Fritz M. Heichelheim fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2004-0018/008 Katz, Bernard to Hellmut-Ledy, Kurt & Enid File
B2004-0018/012 Rudenberg, Werner to Shrubs, Harold File
2 Teaching and research Series 1932-1955
B2004-0018/017(05) "Some remarks about the Adler papyri" with V. Tscherikower File ca 1939
B2004-0018/017(07) "Highfield house" File [post 1948]
B2004-0018/017(09) "On Roman bronze statuettes of deities…Museum at Cambridge" File 1937
B2004-0018/017(12)-(13) Sappho Ostracon. Drafts of manuscript, notes File 1948
B2004-0018/017(29) Problems of present day Germany File n.d.
B2004-0018/018(10) "Preise in Talmud" (Prices in Talmud) File
B2004-0018/018(13) “Die Legitimierungs programme Alexanders und seiner…” File
B2004-0018/018(16) Review of Wilhelm Weber’s Princeps I File n.d.
B2004-0018/018(21) Review of "The Gogmagog giant Cambridge" File 1939
B2004-0018/019(08)-(12) Geschichte Kleinasiens (A history of the Middle East) (in German) File
6 Papyrus Series 1936-1952
B2004-0018/022(13)-(18) Papyrus lectures File [1938-1939]
B2004-0018/023(04) Article: Zu Pap. Michigan III File 1936
B2004-0018/001 Abbott, Emma M. to Balaogh, E. File 1922-1968
B2004-0018/005 Faculte des letters de Strasbourg to Graham, Walter and Anne File
B2004-0018/007 Herter, Hans to Kansas, University of File
B2004-0018/011 Rabbinowitz, J. to Rudd, W. T. N. & Nancy File
B2004-0018/015 Warrington, E.H. to Wyss, Bernhard File
B2004-0018/016 X to Zygman, Edmund File
B2004-0018/017(08) "Genii cucullati" (in German and English) File 1935
B2004-0018/017(11) "The historical date for the final Memmon myth" File 1957
B2004-0018/017(26) Athenian proposopography - correspondence, notes in preparation for possible publication by the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton File 1946-1947
B2004-0018/017(32) Fragments of unidentified manuscripts File n.d.
B2004-0018/018(02) "Axtuelle manusckripte iu arbeit I .." Remarks on Ziegler File
B2004-0018/018(05) "The cult of the nymphae in the Roman World" File
B2004-0018/018(07) Encyclopedia of the social sciences - manuscript of submission File 1933
B2004-0018/018(09) "The influence of Ptolemaic administration in Kautilya’s Arthacastra" File ca 1938
B2004-0018/018(11) Silk industry in the Byzantine Empire. Correspondence, manuscript drafts, notes. Photos removed to Box B2004-0018/001P(08)-(09) File 1946
B2004-0018/018(12) "Zum ouelleu problem des varusschlacht" File
B2004-0018/018(14) “Der staat als leuker des wistschaft im luiperium Romauum ” File
B2004-0018/018(22) Review of “Histoire de l’education dans l’Antiquite” by Irenee Marrou Henry File 1948
B2004-0018/023(23) Translations: Accounts and drafts of official reports connected with Temple administration File
B2004-0018/023(24) Translations: Accounts and calendar notices File
B2004-0018/023(29) Translations: Rendal Harris File
B2004-0018/023(30) Translations: Rhosos papyrus File
B2004-0018/023(31)-(35) Translations: Rylands papyrus ( with C.H. Roberts and E.G. Turner. Catalogue of Greek and Latin Papyri in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, 4. Manchester, 1952) File 1952
B2004-0018/003 Bohn, Hans to Cohen, D. File
B2004-0018/009 Levy-Bruhl, Henri to Mylonas, George E. File
B2004-0018/013 Sigal, Philip to Syme, Ronald File
B2004-0018/017(06) "Jewish religious influence in the Adler papyri" with V. Tscherikower File ca 1939
B2004-0018/017(14)-(25) Oxford Classical Dictionary - mss of articles on various Greek and Roman gods and topics, correspondence File 1938-1939
B2004-0018/017(31) “Princeps” pp 1-50 File n.d.
B2004-0018/018(03) "Auswartige Bevolkerung" Supplement File
B2004-0018/018(04) "Bursian Griech Staatskunde Literatwverzeirtimis…" File
B2004-0018/018(06) "Griechische staatskunde Von, 1900-1932" Introduction and literature File 1934
B2004-0018/018(15) Notes and mss fragments (German) File
B2004-0018/018(17) Review of “Economische en sociale toestanden…” by Engbert Jan Jonkers. File 1933
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