Education Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0006/070(02) Scrapbook File 1942
B2015-0006/071(01) Scrapbook File January to April, 1944
B2015-0006/011(01) Mementos File 1946-2011
B2015-0006/011(03) Class notes and learning material File 1947-1948, n.d.
B2015-0006/011(11) Unidentified materials File ca. 1948
B2018-0034/001(07) Class notes - Anatomy File 1944
B2018-0034/001(09) Class notes - Bacteriology File n.d.
B2018-0034/001(12) Class notes - Biochemistry lab notes File n.d.
B2018-0034/002(02) Class notes - Clinical pathology File n.d.
B2018-0034/002(04) Class notes - Clinical therapeutics lecture work File n.d.
B2018-0034/002(08) Class notes - Diploma in public health notes File 1949-1950
B2018-0034/004(02) Class notes - Physiology File 1946
B2018-0034/004(03) Class notes - Physiology weekly problems File n.d.
B2018-0034/004(08) Class notes - Public health nutrition File 1949-1950
B2018-0034/004(09) Class notes - Radiology File n.d.
B2018-0034/004(13) Class notes - Urology File 1947
B2018-0034/005(01) Abstracts from Medical Rounds at St. Michael’s Hospital File 1948
B2015-0006/070(01) Scrapbook File 1922-1940
B2015-0006/071(03) Scrapbook File 1946
B2015-0006/011(08) Class notes and learning material File n.d.
B2018-0034/001(04) Photograph - Professor E.W. McHenry lecturing on public health File 1950
B2018-0034/001(05) Class of 1947 Alumni 60th Reunion “Then and Now” File 2007
B2018-0034/002(09) Class notes - Hygeine and Housing File 1946-1947, 1950
B2018-0034/003(05) Class notes - Pathology File n.d.
B2018-0034/003(08) Class notes - Pharmacology analyses, lab sheets File 1945
B2018-0034/003(09) Class notes - Physical therapy File 1946
B2018-0034/004(06) Class notes - Psychology File 1943
B2018-0034/004(11) Class notes - Surgery File 1945
B2018-0034/004(12) Class notes - Therapeutic lectures File 1946
B2018-0034/001M Class of 1947 Reunion video File 2000
B2018-0034/002(03) Class notes - Clinical therapeutics File n.d.
B2018-0034/002(06) Correspondence File n.d.
B2015-0006/070(03) Scrapbook File January to June, 1943
B2015-0006/071(04) Scrapbook File January to June, 1947
B2015-0006/011(04) Class notes and learning material File 1948, n.d.
B2015-0006/011(05) Class notes and learning material File 1950, n.d.
B2015-0006/011(06) Class notes and learning material- parasitology and other notes File 1950, n.d.
B2015-0006/011(09) Lectures on tuberculosis- historical references- Frances Sylvain File n.d.
B2018-0034/001(03) Photographs - Medical lectures and Toronto General Hospital File 1944-1948
B2018-0034/001(06) Class notes - Anaesthesia File 1946
B2018-0034/001(11) Class notes - Biochemistry File 1946
B2018-0034/002(01) Class notes - Clinical microscopy File 1946
B2018-0034/002(07) Class notes - Dermatology File n.d.
B2018-0034/002(10) Class notes - Neuroanatomy File 1944
B2018-0034/002(12) Class notes - Notes on various uriae File n.d.
B2018-0034/003(01) Class notes - Obstetrics and Gynaecology File 1945
B2018-0034/003(02) Class notes - Obstetrics and Gynaecology File 1945
B2018-0034/003(03) Class notes - Obstetrics at St. Michael’s Hospital File n.d.
B2018-0034/003(04) Class notes - Ophthalmology File 1946
B2018-0034/003(06) Class notes - Pediatrics File 1945-1946
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