Photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2017-0021/001P(06) Snapshot, Hershell Ezrin and Myron Belkind [Bureau Chief for the Associated Press] File 1973
B2017-0021/001P(08) Group snapshots in theatre including former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Michael Levine and others File [198-?]
B2017-0021/001P(12) Heritage Dinner File 1983
B2017-0021/001P(18) Signed campaign photograph, Dalton McGuinty File 1999
B2017-0021/001P(19) Signed portrait, Hershell Ezrin and Brian Tobin, former Newfoundland Premier and Federal Cabinet Minister File [200-?]
B2017-0021/001P(01) Ezrin family photographs File [194-?] - 1955
B2017-0021/001P(05) Sharyn Ezrin portrait and group snapshots File [197-]
B2022-0003/001P(01) Portrait of David Peterson and dog with inscription and autograph File [198-?]
B2017-0021/001P(09) Snapshots, 1981 Constitutional Conference File 1981
B2017-0021/001P(11) Constitutional negotiations File Nov. 1981
B2017-0021/001P(13) Ezrin Family portraits File 1983
B2017-0021/001P(14) Group portrait, Senator Keith Davey, Dorothy Petrie, Sharyn and Hershell Ezrin File [ca. 1983]
B2017-0021/001P(16) University of Toronto ceremony, group portraits including David Peterson, Rose Wolfe, Hershell Ezrin [carrying the mace] Time Peterson, Vince Borg and others File [199-?]
B2022-0003/001P(02) Snapshots of Hershell Ezrin at gatherings with Sharyn, Lang [last name unknown], and John Baird File [200-?]
B2017-0021/001P(20) Group snapshots File 2009-2014
B2017-0021/001P(03) Family and childhood portraits File [195-?] - [196-?]
B2017-0021/001P(04) Portraits, John B. Airds, Jean Chretien, Hershell Ezrin File [196-?] - 1994
B2017-0021/001P(07) Portraits of Hershell Ezrin File [198-?]
B2022-0003/004P Portrait of David Peterson and Shelley Peterson with inscription and autograph [oversized] File [ca. 1985]
B2017-0021/001P(15) Family snapshots File 1987 - [199-?]
B2017-0021/001P(17) GPC International staff meeting File [between 1998 and 2003]
B2022-0003/001P(03) Group portraits, award ceremonies, including 2002 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards File [200-?]
B2017-0021/001P(02) Family photographs File [1947?] - 1971
B2022-0003/002P Group portrait with inscription by David Peterson [oversized] File [198-?]
B2017-0021/001P(10) Constitutional negotiations File Nov. 1981
B2022-0003/003P Framed illustrated storyboard for Canadian Constitution television commercial File [ca. 1982]
B2017-0021_df002 HIPPY Canada Prize [digital photographs] File 2011