Gerald Karl Helleiner fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2010-0005/059(02) UNCTAD/G24. G24 Trust Fund File 1993-1996
B2010-0005/059(03) UNCTAD/G24. Technical support group for G24 File 1995
B2010-0005/059(07) G24. G24 projects File 1979-1980
B2010-0005/061(10) G24. Research project. Correspondence with International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, re projects and funding File 1991-1996
B2010-0005/062(01) G24. Research program. Correspondence re quotas, research programs, etc. File 1996-2001
B2010-0005/062(02)-(03) G24. Research program. Correspondence File 1997-1998
B2010-0005/062(06) G24. Helleiner as project director, G24 technical co-operation projects. Memorandum of agreement File 1993
B2010-0005/065(01)-(07) G24 Technical Group. Authors, Pereira File 1991-1997
B2010-0005/065(16) G24 project. Consultant File 1998
B2010-0005/067(03) World Trade Organization File 1996-1998
B2010-0005/067(04) Correspondence, notes, press clippings re 'Bank supervision and currency controls File 1997-1998
B2010-0005/068(01) Canada Council applications (by applicant), C-P File 1968-1989
B2010-0005/070(01) "Multinationals and world trade". Canada Council sabbatical leave fellowship, 1978-1979 File 1977-1979
B2010-0005/070(04) Aid. Research issues File 1976-1997
B2010-0005/070(06) African research issues File 1966-1991
B2010-0005/070(16) "International economics - current research" File 1976(?)
10 Manuscripts and publications Series 1963-2008
B2010-0005/071(08) Publication issues. Correspondence File 1964-1995
B2010-0005/071(10) Letters to the editor File 1969
B2010-0005/072(14) Trade, aid and nation bulding in Tanzania, Mbioni, 3, 8-9 (January-February 1967); reprinted in A. Rweyemanu, ed. Nation building in Tanzania (East African Publishing House, 1970), 61-78. Also printed under the title Trade and aid in Tanzania, East Africa Journal, 4, 1 (April 1967). Translated into French and Swedish: Commerce, assistance, et File 1967
B2010-0005/072(15) Agricultural marketing in Tanzania - policies and problems. University of Dar es Salaam: ERB Paper 68.13 (1968), miimeo File 1968
B2010-0005/072(16) East African Community: approaching the EEC, Africa Report, 13, 4 (April 1968) File 1967-1968
B2010-0005/072(27)-(28) International trade and economic development (Hammondsworth: Penguin, 1972; translated as Comercio internacional y desarrollo economico. Madrid: Alianza Universidad, 1975 File 1970-1977, 1984-1987
B2010-0005/072(32) Manufactured exports from less developed countries and multinational firms, Economic Journal, 83, 329 (March 1973) File 1973-1977
B2010-0005/072(33) Universities and development assistance: a framework that will last (with R.C. Pratt), International Development Review, 1973, 3 File
B2010-0005/072(35) Manufacturing for export, multinational firms and economic development, World Development, 1, 7 (July 1973); translated into Spanish as Manufacturas para exportacion, empresas multinacionales y desarrollo economico, Comercio Exterior, November 1973 File 1972-1975
B2010-0005/072(36) The marketing board system and alternative arrangements for commodity marketing in Nigeria, in H.M.A. Onitiri and D.P. Olatunbosun (eds). The marketing board system (NISER), 1974 File 1974-1975
B2010-0005/074(04) International technology issues: southern needs and northern responses, in Jagdish N. Bhagwati (ed.), The new international economic order: The North-South debate (MIT Press, 1977) 295-316 File 1976
B2010-0005/074(10) Technology File 1978?
B2010-0005/074(11) Freedom and management in primary commodity markets: US imports from developing countries, World Development, 6, 1 (January 1978) 23-30 File 1977
B2010-0005/074(15) World market imperfections and the developing countries, in William R. Cline (ed.). Policy alternatives for a new international economic order: an economic analysis (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1979) 355-389 File 1977-1979
B2010-0005/074(16a) Aid and dependence in Africa: issues for recipients, in Timothy M. Shaw and Kenneth A. Heard (eds). The politics of Africa: dependence and development (Longman and Dalhousie University Press, 1979), 217-245 File
B2010-0005/074(18) "Lomé: marketa and industrial cooperation", Journal of World Trade Law, 13, 2 (March-April 1979) 181-6, reprinted as "Lomé and market access" in Frank Long (ed.) The Political Economy of EEC Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific Status. Pergamon,1980, 183-9 File 1979
B2010-0005/074(24) The least developed in the internacional order, chapter 3 in Leonard Berry and Robert W. Kates (eds). Making the most of the least: alternative development for poor nations (New Cork: Holmes and Meier, 1980), 11-24; and chapter 15, Managing a new economic order (not used) File 1979
B2010-0005/074(27) Foreign exchange risk and the recycling problem, November, 1980 (not published?) File 1980
B2010-0005/074(31) Primary commodities and North-South relations in the late twentieth century, January 1981 (not published?) File 1981
B2010-0005/074(32) Commentary on N. T. Wangs paper on Analysis of restrictive business practices by transnational corporations and their impact on trade and development, in Oscar Schachter and Robert Hellawell (eds). Competition in international business, law and policy on restrictive practices (Columbia University Press, 1981) 27-33 File 1980-1981
B2010-0005/074(36) Los paises en desarrollo y la Economia Internacional in Ricardo Ffrench-Davis (ed.). Intercambio y Desarrollo. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1981, 271-301 File 1980
B2010-0005/075(10) Panel Discussion in John Williamson (ed.). IMF conditionality. Institute for International Economics, 1983, 581-88 File 1983
B2010-0005/075(13) The IMF and Africa in the 1980s, Essays in international finance, Princeton University, No. 152, July 1983, 1-24; also printed as The IMF and Africa in the 1980s, Canadian Journal of African Studies, 17, 1 (March 1983)17-28 File 1982-1983
B2010-0005/075(16) Development policy seminar for UNDP executives: background reading, 18 November 1980 (United Nations Development Programme, Institute of Social Studies (The Hague, 1983) : Changing international economic relations in the 1980s, 22 p; Beyond the North-South stalement: the Third World in the global economy, 24 p.; and Lender of early resort: the IMF and the poorest, 5 p. File 1983
B2010-0005/075(23) Under-utilized potential: Canada's economic relations with developing countries, in John Whalley, ed., Canada and the multilateral trading system. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1985, 81-130 File 1984-1985
B2010-0005/076(02) Social impact of structural adjustment policies in developing countries: a research note for UNRISD, January 1986 File 1986
B2010-0005/076(09) The question of conditionality, in Carol Lancaster and John Williamson (eds). African Debt and Financing. Washington, DC : Institute for International Economics, Special Reports 5 (May 1986) 63-91 File 1986
B2010-0005/076(12) Foreign direct investment and balance of payments adjustment in Latin America, January 1987 (not published) File 1987
B2010-0005/076(16) Untitled article for Tanzania Journal of Economics, 1, 1 (July 1987) File 1987
B2010-0005/076(21) The Sub-Saharan African debt problem: issues for international policy, in Mojmir Mrak, ed., External debt problem: current issues and perspectives. Ljubljana: Centre for International Cooperation and Development, 1989, 173-88 File 1989-1990
B2010-0005/077(01) Editor and Introduction, The other side of international development policy: non-aid economic relations with developing countries in Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1990 [ File 1988-2000
B2010-0005/077(02) Increasing international competitiveness: a conceptual framework in Yin-Kan Wen and Jayshree Sengupta (eds), Increasing international competitiveness of exports of the caribbean countries. Washington, DC: Economic Development Institute, World Bank, 1990, 18-27 File 1989-1991
B2010-0005/077(07) Structural adjustment and long-term development in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Frances Stewart, Sanjaya Lall and Samuel Wangwe (eds), Alternative development strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa (London: Macmillan, 1992, 48-78; reprinted in H. W. Singer et al., eds., Adjustment and liberalization in the Third World, New World Order Series, Vol. 12. New Delhi: Indus Publishing Company, 1991 File 1990-1991
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