Malcolm William Wallace sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1990-0016/006(03) Diaries. Trip to Europe File 1922[?]
B1990-0016/007(01)-(02), (05) Course notes. University of Toronto, B.A. programme. History of English literature (W.J. Alexander); lectures in modern history File 1895-1896
B1990-0016/007(11) Course notes. Term papers: partial term paper on Carlyle File n.d.
B1990-0016/008(04) Course notes. Presentation on Chaucer File 20 Feb 1898
B1990-0016/008(07) Lecture notes. "The Classical period - introduction to Dryden" File 1902-1903
B1990-0016/008(12) Notes. Romantic movement File
B1990-0016/008(17) Notes. Pastoral poetry File
B1990-0016/008(18) Notes. Indexed bibliography of pastoral poetry File
B1990-0016/008(22) Notes. Burnet, Elizabeth File
B1990-0016/008(24) Notes. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor File
B1990-0016/008(31) Notes. Shelley and Keats File
B1990-0016/009(14) Personal files. Invitations File 1915-1936
B1990-0016/009(19) Personal files. Retirement from University of Toronto File 1944
B1990-0016/(009(22) Addresses. Address to graduating class File Jun-44
B1990-0016/009(23) Manuscripts and publications. "The development of Milton's views on religious matters" MS File 1908
B1990-0016/011(02) Manuscripts and publications. 1916. The Life of Sir Philip Sidney: "Preface"--chapter on Milton (?); notes on Woodsworth; lecture on Woodsworth File March and 19 July, 1928
B1990-0016/011(04) Manuscripts and publications. "The Old Stage Road along Lake St. Clair", Papers and Records of the Ontario Historical Society, XXV (1929), 3-7 File 1929
B1990-0016/011(06) Manuscripts and publications. "The Centenary of Sir Walter Scott", University of Toronto Quarterly, II,1 (October, 1932), 111-132 File 1932
B1990-0016/011(07) Manuscripts and publications. "In memoriam: William John Alexander", University of Toronto Quarterly, XIV, 1 (October, 1944), 1-33 File 1944
B1990-0016/011(10) Manuscripts and publications. "The Humanities", an essay prepared for the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences, 1949-1951 File 1951
B1990-0016/012(03) Notes on local history. Notes on the early history of Essex County File
B1990-0016/012(07) Manuscripts and articles by other individuals. Nolin, George. Articles and addresses by, 1902-1939; obituary, 1942 File 1902-1939; 1942
B1990-0016/007(03) Course notes. University of Toronto, B.A. programme (?). Elizabethan literature (W.J. Alexander) File 1895-1896
B1990-0016/007(04) Course notes. History of French literature File 1895-1896
B1990-0016/007(06)-(10) Course notes. University of Chicago, graduate programme; term papers File 1897-1898
B1990-0016/008(02) Course notes. Notes on English classicism File ca 1898
B1990-0016/008(03) Course notes. Notes from the English Library, University of Chicago File 1898
B1990-0016/008(09) Notes. History of drama File
B1990-0016/008(11) Notes. History of fiction File
B1990-0016/008(13) Notes. Transition and earlier 19th century literature File
B1990-0016/008(14) Notes. Poetry File
B1990-0016/008(15) Notes. The Court poets File
B1990-0016/008(16) Notes. The function of poetry File
B1990-0016/008(21) Notes. Bunyan, John File
B1990-0016/008(23) Notes. Burns, Robert File
B1990-0016/008(26) Notes. Huxley, Aldous File
B1990-0016/008(28) Notes. Milton, John File
B1990-0016/008(29) Notes. Pope, Alexander File
B1990-0016/009(16) Personal files. University of Toronto Company Tank Battalion, World War, 1914-1918; address on democracy, two versions File 1914-1918
B1990-0016/009(17) Personal files. On the Roll of Honour: G. L. B. Mackenzie, Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion, Toronto Regiment,1stDivision, Canadian Expeditionary Force, 4th January, 1892--7th June, 1916. With covering correspondence File 1917
B1990-0016/009(18) Personal files. Retirement of Professor W. J. Alexander File 1928
B1990-0016/(009(20) Addresses. "University Administration" File n.d.
B1990-0016/010(02)-(07) Manuscripts and publications. 1916. The Life of Sir Philip Sidney: MS, vol. 1-6 File
B1990-0016/011(03) Manuscripts and publications. "The reputation of Sir Philip Sidney", John Hopkins Alumni Magazine, XVII, 1 (November, 1928), 1-21 File 1928
B1990-0016/011(11) Manuscripts and publications. English Character and the English Literary Tradition. Toronto:OUP, 1952 [The Alexander Lectures] File 1952
B1990-0016/012(04) Manuscripts and articles by other individuals. Alexander, William John. Testimonials in favour of William John Alexander...for the Professorship of English in the University of Toronto. File 1888
B1990-0016/006(01) Diaries. Trip to England File 27 June-5 Sept 1903
B1990-0016/006(02) Diaries. Trip to Scotland File 20-30 Aug 1903
B1990-0016/006(04) Diaries. Trip to Greece File 14 March - April 1935
B1990-0016/006(05)-(06) Diaries. Trip to Greece [Mrs. Wallace] File 1935
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