Debates/Tournaments Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2018-0006/001(05) Hart House Formal Debate Guidelines File [197-]
B2018-0006/001(07) University of Chicago Parliamentary Debate Tournament File 1974
B2018-0006/001(12) The Brown Forensic Society Parliamentary Debate between U of T and Brown University poster File 1978
B2018-0006/001(16) Trans-Atlantic Universities Speech Association Tournament. University of London results, judging ballots File 1978
B2018-0006/001(17) Mount Allison Debating Tournament Schedule File 1978
B2018-0006/001(19) ‘The Past as Prologue…A Century of Western Students’ File 1978
B2018-0006/001(24) Pierce, Gretchen. “Dal wins debating contest.” The Chronicle-Herald, Vol. 31, No. 18. January 22, 1979 File 1979
B2018-0006/001(28) McGill Debating Tournament File 1979
B2018-0006/001(08) Hart House Debating Tournament Ad, rates for advertising in The Varsity File 1975
B2018-0006/001(09) “Debating Duo Invited to England,” “U of T Tops US Debating Match.” The Varsity, Vol. 96. November 10, 1975 File 1975
B2018-0006/001(13) University of Toronto Sesquicentennial Celebrations. “Problems of Participatory Democracy” Public Debate. Ad in The Varsity, Vol. 97, No. 40, January 17, 1977 File 1977
B2018-0006/001(25) “The Great Pub Debate” Ad for debate between Hart House & Erindale College debating teams. Medium II, Vol. 5, No. 15 January 30, 1979 File 1979
B2018-0006/001(27) “UTDU Student Faculty Debate – That the Church of England is a Mistake” advertisement, The Varsity, Vol. 100, No. 27, November 9, 1979 File 1979
B2018-0006/001(29) “Hart House Debate – That this House looks forward to the return of a Conservative government” ad in The Varsity, Vol. 100, No. 50, February 11, 1980 File 1980
B2018-0006/001(30) Murray, Lorraine. “World Debating Competition” Glasgow University Guardian, January 22, 1981 File 1981
B2018-0006/001(02) U of T Debating Union. Judging ballots File [197-]
B2018-0006/001(10) Columbia Debate Society Tournament schedule, ballots File [197-]
B2018-0006/003 Exhibition Debates (Columbia vs. McGill, U of T vs. McGill) event poster [oversize] File 1978
B2018-0006/001(18) Notes, speech drafts, correspondence regarding University of Western Ontario Debate Controversy File 1978
B2018-0006/001(20) Judging ballots, notes regarding the University of Western Ontario Debate Tournament Controversy File 1978
B2018-0006/001(03) Champlain College debate. ‘Resolved that a University Education is Totally Impractical’ Poster File [197-]
B2018-0006/001(04) University of Toronto Debating Tournament score cards File [197-]
B2018-0006/001(06) University of Toronto Debating Tournament score cards File 1974
B2018-0006/001(11) “Hart House Debate – Resolved that this House deplores the scandalous iniquity of a secular university.” The Varsity, Vol. 97, No. 60, March 14, 1977 File 1977
B2018-0006/001(14) UTDU. Meeting Ad for Tuesday October 24, 1978. The Varsity, Vol. 99, No. 19. October 23, 1978. File 1978
B2018-0006/001(21) Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID) Tournament schedule, rules File 1978-1979
B2018-0006/001(22) Dalhousie University Debating Society Tournament schedule, instructions to judges File 1979
B2018-0006/001(23) Royal Military College Debating Tournament File 1979
B2018-0006/001(26) Blythe, Scott. “Tournament debaters talk and talk…” The Varsity, Vol. 100, No. 17, October 17, 1979 File 1979