Chemical files Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0006/059(08) Aluminum File 1988-1990
B2015-0006/059(09) Arsenic File 1970
B2015-0006/059(10) Asbestos File 1982-1995
B2015-0006/059(11) Benzene File 1991
B2015-0006/060(01) Cancer: Historical File 1938-1950
B2015-0006/060(01) Insecticides File n.d.
B2015-0006/060(10) Lead File 1988-1992
B2015-0006/061(02) ACGIH Man-Made Mineral Fibres File 1987-1996
B2015-0006/061(03) MMT in Gasoline File 1992
B2015-0006/061(06) Metals Part 2 of 2 File 1986-1988
B2015-0006/061(10) ACGIH TLV Methyl Hydrazine File 1987-1989
B2015-0006/061(15) ACGIH TLV Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether File 1992
B2015-0006/062(01) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity File 1991
B2015-0006/062(01) Pesticides File 1950-1990
B2015-0006/062(01) Silica File 1978-1993
B2015-0006/060(01) Cobalt File n.d.
B2015-0006/061(01) Manganese File 1991-1995
B2015-0006/061(04) Mercury File 1991-1992
B2015-0006/061(05) Metals Part 1 of 2 File 1987-1988
B2015-0006/061(09) Methylamine File 1991
B2015-0006/061(11) ACGIH TLV Methyl Iodide File 1986-1990
B2015-0006/062(01) Radon File 1988-1996
B2015-0006/062(01) Silica fume File 1990-1991
B2015-0006/062(11) Welding File 1960-1982
B2015-0006/060(01) Beryllium File 1997
B2015-0006/060(01) Coal Gas File 1992
B2015-0006/060(01) Cyanide File 1964, 1983
B2015-0006/060(01) Gasoline Lead File 1985
B2015-0006/060(01) Lead File 1986-1991
B2015-0006/060(11) Lead: Ethyl Corp. File 1981-1992
B2015-0006/060(13) Legionnaire's Disease File 1986
B2015-0006/061(07) Methane File 1991
B2015-0006/061(08) ACGIH TLV Methoxyethanol File n.d.
B2015-0006/061(12) Methyl Parathion File 1986-1990
B2015-0006/061(14) Methylene Chloride File 1986-1992
B2015-0006/062(01) ACGIH TLV PBNA File 1983-1988
B2015-0006/062(01) Silica File 1988-1992
B2015-0006/062(10) Talc File 1987
B2015-0006/060(01) Diesel Fuel File 1952-1993
B2015-0006/060(12) Lead: Occupational Health Aspects File 1968-1983
B2015-0006/061(13) Methylene Bisphenyl Isocyanate File 1990
B2015-0006/062(01) Mineral Fibres File 1981-1995
B2015-0006/062(01) Mining File ca. 1986-1988