Frederick and Joan Winter Family fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2017-0037/001(08) "Heroon and ruler cult in Hellenistic times" and "Toward a chronology of the later Artemision at Ephesos" File n.d.
B2017-0037/001(10) Notebook, PhD thesis File [ca. 1957]
B2017-0037/001(12) Notebooks, trips to Athens File [ca. 1977 - 1978], [ca. 1983 - 1984]
B2017-0037/001(14) Correspondence, Judith Binder's response to Winter's research on new dating system based on measurement of capitals File 1984
B2017-0037/001(16) Research notes, ancient routes in the Peloponnese File n.d.
B2017-0037/001(19) Notes, Arkadia Part 3 of 3 File n.d.
B2017-0037/002(03) Research re: Hans Weber et al. File n.d.
B2017-0037/003(01) Scrapbook of postcards File [between 1930 - 1950]
B2017-0037/003(04) Grade school report cards File [ca. 1935]
B2017-0037/003(06) Diary (JW) File 1937 - 1941
B2017-0037/004(01) Programmes, dance cards and other memorabilia, University of Alberta File 1943-1947
B2017-0037/004(04) Notebook, Greek literature File [194-?]
B2017-0037/004(07) Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, geology course [also includes notes of Greek architecture] File [ca. 1941]
B2017-0037/005(02) Course notes, History 2 and Geology File 1943-1944
B2017-0037/006(06) Masters course work File [ca. 1948]
B2017-0037/006(09) Course notes and assignment [Mycenaean history and topography of Athens] File [ca. 1950]
B2017-0037/006(12) Course notes, Early Christian and Medieval Art File 1962
B2017-0037/006(15) Course material and notes, Ancient Rome File n.d.
B2017-0037/007(03) Course notes, Hellenistic Architecture File 1974, 1975
B2017-0037/007(06) Course material, tutorial notes [Fine Art 101, 1979] Part 3 File 1974- 1989
B2017-0037/007(09) Course material, Fine Art 101 Evening (1976-1977) and Guelph (Fall 1976) File 1976 - 1977
B2017-0037/007(12) Course material and notes, Fine Art 101 File 1982-1983
B2017-0037/008(02) Research, churches File n.d.
B2017-0037/008(05) Travel diary, Italy File 1975
B2017-0037/008(08) Travel diary File 1982
B2017-0037/009(12) Correspondence re: colloquium in memory of Fred Winter File 16 Jan. 2016
B2017-0037/010(02) Slide presentation scripts and notes including "Une introduction a la Grece", Part 2 of 6 File 1972-2001
B2017-0037/010(05) Slide presentation scripts, Part 5 of 6 File 1972-2001
B2017-0037/010(08) Presentation notes, "Six Arcadian temples" Classical Association of Canada File 1987
B2017-0037/001P(05) Research on vases and abstract for "Representation of architecture on vases" / Joan E. and Frederick E. Winter File 1991
B2017-0037/010(10) Script, "Highways and byways in the lands of the Ancient Greeks" File [between 1980 and 2000]
B2017-0037/004P(02) Pausanias and Arcadian temples, Joan E, Winter, Slides 1-39 File [between 1980 and 2000]
1.1 Research and publishing Series 1957 - 2009
B2017-0037/001(02) Offprints, The Phoenix. The Journal of the Classical Association of Canada File 1957 - 1983
B2017-0037/001(05) Offprint, "The symposium-tent of Ptolemy II: A new proposal" / F.E. Winter and A. Christie, Echos du monde classique / Classical Views File 1985
B2017-0037/001P(01) Norwegian Institute at Athens [photograph] File [197-?]
B2017-0037/003P(02) Pausanias presentation and maps, 1 and 2 File [between 1980 and 2000]
B2017-0037/001(15) Grant applications including "Photographic companion to Pausanias' description of Greece" File [ca. 1984]
B2017-0037/001(17) Notes, Lakonia (including Mani) Part 1 of 3 File n.d.
B2017-0037/002(01) Notes, Prinos and Klimax passes, Pausanias' Anigraia Route and Athene File n.d.
B2017-0037/002(04) Correspondence and listing of books to possibly donate, Canadian Institute in Greece File Dec. 18, 2009
B2017-0037/002(07) Address, "A summary of recent work on Greek fortifications" File 1982
1.3 Teaching Series 1977 – 1990
B2017-0037/002(10) American School of Classical Studies at Athens File 1977 - 1978
B2017-0037/002(13) Managing committee, American School of Classical Studies at Athens File 1986-1991
2.1 Personal and biographical Series [ca. 1930] - 1952
B2017-0037/003(07) Diary (JW) File 1942 - 1946
B2017-0037/004(02) Memorabilia, University of Alberta File 1944-1946
B2017-0037/004(05) Notebook, Roman Literature File [194-?]
B2017-0037/004(08) Notes, grades and course schedules, University of Alberta File 1943-1947
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