Frieda Helen Fraser sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1995-0044/010(08) Letters from Bud. April-June 1927 File 1927
B1995-0044/010(10) Letters from Bud. 1933-1935 File 1933-1935
B1995-0044/010(21) Letter re death of brother, Donald File 1954
B1995-0044/011(01) Correspondence File 1960, 1963
B1995-0044/011(03) Correspondence re property File 1971
B1995-0044/011(06) Letters and cards received. September-December 1977 File 1977
B1995-0044/011(08) Letters received re last illness and death of Bud, A-L File 1979
B1995-0044/011(10) Letter of thanks re gift of painting by Lawren Harris to University of Guelph in memory of Bud File 1988
3 Education Series 1915-1924
5 Manuscripts, publications, and addresses Series 1909-1964
7 Research: general files Series 1918-1965
B1995-0044/010(04) Letters from Bud. January-June 1926 File 1926
B1995-0044/010(07) Letters from Bud. January-March 1927 File 1927
B1995-0044/010(09) Letters from Bud. July-December 1927 File 1927
B1995-0044/010(16) Letters from Helen M. Bryant File 1939-1943
B1995-0044/010(19) Letters from Erika Strakelberg, West Germany (in German) [aunt] [photos removed] File 1947-1980
B1995-0044/010(20) Letters from members of Wally family [aunts], Bad Rothenfelde, West Germany (in German) File 1947-1948
B1995-0044/011(02) Correspondence re health File 1966-1968
B1995-0044/011(07) Letters and cards received. 1978 File 1978
B1995-0044/011(09) Letters received re last illness and death of Bud, M-Z File 1979
8 Research: Laboratory Reports Series 1925-1962
B1995-0044/010(02) Fragment of letter from Bud File [192-]
B1995-0044/010(03) Letters from Bud. 1925 File 1925
B1995-0044/010(05) Letters from Bud. July-September 1926 File 1926
B1995-0044/010(12) Letters from Bud. 1940-1942, 1960 File 1940-1942, 1960
B1995-0044/010(17) Letters from Mary Reid File 1920-1949
B1995-0044/011(04) Correspondence File 1976
4 Administrative and professional records Series 1944-1966
6 Lecture notes Series 1928-1971
9 Works of Art Series 1906-1964
1 Personal and biographical Series 1934-1983
2 Correspondence Series 1917-1988
B1995-0044/010(01) Unidentified fragment of letter File n.d.
B1995-0044/010(06) Letters from Bud. October-December 1926 File 1926
B1995-0044/010(11) Letters from Bud. 1936-1939 File 1936-1939
B1995-0044/010(13) Letters from friends at college File 1917-1918
B1995-0044/010(14) Letters from other friends and acquaintances File 1921-1949
B1995-0044/010(15) Letters from relatives File n.d.-1960
B1995-0044/010(18) Letters from Mily Muller-Scheessel, Bremen, West Germany (in German) [aunt] File 1947-1953
B1995-0044/011(05) Letters and cards received. January-August 1977 File 1977
10 Graphic material Series [19--]-1992