Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Bob Revue fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
2012.17V-TR-1 "Bob Goes To Hell" drafts, notes, schedules and other material File 1997
2012.17V-TR-2 "Bob Goes to Hell" script File 1997
1991.133V-1-18 "Bonaparte's Retreat" scripts File 1963
1991.133V-1-2 Articles, reviews, journal File 1895-1953
1999.146V-TR-1 Bob script File 1954
1999.146V-TR-2 Bob script and song sheet File 1956
1991.133V-1-4 Bob songs File [ca.1894] - [ca.1947]
1991.133V-1-5 Correspondence File 1894
1991.133V-1-7 Correspondence, reports, questionnaires File 1951
2006.115V-AV3-2 LP recording, "Vic Bob '63 presents 'Bonaparte's Retreat'" File 1963
2006.115V-AV3-1 LP recording, "Vic College Bob Revue '62 presents 'Stillwater'" File 1962
1991.133V-1-1 Minutes File 1914
1991.133V-2-4 Miscellaneous records File n.d.
1987.038V-TR Notebook of scripts, drawings and notes re: "Bob" from Paul A.W. Wallace File 1912
1991.133V-1-6 Petition in opposition to the Bob File 1900
1999.146V-AV-1 Reel to reel audiotape of Bob Revue 1954 File 1954
1991.133V-1-11 Script File 1931, 1932
1991.133V-1-13 Script File 1959
1991.133V-1-15 Script File 1961
1991.133V-2-1 Script File 1975
1991.133V-1-8 Script File 1912
1991.133V-1-17 Script File 1963
1991.133V-1-12 Script File 1937, 1938
1991.133V-1-14 Script File 1960
1991.133V-1-16 Script File 1962
1991.133V-2-2 Script File 1977
1991.133V-2-3 Script (various) File n.d.
1991.133V-1-10 Script and notes File ca. 1913-1915
1991.133V-1-9 Script and notes File ca. 1913-1915
1996.078V-TR Scripts and songsheets File [1956-1960]
1991.133V-1-3 Subpoena File 1905