James Barron fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0008/001(02) Notes from binder File 1937
B2015-0008/001(09) Notes: strip cruise data File 1936
B2015-0008/001(11) Student paper: brown stringy rot File [193-]
B2015-0008/002(04) Employment records File 1942-1972
B2015-0008/002(06) Canada Department of Forestry: Economic and social disadvantage in Canada - some graphic indicators of location and degree File Oct 1964
B2015-0008/001(03) Notes: various File 1937
B2015-0008/001(05) Notes: mensuration File [193-]
B2015-0008/001(07) Notes: saw log industry File [193-]
B2015-0008/001(14) Exercise: mensuration: volume table by harmonized curve method File [193-]
B2015-0008/002(02) Notebook File 1946-1967
B2015-0008/001(01) Notes File 1935
B2015-0008/001(08) Notes: silvics File 1937
B2015-0008/001(10) Notes: utilization File [193-]
B2015-0008/001(12) Exercise: mensuration, age of stand File [193-]
B2015-0008/002(05) Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: employment records and summary of timber licensees File 1975
B2015-0008/001P Forestry photos File [1953?]
B2015-0008/001(04) Notes: economics File 1936-1937
B2015-0008/001(06) Notes: mensuration File 1935-1936
B2015-0008/001(13) Exercise: mensuration: current increment studies File [193-]
B2015-0008/002(01) Diary: cruise of Great Lake's limit File n.d.
B2015-0008/002(03) Manual of scaling instructions, camp efficiency indicies and notes File ca. 1949