Diaries and journals Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1991.127V-3-29 Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts." File 1846-1849
1991.127V-3-31 Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." Toronto. File October 24, 1848-February 3, 1849
1991.127V-3-33 Journal. "Random Thoughts." File March, 1850-February, 1854
1991.127V-3-40 Journal. "Index Rerum." File n.d.
1991.127V-3-35 Diary. Cobourg. File January 1, 1866-January 13, 1867
1991.127V-3-37 Daily Journal. File 1868
1991.127V-3-30 Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts on Speech. Public, or Private Conversation." File June 27, 1847-March 30, 1850
1991.127V-3-32 Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." vol.2. File February 5, 1849-July 19, 1849
1991.127V-3-39 Journal. "Notes by the Way." File January 1, 1886-September 4, 1887
1991.127V-3-34 Journal. "Random Thoughts." London, Victoria College. File August 10, 1850-December 28, 1859
1991.127V-3-36 Rowsell's Diary. File January 30, 1867-December 31, 1867
1991.127V-3-38 Journal Fragment. File May 11, 1881-May 23, 1881