Collected artwork Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
E100 Charcoal drawing of Henri Nouwen Item [before 1996]
E104 Print of an unidentified church Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E110 Ink drawing of Noah's Ark Item 1991
E111 Photograph of Mary and Jesus Wall Ornament Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E113 Watercolor painting of a tree in autumn Item 1981
E114 Bearers of the Burden Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E153 South American tapestry Item [before 1996]
E105 Print of "sunflowers" Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E107 Pencil drawing of Jesus Item October 1979
E112 Photograph of the Madonna Item December 1990
E116 Sculpture of Virgin Mary with Jesus Item [before 1996]
E101 Ink drawing of Henri Nouwen Item [before 1996]
E102 Jerusalem, old city wall, Damascus Gate Item [1978]
E103 Print of Rembrandt van Rijn's "Self Portrait" Item [before 1986]
E106 Sundance Item November 1987
E108, E109 Daniel and Ezekiel prints Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E115 Mary Magdalene announces the Resurrection to the Apostles Item [1997?]
E117 Sculpture of traveller Item [before 1996]