Manuscripts and publications Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2009-0046/006(11) "The modern mystery," Canadian High News, 1968? Drafts File 1967-1968
B2009-0046/006(13) "Foreword: the Science Council and psychology in Canada," for "Graduate training and research funding for clinical psychology in Canada: review and recommendations," Canadian Psychologist, 11, 2 (April 1970) 100 File 1970
B2009-0046/006(03) "(iii) Technical fields," in Wanted File 1958
B2009-0046/006(07) "The relationship between the government and the private sectors in the field of research and development," Colloque du Luxembourg sur la science et l" File 1965
B2009-0046/006(09) Technology and management in Canada in the 1970s, the second annual Earle Douglas MacPhee Lecture. Banff, Alberta: Banff School of Advanced Management, 1966 File 1966
B2009-0046/006(12) "Dr. Charles Herbert Best" File 1968
B2009-0046/006(04) "Dr Solandt on - Present day medical research problems," Applied Therapeutics (February 1960) 100-101 File 1960
B2009-0046/006(05) The responsibilities of engineers in the Space Age, The tenth Wallberg Lecture, November 8th, 1961. University of Toronto Press, 1961, 21 p. File 1961
B2009-0046/006(06) "Research and development in industry," Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Bulletin, January 1965, 4 p. Draft, offprint File 1964-1965
B2009-0046/006(15) "Science Council of Canada". Typescript File n.d.
B2009-0046/006(17) "Corporate memory". Drafts of two versions File n.d.
B2009-0046/006(02) Scientific research in the modern world, being the Samuel Robertson Memorial Lecture, Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown, P. E .I., March 28, 1957. Mimeograph, published version File 1957
B2009-0046/006(08) "The Chancellor"s address," Varsity Graduate, 12, 1 (Christmas 1965) 23-31 File 1965
B2009-0046/006(10) "Toward a Canadian science policy," Chemistry and Industry, 1967, 604-609 File 1967
B2009-0046/006(14) "Foreword: "Men against the polar pack" File 1970
B2009-0046/006(16) Creating our own future: the 1974 Hearn Lecture: Toronto: Ontario Science Centre, 1974 File 1974-1975