Francis Huston Wallace fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2018.07V8-3 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1920-1930
2018.07V1-7 Notes for ten debates File 1867
2018.07V1-9 Notes for debate: "Was Cromwell a patriot?" File February 1869
2018.07V1-16 Address Notes: YMCA; Watchnight Services; Acts XVI: 31 File July 2, 1872
3 Finances Series 1863-1936
2018.07V2-5 Cash account notebook File January 1885 - December 1900
2018.07V12-5 Account book File 1930-1931
2018.07V12-4 Notebook/Diary File 1867-1869
5 Memorabilia Series 1871-1933
2018.07V3-3 Printed Verse: "Gems," by Muriel and Edward Wallace [F.H. Wallace's children] File 1894
2018.07V3-5 Magazine: The Go Home Rattler, V. I, nos. 1, 2 File August 1901
2018.07V4-2 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings: "F", theology and religion in general; personal and family File March 1883 - Feb 1930
2018.07V6-1 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1910
2018.07V6-3 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1912-1913
2018.07V8-1 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File April - December 1918
2018.07V7-5 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File January - March 1918
2018.07V1-2 Exercises on Historical/Geographical Subjects File 1864
2018.07V1-4 Student Compositions File 1866
2018.07V1-11 Certificates of matriculation into Faculty of Arts, University of Toronto File 1869
2018.07V1-13 Address: "Doctrinal Difficulties," John III: 1-21 File May 30, 1871
2018.07V1-15 Address: Acts XVI: 31 File n.d.
2018.07V1-19 Articles - 2 parts: "A Plea for the Study of Classics," V.P. Journal. (Science Association, Victoria University) File December 1883
2018.07V1-21 Church Calendar for American church in Berlin [F.H. Wallace preached] File November 27, 1910
2018.07V2-2 Cash account notebook File 1863
2018.07V2-7 Autobiographical sketch: "How the Lord hath led me" (account of spiritual journey to conversion) File October 27, 1873
2018.07V2-9 Reminiscences: "Memories: A Family record," Vol. II File 1921
2018.07V3-1 Reminiscences: "Memories: A Family record," Vol. II File 1921
2018.07V3-7 Correspondence about funeral, memorials, etc, of F. H. Wallace File 1930-1933
2018.07V3-9 Miscellaneous items of Muriel J.W. Wallace [F.H. Wallace's daughter] File 1890s - 1930s
2018.07V5-1 Correspondence: Robert Wallace File 1839-1904
2018.07V5-3 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1890-1900
2018.07V7-1 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1914-1915
2018.07V7-3 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File July - December 1916
2018.07V1-6 Notes for six debates File 1865
2018.07V1-8 Notes for two debates File n.d.
2018.07V1-10 Pamphlet: "Methodical Guide to the Daily Reading of the Scriptures" by Rev. F. Barker, London File 1867
2018.07V1-17 Essay: "Story of Niagara" [gained the College McMurrich Medal] File 1873
2 Ministry Series 1871-1926
2018.07V3-10 Cambridge Edition of Greek New Testament with handwritten notes Item n.d.
2018.07V2-4 Cash account notebook File June 1876 - December 1884
2018.07V2-6 Correspondence and papers concerning finances, will, distribution of personal belongings File 1927-1936
2018.07V12-5 Copy of Great Souls at Prayer File 1909-1918
4 Autobiography Series 1873-1921
2018.07V3-2 Reminiscences about Dorothy Wallace [F.H. Wallace's daughter] File n.d.
2018.07V3-4 Afternoon tea invitation cards for Mrs. Wallace [children's drawings on reverse] File 1896-1897
2018.07V4-1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings: "Bibline Vol. A", personal and family File October 5, 1871 - 1897
2018.07V5-5 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1907-1909
2018.07V6-2 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1911
2018.07V6-4 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1913
2018.07V8-2 Correspondence: F. H. Wallace File 1919
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