Edward Stanley Ryerson fonds Inventory list

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1 Biographical (Ryerson family) Series 1903, n.d.
B1979-0005/001(07) College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (?). Summary of Estimates of Professional Opportunities in Ontario. 5 p. 2 copies File n.d.
B1979-0005/001(08) Committee on the Grading of Nursing Schools. Report: Nurses Production, Education, Distribution, and Pay. File 1 May 1930
B1979-0005/001(13) Rockerfeller Foundation. Review. File 1937, 1945, 1947
3 Lectures Series 1941-1944
B1979-0005/001(18) University of Toronto. 1st year students. File 1941-1944
4 Addresses and public lectures (E.S. Ryerson) Series 1928-1945
5 Addresses and public lectures (other) Series 1933-1943
B1979-0005/001(28) Butler, Nicholas Murray. "The Physician - File n.d.
B1979-0005/001(35) Press clippings File 1941-1948(?)
B1979-0005/001(37) Fragment of typescript, p. 10-11 File n.d.
B1979-0005/001(41) "The Prevention of Gall Stones". MSS 17 p. File 1926
B1979-0005/002(01) "Human health and Its Assessibility, (sic)", Journal of the association of American Medical Colleges, 8 p. 2 copies File March, 1940
B1979-0005/002(11) Bortz, Edward L. "Social Components in Medicine", Diplomate, 336-342 File December, 1941
B1979-0005/002(16) Cabot, Richard C. "The Wisdom of the Human Body," Diplomate, 10, 1, 1-5 File January, 1938
B1979-0005/002(20) Castiglioni, Arturo. "The Anatomical Theatre and the Anatomists of Bologna", Ciba Symposia, August-September, 91-100 File 1945
B1979-0005/002(24) Ewing, James. "The University and the Medical Profession", Science, LXXVII, 1937, 173-181 File Feb. 12, 1932
B1979-0005/002(25) Farquharson, R. "On Sleep and Want of Sleep", British Medical Journal, 522-524 File Feb. 27, 1909
B1979-0005/002(26) Farrar, Clarence B. "Psychological Medicine", CAMSI Journal, 83-89 File July, 1943
B1979-0005/002(31) Haldane, J. B. S. "Evolution: Past and Future", Atlantic Monthly, 45-51 File March, 1947
B1979-0005/002(32) Hannah, J. A. "The Profession Makes and Experiment", 8 p. File n.d.
B1979-0005/002(34) Hamburger, Victor & Born, Wolfgang. "Monsters in Nature and Art", Ciba Symposia, IX, 5 & 6, 666-696 File Aug.-Sept., 1947
B1979-0005/002(35) Harrington, Mary M. "Nutrition is the Cornerstone of Health", Harper Hospital Bulletin, 60-63 File January, 1942
B1979-0005/002(37) Hutchins, R. M. "The Higher Learning in America", Typed copy File 1936
B1979-0005/002(38) Kilvington, Basil.' "The Science Committee of the British Medical Association, Report CV: An Investigation on the Regeneration of Nerves with Regard to Surgical Treatment of Certain Paralyses", British Medical Journal, , 1414-1418 File June 13, 1908
B1979-0005/002(39) Jacob, H. E. "Bread and the Man", Ciba Symposia, VIII, 9, 470-500 File Dec 1946
B1979-0005/002(40) Livinghorne, W. J. "Pyorrhoea" Health, 15, 22 File May-June 1948
B1979-0005/002(47) Miller, Genevieve. "Medical Education in Colonial America", Ciba Symposia, VIII, 10, 502-532 File Jan 1947
B1979-0005/002(56) "Resistance and the Aging Process", Health Bulletin for Teachers, XVIII, 4, 13-16 File May 1947
B1979-0005/002(59) Salter, Mary D. "An Evaluation of Adjustment Based Upon the Concept of Security", University of Toronto Studies, Child Development Series No. 18. Toronto: T. of T. Press. File 1940
B1979-0005/002(68) Wilbur, Ray Lyman. "Leadership in Medical Education", Journal of the American Medical Association, CVIII., 771-773 File 6.3.1937
B1979-0005/002(71) Zilboorg, Gregory. "Affects, Personal and Social", Psychoanalytic Quarterly, XIV, 1, 28-45 File January, 1945
2 Subject Files Series 1887-1949
B1979-0005/001(10) Conference on Medical Services in Canada, 2nd. Correspondence re resolution on conjoint examinations. File 1927
B1979-0005/001(17) University of Toronto. School of Physical and Health Education. Brochure. File 1945-1946
B1979-0005/001(20) "Presidential Address" File n.d.
B1979-0005/001(23) Reply to the toast at a banquet on the 135th anniversary of the birth of Egerton Ryerson, 10.3.1937 File 1937
B1979-0005/001(26) Typescript of Ryerson's address, as director of the School of Physical and Health Education, to the graduating class of 1944; published in Torontonensis, 1944, p. 244 File 1944
B1979-0005/001(30) President's address at the opening of the 146th session of the General Medical Council of Great Britain. 23.11.1937 File 1937
B1979-0005/001(33) Sigerist, Henry E. "Soviet Medicine - File 1943
B1979-0005/001(34) Notes, mostly on articles and books File 1935-1942
7 Press Clippings Series 1941-[1948?]
B1979-0005/001(38) "Licensure to practice medicine in Ontario..." An untitled typescript on the legal history of osteopathic practice in Ontario. TSS 8 p. File n.d.
B1979-0005/001(39) "Events Leading to the Formation of an Academy". TSS ii, 8 p. File n.d.
B1979-0005/002(05) "Report of the Director of the School of Physical and Health Education", President's Report (U. of T.), 1942, 35-36 File 1942
B1979-0005/002(09) Barach, Alvan L. "Physiological Problems in Aviation Medicine", Paper presented at 52nd annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges", mimeo. 30 p. File Oct. 27, 1941 (?)
B1979-0005/002(13) Brody, Samuel. "Growth and Development with Special Reference to Domestic Animals: LVI. The influence of dairy merit, body size, and plane of nutrition on the economy of milk production", Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station Research Bulletin, 366, 14 p. File May, 1943
B1979-0005/002(17) Camps, M.C. "Biology and Health Education", Physical Education and School Hygiene, 144-147 File n.d.
B1979-0005/002(42) Mainland, Donald. "Anatomy in Medical Education", Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, , 12 p. File September 1944
B1979-0005/002(44) Meakins, Jonathan C. "Modern Trends in Medical Practice", 13-26 File n.d.
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