Alan T. Davies fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1998.087V-1-3 Letters to the editor File n.d.
2017.23V-1-3 Address, "Judaism and Christianity: A Creative Tension." File [198?]
2017.17V-1-5 Published articles (offprints) File 1997-1999
2017.17V-1-9 Address, "Christian Thought after the Holocaust (Adath Israel)" File [198-]
2017.17V-1-11 Correspondence, various File 1969-1999
2017.17V-1-13 Reviews of Alan Davies work File 1966
1998.087V-1-7 Addresses / lectures File 1994-1998
1998.087V-1-10 Reviews of books by A. Davies and related correspondence File 1969-2000
1998.087V-1-11 Curriculum Vitae File 1998
2017.17V-1-8 Lecture, "Christianity and Other Faiths." File [198-]
2017.17V-1-12 Letter to the editor "No pressure applied to keep Frye's course" File 1991
1998.087V-1-2 Correspondence re Jewish-Christian issues File 1970-1977
1998.087V-1-6 Book reviews File 1975-1997
1998.087V-1-8 Sermons File 1996
1998.087V-1-9 Announcements of addresses / lectures File 1992-1998
2017.23V-1-4 Essay, "A Historical Perspective on the Malcolm Ross Affair." File 1990
2017.17V-1-6 Address delivered at Penn State University, "Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Gods of the Nations." File 1999 November
2020.03V1 TR Curriculum Vitae File 2020
1998.087V-1-1 Correspodence (Various) File 1970-1990
1998.087V-1-4 Published articles File 1980
1998.087V-1-5 Article "Racism and German Protestant Theology: A Prelude to the Holocaust" in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Reflections on the Holocaust, Berkeley: University of California Press, July 1980 File 1980
2017.23V-1-1 Sermon, "And with one voice the people cried, 'His blood be on us, and on our children." - Preached in St. Matthew's United Church, Calgary File 1994
2017.23V-1-2 Address on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, "Kristallnacht: A Night to Remember" File [198-]
2017.17V-1-7 Class lecture [re theological and social re-examination of Christian attitudes towards Jews after WWII] File [200-]
2017.17V-1-10 Sermon: Beth Tzedec Synagogue, Calgary File 1994