Early Years Studies Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2011-0010/092(08) Ontario Government, Early Years Action Group File 1998
B2011-0010/093(04) Ontario Government, Ministry of Education [part 2] File 1998
B2011-0010/093(06) Ontario Government, Ministry of Health File 1997-1998
B2011-0010/093(08) Ontario Government, Voluntary Action Secretariat File 1998
B2011-0010/094(01) Overview of visits [1 of 2] File 1998
B2011-0010/094(03) Bruce County Board of Education File 1994-1995
B2011-0010/094(05) Bruce Grey Children's Services File 1998
B2011-0010/094(12) Hamilton-Wentworth, Wraparound File 1998
B2011-0010/095(01) Kingston, Better Beginnings for Kinston Children [part 1] File 1998
B2011-0010/095(08) North Bay, Children's Aid File 1997-1998
B2011-0010/095(10) North Bay, Sunset Park File 1995-1998
B2011-0010/095(12) North York, Early Years Action Group File 1999-2000
B2011-0010/096(07) George Hull Centre for Children and Families File 1998
B2011-0010/096(09) Ontario College of Family Physicians File 1999-2000
B2011-0010/096(16) Walpole Island First Nations File 2000
B2011-0010/097(01) Reports: Chapter one File 1998
B2011-0010/097(03) Reports: Chapter seven File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/089(08) Announcement and release File
B2011-0010/089(11) Challenge Fund File 2000-2002
B2011-0010/089(13) Early Development Instrument (EDI) File 1999
B2011-0010/089(15) Economic analysis File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/090(07) Quebec File [n.d.]
B2011-0010/090(09) Reference group File 1999-2003
B2011-0010/091(07) Memos, external File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/091(09) Memos, reference groups/co-chairs File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/091(11) Early Years correspondence File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/092(06) Ontario Government, miscellaneous File 1998
B2011-0010/089(09) Background issues (ECD programs) File 1998
B2011-0010/090(01) Key informant fact-finding File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/090(03) National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, Willms File 1998-1999
B2011-0010/090(05) Ontario File 2000-2002
B2011-0010/091(03) Toronto community mapping File 1999-2000
B2011-0010/091(05) Website File 2000
B2011-0010/091(12) Federal Government, miscellaneous File 1997-1999
B2011-0010/092(02) Federal Government, CAP-C File 1993-1997
B2011-0010/092(04) Federal Government, Statistics Canada File 2000
B2011-0010/092(11) Ontario Government, Integrated Services for Children File 1998
B2011-0010/093(02) Ontario Government, Ministry of Community and Social Services File 1997-1998
B2011-0010/094(06) Bruce Grey, Kids n' Us File 1998
B2011-0010/094(08) Halton, Our Kids Network File 1998
B2011-0010/094(10) Hamilton, McMaster University File 1996
B2011-0010/095(04) North Kingston Community Health Centre File 1997-1998
B2011-0010/095(06) London, Kids Count File 1997-1998
B2011-0010/096(01) Ottawa, Junior Kindergarten Project File 1998
B2011-0010/096(03) Windsor, St. Mary's Family Learning Centre File 1998
B2011-0010/096(05) Clinical Audiology Centre File 1998
B2011-0010/096(12) Royal Conservatory of Music File 1999-2000
B2011-0010/096(14) Studio 123 File 2000
B2011-0010/097(04) Reports File 1998
B2011-0010/097(06) Short report feedback File 1998-1999
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