Douglas Graham Hartle fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1989-0040 Hartle 1989 accession Accession 1949-1988
5 Hartle Consulting Records Series 1961-1985
B1996-0011/001(06)-(09) World Bank. Documents re. to report on budget financing in the Philippines File 1994-1995
B1996-0011/002(09) Government of Botswana. Botswana tourism policy - report by DGH File 1992
1 Personal files Series 1989-1994
B1992-0010 Hartle 1992 accession Accession 1960-1988
2 Articles, Addresses and Submissions Series 1969-1986
4 Department of Economics / Political Economy Papers Series 1976-1985
B1996-0011 Hartle 1996 accession Accession 1988-1995
B1996-0011/002(02) Government of Botswana. Local Government grants - miscellaneous File 1990-1994
B1996-0011/002(08) Government of Botswana. Unsuccessful bid for tender, Botswana local government finance project File 1990-1995
3 Miscellaneous notes and drafts Series [ca. 1970]-1985
7 Photoprints Series [ca. 1978]
2 Correspondence Series 1984-1996
1 Manuscripts and Publications Series 1962-1988
6 Personal papers Series 1976-1987
B1996-0011/001(01)-(05) Government of Botswana. Documents relating to formula financing of local governments and increasing source revenue. File 1992-1995
B1996-0011/002(01) Government of Botswana. Specific revenues - basic data File 1988-1993
B1996-0011/002(03) Government of Botswana. African Capacity Building Foundation File 1992-1993
B1996-0011/002(04)-(07) Government of Botswana. Botswana local government finances File 1992-1994
B1996-0011/002(10)-(11) Ontario Fair Tax Commission. Study on separate income tax for Ontario File 1991
B1997-0025 Hartle 1997 accession Accession 1972-1997
3 Consulting Projects Series 1978-1997
4 Teaching and Research files Series 1972-1993
5 Manuscripts and Publications Series 1974-1996