Norris Edward Sheppard fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 University of Toronto Faculty Pension Fund Series 1922-1954
B1976-0043/001(01) Correspondence File 1930-1933
B1976-0043/001(07) University of Manitoba. The Retirement Annuity Plan, Canadian Government Annuities; The Superannuation By-Law File 1.1.1944
B1976-0043/001(09) University of Toronto. Group Pension and Life Insurance Plans… with forms and covering memo. File 6 June 1946
B1981-0001/001(04) U of T. Hart House. By-laws File [1939?]
B1981-0001/001(08) U of T. University of Toronto Athletic Association. Revision of constitution File
B1981-0001/001(12)-(16) Notebooks on actuarial science File 1923, n.d.
2 University of Toronto teaching and administration Series [1939?], 1950-1972
B1981-0001/001(03) U of T. Faculty of Arts and Science. Statistical lab exercises File n.d.
B1981-0001/001(09) U of T. University of Toronto Athletic Association. Banquet program File 16 Mar 1965
3 Notebooks on actuarial science Series 1923, n.d.
B1976-0043/001(02) Correspondence File 1940-1944
B1976-0043/001(03) Correspondence File 1945
B1976-0043/001(04) Correspondence File 1946-1947
B1976-0043/001(08) University of Toronto. “Regulations of the Board of Governors regarding age of retirement…” File 1935
B1976-0043/001(10) University of Toronto. Blue Cross Plan for Hospital Care. Brochures. File 1954
B1981-0001/001(01) U of T. Faculty of Arts and Science. Annual Exams. Actuarial Science File 1950, 1952, 1960
B1981-0001/001(05) U of T. Hart House. Report of the Farm Committee File June 1966
B1981-0001/001(11) Dept of Math: correspondence (often from aspiring mathematicians) File 1958-1960
4 Photographs Series n.d.
B1981-0001/001P(01) Portrait of Prof. Michael Alexander MacKenzie File
B1976-0043/001(05) Correspondence File 1949-1950
B1976-0043/001(06) The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Act of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules… File 1922
B1981-0001/001(02) U of T. Department of Math correspondence re: Kuala Lumpur File 1958
B1981-0001/001(06) U of T. Hart House. Retirement of Warden, Mr. Joseph McCulley File
B1981-0001/001(07) U of T. University of Toronto Athletic Association board minutes File 1972
B1981-0001/001(10) "A brief summary of 'the world of athletics' in the University of Toronto / W.A. Dafoe File n.d.
B1981-0001/001P(02) Sailboat File