John Langton series Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1965-0014/004(03) Obituaries File 1894
B1965-0014/004(05) Profession. Province of Canada. Legislative Assembly. return to an Address of the 19th June, 1856; for copy of all correspondence relative to the charge made by the Commissioner of Crown Lands in his place, in Parliament, against hte Auditor of Public Accounts. 26 June 1856. Annotated File 1856
B1965-0014/004(09) Correspondence. John Langton [to William Langton?], giving his estimate of William Cayley. Copy File 1855
B1965-0014/004(10) Correspondence. John Langton [to William Langton?], November 9 and November 12, 1856, relating anecdotes about Joseph Morrison, Chancellor (William Hume) Blake, and James Beaven. These were omitted from his book, Early Days in Upper Canada. Copy File 1856
B1965-0014/004(11) Correspondence. John Langton [to William Langton?], December 1, 1867, reporting on his new duties as an arbiter of the division of assets and liabilities between Canada East and Canada West. Copy. File 1867
B1965-0014/004(12) Correspondence. John Langton to William Langton, 1870, enclosing a memorandum giving background information on how the books were kept prior to and after Confederation. Copy (TSS) 9 p. File 1870
B1965-0014/004(13) Speech. Given during the last session of Parliament, along with a letter of July 1, 1854, announcing his candidacy in the upcoming elections; both printed in the Peterborough Dispatch, July 4, 1854 File 1854
B1965-0014/004(04) Profession. Province of Canada, Board of Audit. Minute, February 1 and September 29, 1856; correspondence between John Langton, Chairman, and William Cayley, Inspector General, February 1 and July 18, 1856 File 1856
B1965-0014/004(06) Correspondence. Letter from John Langton to Hugh Hornby, February 20, 1838 [sic, 1838], regarding the Rebellion of 1837 and the economic depression in Upper Canada. Copy File 1837-1838
B1965-0014/004(07) Correspondence. John Langton [to William Langton?], December 1843 [sic, 1843], forecasting either another rebellion or the breakup of Canada because of strife between the Governor and the Assembly; John Langton [to Wililam Langton?], 21 Oct 1844, reporting that an election has been called by Sir Charles metcalfe. Copies File 1843-1838
B1965-0014/004(08) Correspondence. John Langton [to William Langton?], 1 July 1848, commenting on the current political crisis, his organization of a branch of hte British North American League int eh Peterborough area, and his wililngness to stand at another election. Copy File 1849
B1965-0014/004(14) Article. "Some peculiarities in the formation of ice" MSS, 7 p. File n.d.
B1965-0014/004(15) Article. "Remarks on the census of 1871" MSS, n.d. 6 p. File 1871