Miscellaneous collected research Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0006/053(04) Nickel: Occupational Medicine File 1983-1985
B2015-0006/053(08) NiPERA Research: Chemiluminescence: Evans and Yano File 1985-1986
B2015-0006/053(14) A Note on Mortality from Cancer of the Colon Among a Cohort of Nickel-Cadmium Battery Workers: 1946-1984: Tom Sorahan File 1989
B2015-0006/053(01) Nickel Body Benden: Aitio File 1982-1986
B2015-0006/053(05) Immune: Toxic Effects of Nickel File 1984
B2015-0006/053(13) NiPERA Nickel Study File 1986-1987
B2015-0006/053(03) Health Surveillance: Cecutti File 1983-1985
B2015-0006/053(09) NiPERA Research: Pezerat File 1985-1986
B2015-0006/053(10) NiPERA/ TAK File 1986
B2015-0006/053(11) NiPERA Research: DNA Adducts File 1986-1987
B2015-0006/053(12) NiPERA: Nickel Oxide Study File 1986-1987
B2015-0006/053(15) High Nickel Alloys Workers Study Update File 1994
B2015-0006/053(16) Nickel Carcinogenesis File n.d.
B2015-0006/053(02) Reconstruction: Verma File 1983-1984
B2015-0006/053(06) NiPERA Research Ni&Ni/Ca Oxides, Cell Trans., SCE, SEM File 1985
B2015-0006/053(07) Smith: Sonneborn Paramecium File 1985