David Mackness Hayne fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1985-0004/001(06) Principal File 1978-1980
B1985-0004/001(07) Student File 1964
B1985-0004/001(15) French, Department of 1979-81 [duty roster, memos, letters] File 1979-1981
B1985-0004/002(03) French (University) File
B1985-0004/003(01) French, Department of (Graduate) 1965-1975 [thesis subjects, letters, minutes] File 1965-1975
B1985-0004/004(01) Course notes: Latin and Greek Historical Gramma, Prof. N. DeWitt, Victoria College, 1940-41 File 1940-191
B1985-0004/004(06) Course notes: French, miscellaneous File ca. 1939-1942
B1985-0004/005(02) French, Department of (Graduate) [PhD examinations, research interests, course offerings, minutes, memos] File 1976-1983
B1985-0004/005(11) Convocations File 1970-1980
B1985-0004/005(15) Drama, Graduate Centre for Studying of File 1981-1984
B1985-0004/005(17) Erindale College [appointment in French, search committee] File
B1985-0004/006(02) University College: Programme Committee Review [review committee of the Canadian studies programme at UC] File 1978-1979, 1982
B1985-0004/006(06) University of Toronto Press File 1966-1970
B1985-0004/007(03) Victoria College [programmes, letters, cross appointments, courses] File 1976-1977, 1983-1984
B1985-0004/007(05) Woodsworth College File 1977
B1985-0004/008(06) Archives Publiques du Canada File 1975
B1985-0004/008(08) ACUTF/APFUC [association of Canadian university teachers of French] File 1958, 1965-71, 1984
B1985-0004/008(15) CACI Canadian Academic Centre in Italy File 1979
B1985-0004/008(21) Canadian Studies, commission on File 1972
B1985-0004/009(09) F.I.L.L.M. [F File 1963-1981
B1985-0004/009(18) O.I.S.E. (The Ontario Institute For Studies in Education) File 1968-1970
B1985-0004/009(19) O.M.L.T.A. (Ontario Modern Language Teachers File 1974-1975
B1985-0004/009(20) M.L.A. File 1957-1967
B1985-0004/009(21) Montr File 1975-1976
B1985-0004/009(23) Qu File 1981-1982
B1985-0004/009(27) University of British Columbia File 1970-1983
B1985-0004/009(29) Appraisal File File 1983-1986
B1985-0004/009(31) Dalhousie University File 1979-1983
B1985-0004/009(37) Universit File 1973-1985
B1985-0004/010(06) University of New England, Armidale, N.S.W. Australia File 1977
B1985-0004/010(11) University of Sydney N.S.W., Australia File 1977
B1985-0004/010(12) Trent University File 1965-1971
B1985-0004/010(14) Vermont, University of File 1979-1981
B1985-0004/011(03) World University Service File 1976
B1985-0004/011(09) Curriculum Institute (Joint committee of the toronto board of education and the university of toronto) File 1961
B1985-0004/011(10) Dep File 1949-1965
B1985-0004/011(14) Academic Advisory Committee (Grad. Dep File 1970-1975
B1985-0004/012(01) French, Dep File 1975-1976
B1985-0004/012(11) University College Council (documents) File 1972
B1985-0004/012(13) Literary & Athletic Society (Honorary President) 1961-2, 62-3 File 1960-1963
B1985-0004/013(14) Principal File 1966-1977
B1985-0004/013(17) Registrar File 1972-1984
B1985-0004/013(18) Residences UC File 1980
B1985-0004/013(21) School of Graduate Studies File 1968-1972
B1985-0004/013(26) Term Marks File 1963
B1985-0004/013(29) University College Alumni (University College Allumni Association) File 1983-1984
B1985-0004/013(31) University College File 1984
B1985-0004/013(33) University College Council File 1979-1984
B1985-0004/014(03) Old programme - French 120 File ca. 1965-1966
B1985-0004/014(05) Old programme - French 201 File 1964-1965
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