University of Toronto Poster Collection Inventory list

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A2015-0028/004(01).0006 University of Toronto. Fall Convocation Item 24 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(02).0006 Book Exchange advertisement, 119 St. George Street Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/004(02).0009 The RCAF [career opportunities poster] Item 16, 18 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/004(02).0012 Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto. Canadiana Treasures. Sigmund Samuel Canadiana Building Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(09).0002 Dorset Night '63. Annual Exhibition of drawings and sketches by the students of the School of Architecture Item 22-23 Nov 1963
A2015-0028/004(04).0006 Lord of the Dance [poem], printed for the friends of the University of Toronto Press Item Christmas 1969
A2015-0028/004(05).0001 Stop Spadina Save Our City Co-ordinating Committee. Tour of Artists' Studios (Dennis Cliff, Vera Frenkel, Martha and Tom Henrickson, John Hooper, Studio 567, Gershon Iskowitz, John MacGregor, Gordon Raynor, Dan Solomon) Item 18 Apr 1970
A2015-0028/004(05).0004 The Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario. A place to learn - Ontario 1980: "What will Ontario's student-citizen be studying in the decade 1980-1990? Item [1970?]
A2015-0028/005(08).0002 Faculty of Arts and Science. Annual Examinations [schedule] Item 1970
A2015-0028/005(08).0005 Vote. University of Toronto Governing Council Election Item 1972
A2015-0028/003(03).0003 University of Toronto. Organ Recitals, with Charles Peaker, Frank Iacino, Catherine Palmer. Convocation Hall Item Mar [1971]
A2015-0028/005(10).0002 Hart House Theatre, “Kiss Me, Kate” Item [1956?]
A2015-0028/003(05).0007 University College Literary and Athletic Society. Announcement. University College-Trinity College Classics Club. "The Julio-Claudians and Athens" by Prof. Homer A. Thompson, Princeton Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0003 Une Soir Item 10 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0006 United Nations Club. "Insight into Israel" with Folk stories and dances, talk by Dr. Urial Ofek Item 31 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0009 U of T communist Club. Communist Viewpoint (newsletter) vol. 3 no. 2. Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0011 Vic Debate. "We need a pub on campus' Alumni Hall Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0014 German Club. First Meeting for 1961-1962 Item 5 Oct 1961
A2015-0028/003(06).0017 U of T Biology Club. "Recent Findings in Virus Leukemia" Dr. A.A. Axelrod, Dept of Biophysics Item 9 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0006 West Indian Students' Association. Caribana 1962. A week of events Item 1962
A2015-0028/003(07).0009 Graduate Student Union. Weekly Activities Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0012 Student Christian Movement. Open House. "The New Faces of India" 2 movie films on India Item 23 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/005(05).0002 Film Show. "This is Nigeria" Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0005 Blue and White Society of the Students Administrative Council. Winter Carnival Item 2-4 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/003(08).0002 University College Literary and Athletic Society. Open Meeting. Item [1963?]
A2015-0028/003(10).0002 The Engineering Society. Cannonball. Hart House Item 28 Nov [1970]
A2015-0028/004(01).0009 University of Toronto Press. Recent books Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(01).0012 University of Toronto Press. [New books] The Sun is Axeman by D.G. Jones; Acis in Oxford and Other Poems by Robert Finch, Winter Sun by Margaret Avison Item Feb [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(02).0002 University of Toronto Religious Community. [list of] student societies and chaplaincies Item 1961-62
A2015-0028/004(02).0005 Engineering Open House Item 23 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/004(02).0008 Canadian University Students Overseas. [Advertisement for high school teaching jobs in Nigeria] [2 copies] Item 14 Wed 1962
A2015-0028/004(02).0011 Torontonensis: the all-campus yearbook Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/004(03).0003 Installation of Dr. O.M. Solandt as Chancellor of the university. Convocation Hall Item 18 Oct 1965
A2015-0028/004(04).0002 Commission on University Government. Public Hearings to Discuss the Statement of Issues Item [1965?]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Wilson Hall Common Room, New College Item [13 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 University of Toronto Library. Student seminars Item [1965?]
A2015-0028/005(08).0001 Operation Crossroads Africa. [Information about service overseas] Item Nov 1969
A2015-0028/004(05).0003 Stephen Leacock Centennial Humour Contest for students [open to all Canadian university and college students] [2 copies] Item 1970
A2015-0028/004(06).0002 Canadian People's United Front Against U.S. Imperialism. Demonstration and Conference to Establish Provisional Committee Item 1-8 May [1971]
A2015-0028/005(08).0004 "baba ram dass (formerly Richard Albert PhD), psychology professor Harvard University, Author: "The Psychedelic Experience and Timothy Leary" will share his experiences with you of Ashtanga Yoga gained on his trip to the Himalayas (1967-68) at Convocation Hall Item 25-26 Apr [1970?]
A2015-0028/001(01).0001 Student Christian Movement. Tuesday Lecture Series "Dialogue with Doubt" Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(01).0004 School of Graduate Studies. Department of Political Economy. Lecture. "Russia and Swedish Economic History" by Prof. Karl-Gustaf Hildebrand, University of Uppsala (Sweden) Item 9 Nov 1961
A2015-0028/001(01).0007 School of Graduate Studies. Department of Art and Archaeology. Lecture. "Aspects of Space-Time in Contemporary Art" by W.O. Judkins, McGill University Item 22 Nov 1961
A2015-0028/001(01).0010 Department of History. Public Lecture. "The Professor and the Profession: Some Comments on Higher Education in America" by President Thomas C. Mendenhall, Smith College Item 12 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(01).0016 University College Literary and Athletic Society. "The Classics - What? And Why" by Prof. G.M.A. Grube Item 19 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0003 Varsity Christian Fellowship Series. "The Life of God in Man" by Dr. W. Fitch Item 28 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0003 Royal Canadian Institute. Popular Science Lecture. "Astronomy from the Stratosphere" by Martin Schwarzschild, Princeton University" [2 copies] Item 20 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0006 Royal Canadian Institute. Popular Science Lecture. "The Wonderland of Metal Crystals" by W.C. Winegard University of Toronto Item 10 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0009 The Edgard Stone Lectureship in Drama. "Theatre and its Place in Canada" by Gratien G Item 16 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(02).0012 School of Graduate Studies. Faculty of Dentistry. "Some Observations on Bone Resorption and Formation in Vitro and in Vivo" by Dr. Paul Goldhaber, Harvard School of Dental Medicine Item 4 Jan 1962
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