Claude Bissell fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1984-0036/005 General correspondence File 1937-1959
B1984-0036/007 General correspondence File 1964-1967
B1984-0036/009 General correspondence File 1971-Mar 1972
B1984-0036/014(04) Ghana lectures, 2-5 File n.d.
B1984-0036/014(06)-(07) Literary manuscripts File n.d.
B1984-0036/028 Postcards, greeting cards, photographs File
B1986-0011/002(02)-(06) Correspondence File 1957-1962
B1986-0011/003(02) Annual Report File 1961
B1986-0011/003(04) Canada Council Medal File n.d.
B1986-0011/003(02) Orchestra policy File n.d.
B1986-0011/003(04) Special applications File n.d.
1 Education: University of Toronto Series 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(02) English literature: "English Middle Class Literary Taste During the First Quarter of the 19th Century" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(05) English literature: "The Comedy of Ben Jonson" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(08) English literature: Untitled re. Sidney's "Defense of Poesy" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(17) English literature: "Some Aspects of the Pusent Social Situation - Education" File 1932[?]
B1987-0038-001(20) History: "The Revolutions of 1830 and 1848" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(23) History: "The Peloponnesian War" File 1932[?]
B1987-0038-001(26) History: "Solon" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(29) History: "Criticism of G. Smith's The Empire" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038-001(32) History: "Laurier and Imperial Policy" File 1932-1936
B1987-0038/001(35) English Literature: "Primitivism and Progressivism in Shelley" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(38) English Literature: "Satiric Methods in Modern Prose" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(50) English Literature: "Roilear and the 'Reality' of Poetry" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(53) English Literature: "Addison's Critical Powers as Revealed in the Spectator Papers on Paradise Lost" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(56) English Literature: "Vida and Verse Technique" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(59) English Literature: "Critical Approaches to the Tempest" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(62) English Literature: "Emerson and Calvinism" File 1936-1940
B1987-0038/001(65) Philosophy: "The Agnostic Position and Religious Thought" File 1937-1940
B1987-0038/001(68) Philosophy: "The Agnostic Position and Religious Thought" File 1937-1940
3 Professional activities Series 1957-1975
B1989-0031/001(03) Southam Fellowships for U of T, 1976-1977 File 1976-1977
B1989-0031/001(08)-(16) General correspondence File 1971-1983
B1989-0031/004(01) Student movement in the 1960s, University of Toronto press clippings File 1968-1973
B1989-0031/005(03) CUG documents File 1969
B1989-0031/005(06) U of T Act 1971 File 1971
B1989-0031/005(09) CUG comment File 1968-1969
B1989-0031/005(12) CUG correspondence and comments File 1968-1970
B1989-0031/005(15) CUG press clippings File 1968-1971
B1989-0031/005(18)-(19) CUG meeting minutes File 1968-1969
B1989-0031/007(01) Correspondence with Chairmen of the Board of Governors; material on Eric Phillips File 1958-1968
B1989-0031/007(07) Research library File 1964
B1989-0031/007(10) Research library File 1966-1967
B1989-0031/007(13) Research library File 1969-1971
B1989-0031/007(17)-(20) Doctoral theses File 1975-1983
2 Other personal files Series 1954-1985
B1989-0031/008(04) Marshall McLuhan correspondence and MS File 1960-1976
B1989-0031/008(07) Correspondence and material on the University of Toronto Quarterly File 1972-1976
B1989-0031/008(10) Judge for Macdonald Prize in history File 1977-1979
B1989-0031/008(13) Canada Council correspondence File 1970s
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