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A2015-0028/005(10).0002 Hart House Theatre, “Kiss Me, Kate” Item [1956?]
A2015-0028/005(10).0001 Auditions, “Kiss Me, Kate” Hart House Theatre Item [1955?]
A2015-0028/005(09).0002 Dorset Night '63. Annual Exhibition of drawings and sketches by the students of the School of Architecture Item 22-23 Nov 1963
A2015-0028/005(08).0005 Vote. University of Toronto Governing Council Election Item 1972
A2015-0028/005(08).0004 "baba ram dass (formerly Richard Albert PhD), psychology professor Harvard University, Author: "The Psychedelic Experience and Timothy Leary" will share his experiences with you of Ashtanga Yoga gained on his trip to the Himalayas (1967-68) at Convocation Hall Item 25-26 Apr [1970?]
A2015-0028/005(08).0003 Efficient Reading Program [classes]. "Register today at the SAC Office" Item [1970?]
A2015-0028/005(08).0002 Faculty of Arts and Science. Annual Examinations [schedule] Item 1970
A2015-0028/005(08).0001 Operation Crossroads Africa. [Information about service overseas] Item Nov 1969
A2015-0028/005(07).0001 "Blud Hounds Needed!" [blood drive poster] Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(06).0003 Students' Administrative Council. [desk mat/calendar] Item 1969/1970
A2015-0028/005(06).0002 Students' Administrative Council. [desk mat/calendar] Item 1968/1969
A2015-0028/005(06).0001 Students' Administrative Council. "Dates to Remember" [desk mat/calendar] Item 1967/1968
A2015-0028/005(05).0006 The Irish Theatre Society presents "The Heart's a Wonder" Macmillan Theatre Item 12-20 Feb [1971]
A2015-0028/005(05).0005 Blue and White Society of the Students Administrative Council. Winter Carnival Item 2-4 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/005(05).0004 U of T International Students' Council. International Students' Festival. Ontario College of Education [2 copies] Item 9-10 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0003 African Students Association. Winter Dance. Trinity Buttery Item 17 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0002 Film Show. "This is Nigeria" Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0001 West Indian Students Association. Annual Show: Calypso Village Item 22-23 Feb [1963?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0001 United Nations Club. Friday Discussions on Goa, Kenya, Japan, Kerala, South Africa, Kashmir, Yugoslavia Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0005 F.R.O.S. [Friendly Relations with Overseas Students] New Year's Dance. U of T Newman Club Item 31 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0004 "Communist Club will hear Leslie Morris" Item 6 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0003 United Nations Club. Discussion on Katanga Item 6 Oc [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0002 Hart House. Fall dances Item 23, 30 Sept [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0001 Hart House Nominations Week Item 13-17 Feb [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0006 The Modern Drama Group. "The Dwarfs," "A Night Out," "Endgame" and "Act Without Words" University College Theatre Item Mar 12-28 [1971?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0005 University College. "Pop" [Festival?] Item 21-22 Jan [1965?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0004 Ontario College of Education. "Kiss Me Kate" Item Mar [1964?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0003 Trinity College Drama Society. "The Chinese Wall" Hart House Item Feb [1964?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0002 SAC presents The All Varsity Revue. "A Thurber Carnival" Hart House Theatre Item [1964?]
A2015-0028/005(03).0001 The Trinity College Dramatic Society. "The Knight of the Burning Pestle", Hart House Theatre Item Feb [1964?]
A2015-0028/005(02).0005 School of Nursing "The Living Room: a play in two acts". Women's Union Theatre Item 25-26 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(02).0004 The Stratford Shakespearean Festival, in association with the University of Toronto and the Canada council. "Two Programs of Shakespearean Comedy" Hart House Theatre Item 9-10 Mar [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(02).0003 Ontario College of Education. "Let's Make an Opera" Item 12-14 Apr [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(02).0002 The Arts Theatre presents workshop productions in " Item 28 Dec [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(02).0001 Music at Hart House. Wednesday Recitals and Sunday Evening Concerts Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0009 Royal Ontario Museum. "Second Conference on Underwater Archaeology" Item 15-17 Apr 1965
A2015-0028/005(01).0008 The University College Literary and Athletic Society. Lecture and Seminar Series. "Current 1965: A Continuing Inquiry into Man in the Modern Age: Directions of Development" Item Jan-Mar [1965]
A2015-0028/005(01).0007 Victoria College Debate. "Resolved: Henry Ford gave more to humanity than William Shakespeare" Item 23 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0006 Victoria College Debate. "Resolved: Quebec's Future Lies in Independence" [2 copies] Item 9 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0005 Hart House. Library Committee. Library Evening. "The Concept of Massey College" by Ron Thorn, the Architect and Robertson Davies, Master Designate Item 24 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0004 Hart House. Library Committee. Library Evening. "Theatre in Canada Today" by Leon Major, Resident Director at the Crest Theatre Item 17 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0003 Varsity Christian Fellowship Series. "The Life of God in Man" by Dr. W. Fitch Item 28 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0002 Hart House Library Committee. Library Evening. "The O'Leary Report on Canadian publications" by Blair Fraser Item 5 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(01).0001 Hart House Library Committee. Library Evening. "The Arts in Society" by John C. Parkin, architect, Sidney Smith Hall, Malton Airport Item 26 Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(06).0002 Canadian People's United Front Against U.S. Imperialism. Demonstration and Conference to Establish Provisional Committee Item 1-8 May [1971]
A2015-0028/004(06).0001 University of Toronto Safety office. "Accidents happen quickly. Be on the alert" Item Spring 1971
A2015-0028/004(05).0004 The Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario. A place to learn - Ontario 1980: "What will Ontario's student-citizen be studying in the decade 1980-1990? Item [1970?]
A2015-0028/004(05).0003 Stephen Leacock Centennial Humour Contest for students [open to all Canadian university and college students] [2 copies] Item 1970
A2015-0028/004(05).0002 Elections for the University-Wide Committee on the Top Governing Structure [information in "this week's issue of the University of Toronto Bulletin" Item [Spring 1970]
A2015-0028/004(05).0001 Stop Spadina Save Our City Co-ordinating Committee. Tour of Artists' Studios (Dennis Cliff, Vera Frenkel, Martha and Tom Henrickson, John Hooper, Studio 567, Gershon Iskowitz, John MacGregor, Gordon Raynor, Dan Solomon) Item 18 Apr 1970
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