Judith F. Friedland fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2017-0003/001(03) Correspondence re: tenure stream position, University of Toronto File 1983-1989
B2017-0003/001(21) Retirement Service Award, University of Toronto File 2004
B2017-0003/002(05) Notes, "The Newly Blinded" and "Disabled Homemaker", various crafts File 1959-1960
B2017-0003/002(12) "Live + Learn" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation File 1962
B2017-0003/002(15) Occupational therapy for school children with special needs, special interest group File 1975-1976
B2017-0003/001ART Leather belt with copper buckle for uniform Item [1957]
B2017-0003/001ART Copper ashtray Item [1957]
3 Department of Occupational Therapy Series 1949-2013
B2017-0003/003(07) Threat to Occupational Therapy Department, University of Toronto and visit from Dean of Medicine File 1983
B2017-0003/002M OT at UofT. Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto File 1992
B2017-0003/003(16) Colleen Tate Award, correspondence File 1996, 2003
B2017-0003/003(17) Accreditation and external review, Department of Occupational Therapy File 1996, 1999
B2017-0003/004(01) Thelma Cardwell Lecture Series File 1997
B2017-0003/004(03) Report, "External Review of the Department of Occupational Therapy" File 1999
B2017-0003/004(09) Correspondence and draft report, Chair of Research Ethics Policy and Advisory Committee (REPAC) File 2010, 2013
B2017-0003/005(13) Offprint, "Post-stroke depression: Implications for rehabilitations" / MaryAnn McColl and Judith Friedland File 1988
B2017-0003/005(14) Correspondence and offprint, "Depression among people with physical disabilities" / MaryAnn McColl and Judith Friedland File 1988-1992
B2017-0003/005(17) Correspondence and offprint, "Social support intervention after stroke: Results of a randomized trial" / Judith Friedland and MaryAnn McColl File 1991-1993
B2017-0003/005(19) Contract, correspondence and offprint [copy], "Social support, aging and disability" / MaryAnn McColl and Judith Friedland File 1993-1994
B2017-0003/005(22) Correspondence and offprint, "Coping and social support as determinants of quality of life in HIV/AIDS" / J. Friedland, R. Renwick, and M. McColl in AIDS CARE File 1995-1996
B2017-0003/005(23) Presentations, social support interventions / cerebrovascular accident (SSI / CVA) study File 1990-1992
B2017-0003/006(04) Texts on history of occupational therapy in Canada including UofT departmental history, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, biographies and eulogy for Isobel Robinson File 2000-2008
B2017-0003/006(07) "Correspondence and article [copy], "Helen Primrose LeVesconte: Occupational therapy clinician, educator, and maker of history" / Judith Friedland and Hadassah Rias File 2003, 2005
B2017-0003/006(13) Presentation notes and poster, "A look at occupational therapy?s contribution. Improving life at Homewood since the early 1900?s" File 2008
B2017-0003/006(15) Presentation slides and schedules, history presentations at the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference, extended sessions File 2011-2015
B2017-0003/006(17) Transcript, oral history interview with Isobel Robinson File 2004
B2017-0003/007(04) Education research File
B2017-0003/007(12) Article [copy], "Experiences of university students living with mental health problems: Interrelations between the self, the social, and the school" / Kirsch, B., Friedland, J., Cho, S., et al. File 1990
B2017-0003/007(16) Correspondence, Dalhousie Spring Institute keynote address File 2008
B2017-0003/007(18) Survey of occupational therapy schools re: occupational therapy history in curricula File 2002-2004
B2017-0003/007(19) Correspondence, "Restoring the Spirit" File 2002-2006
B2017-0003/009(04) Correspondence and marketing material File 2011
B2017-0003/009(06) Presentation slides, notes and press clippings, "The influence of manual training on the development of occupational therapy in Canada" DesignAbility, Health Care Innovations Toronto Conference File 2011
B2017-0003/009(11) Presentation slides and notes, "Occupational therapy in Canada: From 19th Century roots to 21st Century branches" Canadian Perspectives, UofT Alumni File 14 Nov. 2012
B2017-0003/009(16) "Invalid occupation in war hospitals (for the use of aides only)" / Norman L. Burnett and early Division of Occupational Therapy certificates, University of Toronto File [ca. 1918]
B2017-0003/011(01) Leather-bound copy of "Modern Home Crafts". Award presented to Sara Ida Rosnick for the highest standing in the class of occupational therapy at the University of Toronto received from the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists File 1936
B2017-0003/011(02) Bound volume, typed course material for Course in Occupational Therapy, Department of University Extension File 1946
B2017-0003/011(05) Deliverance 1980, yearbook of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine File 1980
B2017-0003/012(01) Background material, research, and appendix content File 1921-1955
B2017-0003/012(07) Typescript and timelines, "From the Renaissance to the 19th Century", "The Nineteenth Century", and "The Humanitarian Movement" File [after 1967]
B2017-0003/012(15) Typescript, "The Professional Role and Image" File [after 1967]
B2017-0003/012(20) Typescript, "The Sheltered Workshop" File [after 1967]
B2017-0003/013(05) Correspondence and letters of appreciation File 1956-2000
B2017-0003/013(07) Words of wisdom, etc. [greeting cards, presentation notes for retirement dinner, Dalhousie, and ephemera] File 1975-1985
B2017-0003/013(08) Curriculum vitae File 1975-1985
B2017-0003/013(09) Tenure application, part 1 of 2 File [ca. 1978]
B2017/0003/015(04) Drafts and notes, curriculum vitae File 1976-1999
B2017/0003/015(09) Press clipping, correspondence and notes, occupational therapy at the University of Toronto File 1931-2003
B2017/0003/016(07) Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists File 1948-1993
B2017/0003/016(08) Notes [Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists] File [ca. 1980]
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