University of Toronto Poster Collection Inventory list

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A2015-0028/002(02).0008 "6 days and a dream" Central Library Theatre Item Jan-Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(01).0015 "A positive alternative to Revelation with a programme of lectures and debates, service projects and group discussions, dances and weekends" Item 1961
A2015-0028/003(06).0015 "Arts-Rock: A Concession to Contemporary Musical Appreciation "Sir D. Wilson Auditorium Item 17 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(07).0001 "Blud Hounds Needed!" [blood drive poster] Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(04).0004 "Communist Club will hear Leslie Morris" Item 6 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(04).0007 "Dr. Alfred Aiken, lecturer, author and playwright of New York will lecture and conduct a series of forums on The Philosophy of Reality", Westbury Hotel [not U of T?] Item Jan-Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(01).0010 "Gammer Gurton's Needle" Brennen Hall, St. Michael's College [2 copies] Item 10-12 Dec 1969
A2015-0028/003(06).0016 "Hear Leslie Morris, National Executive Member, Communist Part of Canada" UC building [2 copies] Item 6 Dec [1961?]
A2015-0028/003(05).0006 "If you are not yet in sane; Dr. Jerome Davis, Sane U.S.A.' UC Item 6 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/001(03).0005 "Is the Canadian Press Responding to the Challenge of the Present World Crises" with Charles Tempelton, Toronto Star; Clarke Davey, Globe and Mail; Rev. S. Herron, St. Columba's; Fred Davis, Front Page Challenge Item 23 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/002(03).0010 "Join the Blue and White Band" First Rehearsals [2 copies] Item 20-21 Sept [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0010 "Prevent Anarchy in CUCND Elections!" Item 19 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(02).0015 "Smock Alley: or the Fortunes of an Eighteenth Century Irish Theatre Society. Theater". Central Library Theater Item 6-10 Feb [1970]
A2015-0028/003(01).0006 "The Sisters of Mercy" New Academic Building. Theatre at Vic. Item 6-8 Feb [1969]
A2015-0028/003(03).0005 "The Theatre of Confrontation welcomes you with elation warm horning from the horn of ed chameleon, anonymous universal poet of nature; meet with an elf and a fairy in a celebration light and airy funness in oneness, wow in the "now"; music-poetry-harmony and all of us. Hart House Music Room. Item 26 Nov 1971
A2015-0028/005(08).0004 "baba ram dass (formerly Richard Albert PhD), psychology professor Harvard University, Author: "The Psychedelic Experience and Timothy Leary" will share his experiences with you of Ashtanga Yoga gained on his trip to the Himalayas (1967-68) at Convocation Hall Item 25-26 Apr [1970?]
A2015-0028/003(01).0009 "the Life and Hard Times of Robert Wiggins" University College Junior Common Room [3 copies] Item 15-20 Dec [1969]
A2015-0028/002(03).0009 A New Concert Band in the University of Toronto. Rehearsals and auditions Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/001(09).0009 Academic Activities Committee. Symposium on Social Responsibility and Social Science. Item 13 Feb [1970]
A2015-0028/005(05).0003 African Students Association. Winter Dance. Trinity Buttery Item 17 Feb [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(05).0005 African Students of Ontario. Tanganyika Independence Celebration and Dance Item 9 Sat 1961
A2015-0028/001(09).0004 Alumnae Symposium "Indians: Retrospect and Prospect" Item 21 Feb 1970
A2015-0028/004(01).0002 Annual Tuberculosis Survey. Free chest x-ray for all students and staff Item Oct [1961?]
A2015-0028/005(10).0001 Auditions, “Kiss Me, Kate” Hart House Theatre Item [1955?]
A2015-0028/005(05).0005 Blue and White Society of the Students Administrative Council. Winter Carnival Item 2-4 Feb 1962
A2015-0028/004(02).0006 Book Exchange advertisement, 119 St. George Street Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/002(01).0006 CBC Celebrity Series, Great Hall of Hart House. Gerard Souzay, Baritone Item 18 Oct 1961
A2015-0028/002(04).0004 CBC concert [not U of T] Item 31 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/002(04).0003 CBC. A Special Stravinsky Concert. "The Firebird Suite" with the CBC Symphony Orchestra and "A Symphony of Psalms" with the Festival Singers of Toronto [not U of T] Item 21 Jan [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(07).0001 CUCND co-sponsors The Annual Easter Walk. Convocation Hall to City Hall Item 21 Apr [1962]
A2015-0028/004(04).0003 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Carr Hall, St. Michael's College. Item [11 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Galbraith Building Council Chamber Item [10 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0004 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Medical Sciences Building Item [12 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Moot Court. Faculty of Law. Item [13 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/004(04).0005 CUG [Commission on University Government]. Open Hearing. Wilson Hall Common Room, New College Item [13 Mar 1969]
A2015-0028/003(06).0002 Campus Club. "Religious Contrast - Russia, Sweden, Poland" by Gary Ashby, IV Meds, U of T Rep. at W.U.S. Seminar Sweden Item [1961?]
A2015-0028/004(06).0002 Canadian People's United Front Against U.S. Imperialism. Demonstration and Conference to Establish Provisional Committee Item 1-8 May [1971]
A2015-0028/004(02).0008 Canadian University Students Overseas. [Advertisement for high school teaching jobs in Nigeria] [2 copies] Item 14 Wed 1962
A2015-0028/002(03).0001 Carillon Recitals, with Leland Richardson, University Carillonneur Item [1962?]
A2015-0028/002(07).0002 Carillon Recitals. Leland Richardson, University Carillonneur Item [1965?]
A2015-0028/001(07).0003 Centre for Industrial Relations. Public Address. "Industrial Relations in the Next Decade: Challenges and Responses" by Mr. David A. Morse, Director-General of the International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland Item 13 Oct 1965
A2015-0028/001(08).0004 Centre of Criminology. Public Lecture. "Crime in the World of 1990" by Prof. Leslie T. Wilkins, State University of New York at Albany Item 17 Dec [1969]
A2015-0028/001(10).0009 Centre of Criminology. Public Lecture. "Delinquents and Normals: Is There a Difference?" by D.J. West, University of Cambridge Item 6 Jan 1971
A2015-0028/002(04).0001 Charlotte de Neve, Carbut Roberts and Company. "From Ancient Roots": ancient and modern dances from many lands Item 7-8 May [1962?]
A2015-0028/003(06).0018 Club 44. Phlaluna Party. Item 17 Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/002(01).0010 Coach House Theatre. Moderns Item Oct-Nov [1961?]
A2015-0028/002(06).0005 Coach House. "Doctors of Philosophy" Item Nov-Dec [1964?]
A2015-0028/004(04).0002 Commission on University Government. Public Hearings to Discuss the Statement of Issues Item [1965?]
A2015-0028/003(01).0008 Daffydil '70. Hart House Theatre Item 9-13 Dec [1969]
A2015-0028/003(01).0002 Daffydill. Hart House theatre [2 copies] Item 9-13 Dec [1969]
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