John Fletcher McLaughlin fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1992.007V-1-1 Correspondence File 1878-1886
1992.007V-1-5 Correspondence File 1894-1896
1992.007V-1-6 Correspondence File 1897-1902
1992.007V-1-8 Correspondence File 1914
1992.007V-1-9 Correspondence File 1915-1917
1992.007V-1-10 Correspondence File 1918-1920
1992.007V-1-11 Correspondence File 1921-1931
1992.007V-2-20a Diary File 1882-1883
1992.007V-2-20 Diary File 1885
1992.007V-2-21 Diary File 1832
1992.007V-2-28 Sanskrit notes, I File [189?]
1992.007V-2-31 Studies in Prophecy, I, II, III File [189?]
1992.007V-2-34 St. Paul File [191?]
1992.007V-2-39 Lecture notes File 1911
1992.007V-2-41 Notes: Psalm VI; Psalm VIII; Psalm IX; Micah File [between 1890 and 1910]
1992.007V-2-45 Notes: Studies in Christian Life - Ephesians File [between 1890 and 1910]
1992.007V-2-48 Poetry, hymns, etc File 1892
1992.007V-2-49 Articles by McLaughlin from Acta Victoriana File 1886-1888
1992.007V-2-51 Brochures of Victoria College events, etc. File 1916-1924
1992.007V-1-12 Correspondence File 1932-1933
1992.007V-1-14 Correspondence File 1933-1934
1992.007V-1-19 Diary File 1880-1881
1992.007V-2-24 Addresses, prayers, sermons File 1923-1932
1992.007V-2-27 Biology notes File 1891
1992.007V-2-32 Homiletic use of Old Testament History, Berwick Studies in Prophecy File 1910
1992.007V-2-35 Summer school notes, Church work, Modern events and Prophecy File 1918
1992.007V-2-37 The Christian Hope in Prophecy, The Apocalypse of St. John File 1904
1992.007V-2-38 The Message and programme of Christian Religion, The Missionary Message of the Bible File [190?]
1992.007V-2-40 Notes: Psalm IV; Psalm VII; The Psalms File [between 1890 and 1910]
1992.007V-2-50 Pamphlets by others File 1933-1964
1992.007V-3-52 Cards, pamphlets, etc. File 1898-1926
1992.007V-3-53 Miscellaneous pamphlets File 1893-1960
1992.007V-3-54 McLaughlin Family: Diary of Robert J. McLaughlin File 1884
1992.007V-3-60 Photocopy of Diary File 1876
1992.007V-3-63 Photocopy of Diary File 1880-1881
1992.007V-3-68 Copies of Draft Bibliography File [197-]
1992.007V-3-69 Copies of Draft Bibliography File [197-]
1992.007V-4-71 Copies of Draft Bibliography File [197-]
1992.007V-4-74 History of Muldrew Lakes [cottage] File 1970
1992.007V-1-3 Correspondence File 1890-1892
1992.007V-1-7 Correspondence File 1903-1913
1992.007V-1-16 Correspondence File 1933
1992.007V-1-17a Correspondence File [197-]
1992.007V-1-18 Diary File 1876-1879
1992.007V-2-22 Addresses, prayers, sermons File [192?]
1992.007V-2-26 Early teaching notes File [188-]
1992.007V-2-30 Sanskrit notes, III File [189?]
1992.007V-2-33 The Bible and Temperance File [191?]
1992.007V-2-36 Hosea File [190?]
1992.007V-2-46 Contracts, certificates, agreements File 1882-1906
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