A. Norman Shaw fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1966-0003/001(04) Program for the annual meeting, Toronto, December 28-30, 1921 File 1921
B1966-0003/001(10) Daily Timetable File n.d.
B1966-0003/001(14) Journal of Scientific Transactions. 2 copies File n.d.
4 University of Toronto Series 1921-1939
B1966-0003/001(03) Program of the 74th meeting File [1921?]
B1966-0003/001(05) Program for the 115th regular meeting, April 21 & 22, 1922 File 1922
B1966-0003/001(15) Press clippings re: Meeting from Montreal Star File 1924
B1966-0003/001(20) Faculty of Arts. Examination. Applied Mathematics. 3rd year honours, 3a: I & II; 4th year honours, 4c File 1934
B1966-0003/P Canada. Department of Transport. Air Service, Meteorological Division. Letter from J. Patterson, Controller of the Meteorological Division to Dr. A. Norman Shaw, enclosing photographs of the Observatory Building at the U. of T. File 27 Aug 1938
1 American Association for the Advancement of Science. Toronto Meeting, 1921 Series 1921
B1966-0003/001(01) Preliminary Announcement of the 74th Meeting: December 27-31, 1921 File 1921
B1966-0003/001(02) A Booklet of General Information specially announcing the second Toronto meeting, December 27-31, 1921 File 1921
2 American Physical Society Series 1921-1922
B1966-0003/001(06) Objects & Work, Conditions and Privileges of Membership, File Dec 1923
B1966-0003/001(09) Local Programme File n.d.
B1966-0003/001(11) Inaugural Meeting. August 6, 1924. Order of Procedure File 1924
B1966-0003/001(12) Invitations to receptions, tours File n.d.
B1966-0003/001(16) Department of Physics. Programmes of special lectures to be given on the occasion of the visit of Professor Niels Bohr, February 8-10, 1937 File 1937
B1966-0003/001(18) Faculty of Arts. Examination. Practical Physics, 1st year honours File Jan 1921
B1966-0003/001(19) Faculty of Arts. Syllabus of Undergraduate lecture courses in Applied Mathematics. File 1 Jan 1935
3 British Association for the Advancement of Science. Toronto Meeting, 1924 Series 1923-1924
B1966-0003/001(07) Toronto Meeting, 1924. Members attending from Europe File 1924
B1966-0003/001(08) Toronto Meeting, August 6 to August 13, 1924: Preliminary Programme, Terms of Membership File 1924
B1966-0003/001(13) Scientific Exhibition. August 6-16, including the sessions of the International mathematical Congress, August 11-16. Programme File n.d.
B1966-0003/001(17) Department of Physics, Conference on Recent Advances in Physics. January 2-26, 1921. File 1921
B1966-0003/001(21) Office of the Superintendant. Plan of grounds, U of T. File Oct 1934
B1966-0003/001(22) School of Graduate Studies. Programme for final oral examination for the Ph.D.: Chien-Kuo Cheng, Harold Elford Johns, John Davie Leitch File 1939
5 Photographs Series 27 Aug 1938