Alan Thomas fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Series 1994-2009
B2012-0007/001(02) CAPLA Workshop and AGM Material, consists of conference package material and notes by Thomas File 2005
B2012-0007/001(08) Portfolio Curriculum Vitae, consists of biographical information, reports, and resumes of Thomas File 2005
B2012-0007/001(11) Developing benchmarks for prior learning assessment and recognition - reports and guidelines File 2000
B2012-0007/002(03) Dimensions of the experience of prior learning assessment & recognition by Alan Thomas, Monica Collins, and Lynette Plett File 2001
B2012-0007/002(06) Recognizing the prior learning (RPL) of immigrants to Canada: moving towards consistency and excellence File June 2006
B2012-0007/003(01) Routes to learning Canada: tapestry of Cuba's architectural heritage by Alan Thomas, consists of notes, conference reports and material collected by Thomas during a trip to Cuba File 2006
B2012-0007/003(04) Routes to Learning Canada: board of directors' meeting (Toronto, ON) File 21-22 Nov. 2002
3 Papers, reports, articles Series 1954-2001
B2012-0007/004(01) The Utilization of prior learning assessment as a basis for admission and the establishment of advanced standing in education in Canada by Alan Thomas File 1989
B2012-0007/004(04) Summer Institute No.2 1993 Land by Alan Thomas and Gwen Van Shaik [2 copies] File 1 June-21 Oct. 1993
B2012-0007/004(07) Government and Adult Learning: a paper in honour of the fiftieth anniversary of the Canadian Association for Adult Education by Alan M. Thomas File 1984
B2012-0007/005(01) Introduction to PLA "values" statements by Alan Thomas File 30 April 1999
B2012-0007/005(14):0001 Convergences by Alan Thomas [2 copies] Item After 1968[?]
B2012-0007/005(14):0004 Higher education as the producer, transmitter, and broker of knowledge as well as of Competence by Attilio Monasta Item 1997
B2012-0007/005(14):0007 Book review by Peter Jonker of Alan Thomas' "Beyond Education: a new perspective on society's management of learning" Item N.D.
B2012-0007/005(04) The light and the dark: an idiosyncratic review of academic adult education in Canada by Alan M. Thomas File 1991
B2012-0007/005(07) Introduction by Alan Thomas[?] consists of introduction to unknown text File 200?
B2012-0007/005(10) It takes two to tango: defining the century as a discourse between learning and education by Alan Thomas [2 copies] File 1999
B2012-0007/005(13) Learning and acting: notes for a speech to the annual meeting of the Ontario Association for Continuing Education (Toronto 1984) by Alan M. Thomas File 1984
B2012-0007/006(03) Learning Itself by Alan Thomas File 4 May 2000
B2012-0007/006(06) Labour Canada's Labour Education Program: second evaluation years three and four (1979-80 & 1980-81) by Alan M. Thomas, David Abbey, and Dorothy MacKeracher File 15 Jan. 1982
B2012-0007/006(09) Audience market public: an evaluation of Canadian broadcasting by Alan Thomas consists of article and photograph of Thomas [1 photograph, b&w, 20 x 24.5 cm] File April 1960
B2012-0007/006(15) Report on relationship between higher education and police learning requirements by Doug Hart, Joyce Scane, Barbara Burnaby, and Alan Thomas File 23 July 1992
B2012-0007/007(01) New reflection on a learning society: a response to the report: Continuing Education: the third system published by the Ministry of Education Government of Ontario Toronto, 1981, by Alan M. Thomas, Diana J. Ironside, Davis S. Abbey, James A. Draper, Donal H. Brundage, Ann W. Falles, and J. Roby Kidd File 1981
B2012-0007/007(04) Skill development leave in selected industrial societies: 1970-1980 by Alan M. Thomas File 1983
B2012-0007/007(07) Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) EDU 5583HS File 2003
B2012-0007/007(10) Butson, consists of correspondence, proposals and thesis drafts by Russell Butson File 2002
B2012-0007/007(13) Students, consists of newspaper clippings, draft articles, and notes regarding student, teen culture, and education File N.D.
B2012-0007/008(02) Papers File 1950-1959
B2012-0007/013(05) Correspondence, consists of correspondence from colleagues, scholars, committee and board members as well as publisher contracts and financial records File 1961-2005
B2012-0007/013(07) Katherine [Thawas?] Correspondence, consists of correspondence from Kathy [Thawas?] and others [brittle papers] File 1951-1955
B2012-0007/014(02) Awards and Honours, consists of pamphlets, certificates and other material from the Mechanic's Institute, the Carold Institute, the CAAE [Canadian Association for Adult Learning], PLAR, the Government of Ontario, the Prime Minister, CAUCE [Canadian Association for University Continuing Education], and the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education File 1970-2003
B2012-0007/014(05) TASA, consists of Board of Directors reports, budget documents, meeting minutes and correspondence regarding the Toronto Adult School Association File 1999-2004
B2012-0007/014(08) VA - Carold, consists of reports, financial receipts, and guides from the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and the Carold Institute File 1990-2005
B2012-0007/015(02) Letter and report regarding Institute of Adult Education, University College, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania File 1968, 1984
B2012-0007/015(05) WALL/NALL, consists of reports, newspaper clippings and correspondence regarding NALL [the research network for New Approaches to Lifelong Learning] including an address Thomas delivered at the Third Annual Conference [Toronto, 19 Feb. 1999] titled "Wrestling with the Iceberg of Informal Learning" File 1986-2003
B2012-0007/016(01) Thai Canadian HRD Project, Bangkok, Thailand File 24-26 Feb. 1998
B2012-0007/016(04) Learning Occasions Principia Mathematica V by Alan Thomas File After 1982
10 Manuscript drafts for Beyond Education and other publications Series 1974-2006
B2012-0007/016(07) Beyond Education: intermediate version, p. 215-304 [ annotated with post-it notes] File N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0003 A Summary and Critique of Various Reports on Post-Secondary Education in Canada, 1969 - 1973 by Alan Thomas Item After 1973[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0006 Cat let out of the bag by Alan Thomas Item 1981
B2012-0007/017(03):0008 Education: Reformation and Renewal in the "80s"? by Alan Thomas Item March 1981
B2012-0007/017(03):0011 Education and Working Canadians - Revised: A paper to the Orientatio Conference for the National Educational Leave Study, 14-15 October 1982 (Ottawa, Ontario ), Alan M. Thomas Item 14-15 Oct. 1982
B2012-0007/017(03):0014 I Learn, Therefore I Am : Notes for a Presentation to NEWTHINK '84: A Mega Conference On the Education of Adults, Vancouver, B.C., May 24, 1984, Alan M. Thomas. Item 24 May 1984
B2012-0007/017(03):0017 Lifelong Learning: An Appreciation by Alan M. Thomas Item 1987
B2012-0007/018(02) Articles regarding adult education by Kidd, Selman and Hall, consists of articles and newspaper clippings by Kidd, Selman, Hall and others regarding adult education, including Selman's paper "Alan Thomas and the Canadian Association for Adult Learning, 1961 - 1970" File 1976-1996
B2012-0007/018(05) The Real World of Women, A CBC Public Affairs Conference File N.D.
B2012-0007/018(08) Television Program Production by O'Meara File 1955
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