David M. Nowlan fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Professional correspondence Series 1964-1998
B1998-0041/011(01) "A Note on the Shape of the Product Transformation Curve Derived from General Cobb-Douglas Production Functions" File 1963
B1998-0041/011(06) "Instrumental Value in Urban Reform" File 1973
B1998-0041/011(12) “Optimal Pricing of Urban Trips with Budget Restrictions and Distributional Concerns,” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, vol XXVII, No 3, September 1993 File 1993
B1998-0041/011(13) “Taxes, Politics and Urban Reform: Reflecting On Fundamentals” The Intensification Report, Canadian Urban Institute, 1994 File 1994
B1998-0041/011(02) "Tanzanian Socialism", Canadian Forum, Vol. 47 (June 1967) File 1967
B1998-0041/011(04) “A Robinsonian Growth Model”, Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol. I, No. 3, August 1968. File 1968
B1998-0041/011(05) “The Economics Component of Canadian Federalism” in A.J. Robinson and J. Cutt (eds.) Public Finance in Canada: Selected Readings, (Toronto: Methuen, 1968). File 1968
B1998-0041/011(07) "Consumption Externalities Viewed as Congestion Costs" File 1974
B1998-0041/011(09) “A Taxing Lesson for Education,” Globe and Mail File 1989
B1998-0041/011(03) “On Wage Price Guidelines”, Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol I, No. 3 August 1968. File 1968
B1998-0041/011(10) "Changing Perspectives on Municipal Taxation" File 1990
2 University of Toronto administration Series 1968-1995
3 Consulting Series 1979-1995
4 Publications Series 1963-1997
B1998-0041/011(08) “The Liberated City” for Habitat File 1976
B1998-0041/011(11) “The Effect of Downtown Population Growth on and Commuting Trips: Recent Experience in Toronto,” Journal of the American Planning Association, Vol. 57, No.2, Spring 1991. File 1991
B1998-0041/011(14) “Jane Jacobs Among the Economists” in Max Allen ed. Ideas that Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs, Ginger Press, 1997 File 1997
5 Addresses and conferences Series 1964-1991