Academic and professional activities, post-1971 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1993-0015/003(19) Correspondence, Robert French File 1991
B1993-0015/003(21) Lang, Daniel Wallace. "Claude Bissell's University: `an act of faith, a perpetual experiment, a search for the ideal'" File n.d.
B1993-0015/004(02) Press coverage of events, University of Toronto File 1972-1979
B1993-0015/004(05) University of Toronto. Claude T. Bissell Visiting Professor of Canadian-American Relations. John W. Holmes (1981) File 1981-
B1993-0015/004(08) University of Toronto. Task Force on Canadian Studies and the University of Toronto. Draft report, 1977 File 1977
B1993-0015/004(11) Guest lectureships File 1971-1991
B1993-0015/004(14) McDougall, Robert. "A Place in the Sun"[autobiographical reminiscence], typescript File 198-
B1993-0015/003(12) Correspondence File 1986
B1993-0015/003(15) Correspondence File 1989
B1993-0015/003(18) Correspondence File 1992
B1993-0015/003(20) Correspondence, articles, notes, reports, and press coverage relating to the discussion between Claude Bissell and Murray Ross about the new University of Toronto Act, 1971 File 1971-1975
B1993-0015/004(01) Press coverage of Dr. Bissell's activities after his retirement from the Presidency File 1972-1977
B1993-0015/004(04) Tributes: Barker Fairley File 1986
B1993-0015/003(11) Correspondence File 1972-1985
B1993-0015/003(14) Correspondence File 1988
B1993-0015/003(17) Correspondence File 1991
B1993-0015/004(07) University of Toronto. Sesquicentennial [Bissell chaired a committee that dealt with arrangements in the Humanities]. Notes, addresses, notices, press coverage File 1977
B1993-0015/004(10) Commonwealth Fellow, Leeds University. Notes, reports by Dr. Bissell File 1973
B1993-0015/004(13) Royal Society of Canada. Annual meeting, 30 May - 2 June, 1982. Correspondence, notes, programme re session on universities File 1982
B1993-0015/003(10) Lists of activities File 1977-
B1993-0015/003(13) Correspondence File 1987
B1993-0015/003(16) Correspondence File 1990
B1993-0015/003(22) Rasky, Harry. "The wit and the wisdom of George Bernard Shaw", Script for CBC Radio production, with covering correspondence[Bissell served as consultant] File 1971
B1993-0015/004(03) Programmes for tributes to colleagues and funeral services File 1974-1993
B1993-0015/004(06) University of Toronto. Department of English. Supervision of PhD theses File 1950, 1974-1982
B1993-0015/004(09) University of Toronto. Naming of Library Science Building in honour of Claude Bissell. Notes, program File 1984
B1993-0015/004(12) Colloquium on British-Canadian Relations (1979 : Leeds). Correspondence, program, notes File 1979
B1993-0015/004(15) Tour of universities in New Zealand, 1984. Correspondence, notes, programs, press coverage File 1983-1984