Lectures Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1991.197V-9-220 Moral and Religious Lectures. (Butler and Stewart) File 1864
1991.197V-9-222 Lecture. “Relation of Morality and Religion.” File January 28, 1865
1991.197V-9-229 Lectures. “Questions and Notes on Butler’s Analogy Commenced November 17, 1866 Preparatory to the Class Exercises of the 1866–7 Session.” File 1866
1991.197V-10-232 Notebook of Lectures. Hamilton’s Metaphysics. October, 1867. Metaphysics. 1869–1870. Psychology. September, 1871. Stewart’s Discussion of God and a Future Life. 1872–1873. Ethics. (Wuttke) 1875–1876. File 1867-1876
1991.197V-10-240 Lectures on Metaphysics. File 1877–1878
1991.197V-10-234 Saturday Lecture re: Importance of Being Oneself. File November, 1866
1991.197V-10-236 Notebook of Lectures. Lecture on Jouffroy. January, 1871. Lecture on Hamilton. November, 1873. Lectures on Ethics. Lectures on Logic. 1875, 1877, 1878, 1879. Lecture Notes on Whewell’s Elements. n.d. File 1871-1879
1991.197V-11-242 Lectures in Ethics. (Wuttke, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Bascom) File October, 1880–March, 1881
1991.197V-11-245 Lectures on Ethics. File 1886–1887
1991.197V-11-247 Lecture. “Latest Advices.” File [188?]
1991.197V-9-217 Lecture re: Books. Mechanics Institute. Cobourg. File 1857
1991.197V-9-224 Lectures. “Questions on Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments.” File May, 1865
1991.197V-9-226 Sunday Lectures. Personal Testimony to Value of True Piety. December 2, 1866. Keeping Up the Good Work. January 6, 1867. Holding Fast One’s Integrity. March 3, 1867. English Versions of the Bible. October 4, 1868. Bible Lectures. September 12, October 3, October 10, 1869. Sunday Lectures. Progressive Character of Religious Truth. November 26, December 17, 1865. “On Our Faults.” January 14, 1866. Moral Character of Opinions. November 27, 1866. “Essentials and Circumstantials.” October 6, 1867. Head vs. Heart. November, 1867. “She hath done what she could.” December 7, 1867. Dangers of Over-intellectualism. March 8, 1868. “There is a spirit in man.” April 19, 1868. Familiar Lecture to the Preachers. March 19, April 9, 1866. File 1865-1868
1991.197V-9-228 Notebook of Lectures on Butler’s Sermons. File October, 1866
1991.197V-10-231 Notebook of Lectures. Lectures on Butler. October, 1867. Lecture on Paul’s Life. March 13, 1870. Lecture on Biography of Paul. 1870 Lectures on Logic. 1873. Lectures in Ethics. 1876–1877 File 1870-1877
1991.197V-10-238 Lectures in Stewart. File 1873
1991.197V-10-240 Lectures on Metaphysics. File 1877–1878
1991.197V-11-249 Lecture. “Latest Advices.” File [188?]
1991.197V-11-251 Lecture to Students re: Objects of Education. File [188?]
1991.197V-9-219 Lectures on Logic. File August 27, 1863–January 24, 1865
1991.197V-9-221 Lecture on Ethics. File January 11, 1865
1991.197V-9-223 Lectures. “Questions on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and Butler's Sermons. Examination Questions on Whately’s Morals and Evidences. File 1865
1991.197V-10-233 Notebook of Lectures. Lectures and Questions on McCosh on Intuitions. n.d. Questions on Whewell’s Elements. February, 1868. Questions on Locke. September, 1869. Lectures on Whewell’s Elements. September, 1870. File 1868-1870
1991.197V-10-235 Notebook of Lectures. “On Logic.” (Whately) n.d. Saturday Lectures to Preachers. (Homiletics) March 7, 1868. Lectures to Candidates for the Ministry. February–April, 1872. Lectures on Homiletics. March–May, 1873. Closing Lecture. April 30,1875. File 1868-1875
1991.197V-11-241 Notebook of Lectures on Ethics.(Kant) Fall File 1878
1991.197V-11-243 Lectures in Philosophy. (Hamilton, Schwegler) File October, 1881–March, 1882
1991.197V-11-244 Lectures in Ethics. Examination Questions in Back of Notebook. File March 12, 1885–November 3, 1886
1991.197V-11-246 Lectures on Political Economy, Ethics, Evidences, and Logic. File [188?]
1991.197V-11-248 Lecture. “Latest Advices.” File [188?]
1991.197V-9-216 Lecture. “Formation of Character.” File February 18, 1854
1991.197V-9-218 Notes for Inaugural Lecture Before Victoria College Literary Association. File October 5, 1860
1991.197V-9-225 Lectures. “Questions in Ethics”. (Jouffroy) File August, 1865
1991.197V-9-227 Notebook of Ethical Lectures. “Questions and Prelections on Westcott’s Introduction to the Study of the Gospels.” August, 1866. Ethical Lectures. 1867–1868. Lectures on Whewell’s Elements.1870–1871. File 1866-1871
1991.197V-10-230 Lectures on Logic. File November, 1866
1991.197V-10-237 Notebook of Lectures. Prelections on Paley’s Moral Philosophy. 1871. Lectures in Homiletics. 1875, 1878, 1880. File 1871-1880
1991.197V-10-239 Lecture Notes. Hamilton. File January, 1874
1991.197V-11-250 Lecture to Students re: Need for Specialization. File [188?]