Joseph W. Shaw fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2009-0006/006 Diaries File 1994-1999
B2011-0007/002 Correspondence to Rue and Alfred Shaw File 1959-1970
B2009-0006/010 Courses FAH 425S - FAH 2001Y File 1972-1998
B2009-0006/014 Karen Fortgang - Alan Johnston File 1981-2008
B2011-0007/002(02) Manolis Kandianakis File 1976-2004
4 Research Series 1970-2006
B2009-0006/017(10) Tripillar shrines at Selinuute (Selinius), Sicily' File n.d.
B2011-0007/002(04) Staff lists & Schedules: Kommos File 1976-2006
B2011-0007/002(08) Messara Maps. See also oversized map in B2011-0007/009. File n.d.
B2009-0006/019(03), (03P) A double?sheaved pulley block from Kenchreai,' Hesperia 36, 4 (October-December 1967) 389?401. Offprint, correspondence, notes; 2 sketches, photographs File 1968-1982
B2009-0006/019(07) Ancient Greek and Roman harborworks,' in A History of Seafaring (ed. George F. Bass), London: Thames and Hudson, 1972, 88?112 File 1968-1973
B2009-0006/020(02) Evidence for the Minoan tripartite shrine,' American Journal of Archaeology, 82 (1978) 429?448. Notes on the Amarna pens; background articles on the Mallia site File 1971-1989
B2009-0006/020(03), (03P) Evidence for the Minoan tripartite shrine,' American Journal of Archaeology, 82 (1978) 429?448. Notes, etc. and photos re Vathypetro shrine File n.d.
B2009-0006/021(02) Sliding panels at Knossos,' Annual of the British School of Archaeology at Athens, 73 (1978) 235?248. Drawings of the pens at Knossos File 1976
B2009-0006/020(07) Consideration of the site of Akrotiri as a Minoan settlement,' Acta of the Second International Symposium on Thera, Athens, 1978, 429?443 File 1976-1979
B2009-0006/022(04), (04P) The Cretan temples,' (abstract), American Journal of Archaeology, 94 (1989) 253. Phaistos Greek temple. Notes, photos File n.d.
B2009-0006/022(06), (06P) The Cretan temples,' (abstract), American Journal of Archaeology, 94 (1989) 253. Lissos temple. Notes, sketches, slide File 1981-1986
B2009-0006/022(13) North American archaeological work in Crete (1880?1990),' Expedition, 32, 3 (1990) 5-14. Notes on William Stillman and Edith Hayward Hall File 1988
B2009-0006/023(06) [Photographs supplied for] The aerial atlas of ancient Crete, edited by J. Wilson Myers, Eleanor Emlen Myers, and Gerald Cadogan. Berkeley, CA : University of California Press, 1992.Correspondence File 1985-1992
B2009-0006/023(12) Entries on Hagia Triada, Frederico Halbherr, Levi, Kommos, Luigi Pernier, and Zakro for An encyclopedia of the history of classical archaeology, Ed. Nancy Thomson de Grummond. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1996. Correspondence File 1988-1995
B2009-0006/023(17) Der ph File 1996-1999
B2009-0006/024(04) with Marjatta Luton, 'The foreshore at Akrotiri, Thera,' in The Wall Paintings of Thera, The First International Symposium, Athens, 2000, Vol. 1, 453-466. 'The harbour in the miniature fresco from Thera, III14'. Notes, sketches [oversized material to /021(05)] File 1982-1989
B2009-0006/024(12) The Phoenician shrine, ca. 800 B.C., at Kommos in Crete,' Acts of the 4th International Congress of Phoenician and Punic Studies (1995 : Cadiz). 2001 : 1107-1119 File 1989-1998
B2009-0006/024(14) Temple B at Kommos, Crete: a response,' Creta Antica 5 (2004), 199-202. Response to Leonore Pappalardo's 2002 article. File 2002-2004
B2009-0006/024(15) Kommos: A Minoan harbor town and Greek sanctuary in Crete. Princeton University: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2006. Book File 2006
B2011-0007/002(12)-(15) The EH II 'Corridor House' - development and form,' American Journal of Archaeology 91(1987) 59-79. 'The EH II 'Corridor House': Problems and possibilities' Correspondence, background materials and notes, drawings. Including notes and correspondence re: lectures as AIA (1984) and at the University of Athens (1997) on the EH II 'Corridor House' article series. File 1984-1999
B2011-0007/003(01) Kommos, An Excavation on the South Coast of Crete, Vol. I (The Late Bronze Age Pottery), J. W. Shaw (ed), with M.C. Shaw. Chpt 2, 'Exploration and Excavation of Kommos Site', app. 2. 'Diary entry recounting of excavation of the Kommos area by Sir Arthur Evans '. University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum. American School of Classical Studies in Athens (1996). Drafts. File 1977-1996
B2011-0007/003(17)-(18) Kommos, An Excavation on the South Coast of Crete, Vol. IV, Part I. J. W. Shaw (ed), with M.C. Shaw. University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum. American School of Classical Studies in Athens (2000). Chpt. 4, 'The Iron Age Pottery from Kommos', sections: 4.2 'Phoenician Ceramics from the Greek Sanctuary (Bikai, P.M.); 4.3 'Roman Pottery from the Sanctuary' (Hayes, J.W.). Correspondence, notes, drawings and background materials File 1980-1985
B2011-0007/005(06) The Minoan Palatial Establishment at Kommos. An Anatomy of its History, Function, and Interconnections,' in Monuments of Minos: Rethinking the Minoan Palaces (Driessen, J., Schoep, I. & Laffineur, R. eds). Proceedings of the International Workshop 'Crete of the Hundred Palaces?' (December 14-15, 2001). (2002): 99-110. Correspondence, notes, drafts File 2001-2002
B2011-0007/005(10)-(13), (11P) Roof Drains and Parapets in the Southern Aegean', British School at Athens 99(2004): 173-188. Lecture Presentation at American Institute of Archaeology (New Orleans, 2003). Correspondence, notes, drawings, background materials, incl. 1 b/w photograph File 2003-2004
B2011-0007/006(01) Book review. C. Palyvou. Akrotiri Thera: An Architecture of Affluence 3,500 Years Old. American Journal of Archaeology 111(2007): 578-579. Correspondence and notes. File 2006-2007
6 Addresses Series 1982-2006
B2011-0007/006(09) Curriculum Vitae File 2010
B2011-0007/006(10) United States Army Corporal (Puerto Rico). Certifications, article, newsletters, driver's licence, discharge papers File 1960-1962
1 Personal and family Series 1950-2009
B2009-0006/003 Diaries File 1979-1985
2 University of Toronto: lecture notes and teaching materials Series 1972-2002
B2009-0006/011 Courses FAH 2000Y - FAH 2003F File 1976-2000
B2009-0006/012(01)-(06) Courses FAH 2003S - FAH 2005H File 1989-2002
3 Correspondence Series 1974-2008
B2009-0006/013 Eleni Banon - Rebecca Duclos File 1974-2006
B2009-0006/017(01)-(03) Aleydis Van de Moortel - James Wright File 1986-2008
B2011-0007/002(03) Pitsidia colleagues and friends File 1980-1999
B2009-0006/017(06) Iron Age Phoenician pottery' File 1981-1987
B2009-0006/018 Archaeological drawings, 1963-1966' File 1963-1966
B2011-0007/002(07) Messara Site Bibliography: June 10, 1975 File 1975
B2011-0007/002(09) Marine Invertebrates: Tables 1-4 originals File 1997
B2011-0007/009 Messara Maps. Oversized map. See file B2011-0007/002.(08) above. File
B2009-0006/019(04), (04P) A foundation in the inner harbor at Lechaeum,' American Journalof Archaeology, 73 (1969) 370?372 (includes photos) File 1968-1969
B2009-0006/019(06), (06P) and James S. Wiseman. 'An archaic inscription from Attica,' Hesperia,39, 2 (April-June 1970) 139?144. Offprint, photoprints File 1968-1970
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