Harold Innis fonds Inventory list

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B1972-0003/001(11) W.C.I. Notes. Chemistry. Fall 1909. File 1909
B1972-0003/001(14) W.C.I. Composition. "After the Snowstorm." Form IV. File 1912-1913
B1972-0003/001(17) The Bible Atlas. n.d. File
B1972-0003/001(20) McMaster University, Toronto. Student cards examination papers and results, scholarships. File 1914-1916
B1972-0003/001(23) McMaster University. Debating Union Notes. Political Economy 19. n.d. File
B1972-0003/001(26) University of Chicago. Entry permits to U.S.A., aptitude test, student card. File 1918, 1920
B1972-0003/002(01) Certificate. Record at Signalling School Reserve Brigade, C.F.A. Shorncliffe. File 16 Nov. 1916
B1972-0003/002(12) Songbook. McMaster Gospel Songs, with "Active Service" envelopes. File n.d.
B1972-0003/002(15) Diary. Written in McMaster Handbook.. 22p. "Country of original.on trip." Transcript of original, 6p. Carbon of transcript, 6p. File 1915-1916
B1972-0003/002(18) Diary. "Soldier's Own Diary". Original. File 1917
B1972-0003/002(21) Postcards. "Field Service" postcards and "On Active Service" envelopes accompanying notebook. Also have bullet holes. File
B1972-0003/002(24) Programme. Annual Dinner. Motor Ambulance Section No. 3 Canadian Field Ambulance. File 26 Jan. 1918
B1972-0003/002(27) Paris. Bibliotheque nationale. User's card. File 1922
B1972-0003/002(30) Conferring of Honorary degree on Innis. University of Manitoba. File 1947
B1972-0003/001ART WWI Various artifacts File
B1972-0003/004(02) Correspondence. 1916 File 1916
B1972-0003/004(05) Correspondence. 1919 File 1919
B1972-0003/004(08) Correspondence. 1921 File 1921
B1972-0003/004(11) Correspondence. 1924 File 1924
B1972-0003/004(14) Correspondence. 1927 File 1927
B1972-0003/004(17) Correspondence. 1930 File 1930
B1972-0003/004(20) Correspondence. 1933 File 1933
B1972-0003/005(01) Correspondence. 1936 File 1936
B1972-0003/005(04) Correspondence. 1940 File 1940
B1972-0003/005(10) Correspondence. 1946 File 1946
B1972-0003/005(13) Correspondence. 1949 File 1949
B1972-0003/005(16) Correspondence. 1952 File 1952
B1972-0003/005(19) Drafts of Memoranda and Letters by Innis. [194-] File [194-]
B1972-0003/005(22) American Economic Association. File Mar. 1953
B1972-0003/005(25) Brebner, J.B. "Harold Adams Innis, 1894-1952". File Sep. 1953
B1972-0003/005(28) Champlain Society. Resolution of sympathy. File 9 Feb. 1953
B1972-0003/005(31) Easterbrook, W.T. "Harold Adams Innis". File
B1972-0003/005(34) Ferguson, G.V. "National Loss: Harold Innis Dies in Toronto". File
B1972-0003/005(37) MacGibbon, D. A. File 19 Nov. 1953
B1972-0003/005(43) Willits, J.H. "Harold Adams Innis (1894-1952)" File 1952
B1972-0003/006(02) Mackenzie River Trip Original. File 1924
B1972-0003/006(05) Mackenzie River Trip Press clippings. File 1924
B1972-0003/006(08) Maritimes, Newfoundland and Labrador. Original. File 1930
B1972-0003/006(11) Maritimes. Original File 1932
B1972-0003/006(14) Toronto to British Columbia. Original. File 1932
B1972-0003/006(17) Interviews. Maritime Lumber and Pulpwood Industries. Carbon TSS. File n.d.
B9172-0003/007(03) Notes on the Fur Trade and Native Peoples. Some new notes to "Fur Trade in Canada". MSS and carbon TSS. File 1939
7 Theme Notes Series n.d.
B1972-0003/008(03) Australia and South Africa. File n.d.
B1972-0003/008(12) Classical. Excerpts 93-110. File n.d.
B1972-0003/008(15) Classical. Excerpts 151-178. File n.d.
B1972-0003/008(18) England, 17th Century. File n.d.
B1972-0003/009(02) England, 19th Century. File n.d.
B1972-0003/009(05) England, 19th Century. File n.d.
B1972-0003/009(08) England, 20th Century. File n.d.
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