Donald G. Ivey Item 27 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0007 Royal Canadian Institute. Popular Science Lecture. "The Two Worlds of Science and of Art" by H. Northrop Frye [2 copies] Item 17 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0010 University College. Department of Classics. "Richard Bentley: A Commemorative Lecture" by Professor G.P. Goold Item 26 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0013 School of Graduate Studies. Department of Astronomy. Lectures by Professor Martin Schwarzschild, Princeton University. "Stellar Evolution" and "The Solar Granulation" Item Jan 1962
A2015-0028/001(02).0016 School of Graduate Studies. Department of Art and Archeology. "Luca Della Robbia" by John Pope-Hennessy, Victoria and Albert Museum Item 2 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/001(03).0002 U of T Philosophical Society. "Christian Philosophy and the Cold War" by Dr. Leslie Dewart, S.M.C. Item 31 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(03).0005 "Is the Canadian Press Responding to the Challenge of the Present World Crises" with Charles Tempelton, Toronto Star; Clarke Davey, Globe and Mail; Rev. S. Herron, St. Columba's; Fred Davis, Front Page Challenge Item 23 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(03).0008 VCF. Noon Hour Lecture Series. "The Fact of Christ" by Wilbur Sutherland [2 copies] Item Feb-Mar [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0005 Hart House. Library Committee. Library Evening. "The Concept of Massey College" by Ron Thorn, the Architect and Robertson Davies, Master Designate Item 24 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(05).0001 The President's Lecture Series. "Shakespeare and Music" with Arnold Edinborough, Louis Applebaum and Frederick W. Sternfeld Item July [1963?]
A2015-0028/001(06).0001 University College. Thursday Afternoon Lectures, with R.A. Greene, A.G. Falconer, R.F.G. Sweet, and T.A. Goudge Item Nov 1964
A2015-0028/001(07).0001 The Edgar Stone Lectureship in Drama. "The Nineteenth-Century Theatre: Theatre of Change" and "The Nineteenth-Century Theatre: Melodrama" by Dr. Michael booth, The Royal Military College of Canada Item Nov-Dec [1965?]
A2015-0028/001(07).0004 Department of History. The Annual Gray Lecture. "The Changing Position of English-Speaking Canadians in Quebec" by Michael Oliver, McGill University Item 2 Mar [1965?]
A2015-0028/001(07).0007 Royal Canadian Institute. Popular Science Lectures. "Astrophysics in the Laboratory" by Ralph W. Nicholls and "Planning New Universities" with A.C. Johnson Item [1965?]
A2015-0028/001(08).0001 The Marfleet Lecture. "Economic Policy: The Near Future in Light of the Recent Past" by Dr. J. Kenneth Galbraith, Harvard University Item 1 Apr [1966?]
A2015-0028/001(08).0004 Centre of Criminology. Public Lecture. "Crime in the World of 1990" by Prof. Leslie T. Wilkins, State University of New York at Albany Item 17 Dec [1969]
A2015-0028/001(09).0002 The Varsity Fund. University of Toronto Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. Open Lecture. "The Scientific Papers and Optics Research of Lord Rayleigh" by Dr. John Howard and "Problems of Objectivity in the Social Sciences" by Richard Rudner" Item Jan [1970]
A2015-0028/001(09).0008 Victoria College. Public Lectures. With Prof. E.A. Walker, Prof. Alexandra Johnston, Prof. D.V.Wade and Prof. C. Trinkaus [3 copies] Item Jan-Feb 1970
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